February 24, 2024
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Music General Rules

A student or student group in Vocal Solos, Contemp. Music, or Classical Ensemble, may not perform the same piece/musical selection(s) that he/she/group has performed in any previous year. Failure to provide at least 2 copies of the piece to the judge will result in a 10 point deduction from the cumulative score.

Music Critique Sheets

Please click the link below to download the critique sheet in each music category.

Sheet (Vocal Solo)

Classical Ensemble

Contemporary German Music

Einzeltanz (Schottisch)

Folk Dance

Polka Band

Vocal Solo

Classical Ensemble

Entry Limit: One ensemble per school: 3 – 6 musicians; 1 member may be a student who has never been enrolled in German.

Time Limits: 5 – 10 minutes, with a 30-second grace period

The piece(s) must be by a German-speaking composer and be a recognized work of music, e.g., Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Haydn, Schubert, Strauss, Mozart, Schumann, Mendelssohn. Music must be classical and groups may do medleys of songs. No electric instruments, other than one electric keyboard, are allowed. No music stands will be provided at the contest site. Attire is part of the judging criteria. If a non-German student is included in the ensemble, this information must be given to the judges. Two copies of the sheet music must be provided for the judges. 

Contemporary German Music

Entry Limit: One entry per school: 1 – 5 musicians (singers and/or instrumentalists)

Time Limits: 2 – 4 minutes, with a 30-second grace period; contestants must be able to set up and break down in a total of 5 minutes.

One piece is to be sung from a contemporary (post WWII) German-speaking musical artist or group, which may include rap (must be school appropriate.) Lyrics must be predominately sung in the German language, and be memorized. Contestants may sing a cappella or with pre-recorded accompaniment, or with one or more group members playing instruments live (acoustic or electric). However, no playback devices, microphones, speakers, or instruments will be provided at the contest site; contestants are responsible for providing their own equipment and instruments. Two copies of the lyrics must be provided for the judges. 


Note: The couple’s dance will alternate between different dances/styles from year to year.  This year’s dance is a Plattler, Heidauer, with the same base rules as have been previously established:

Entry Limit:  One couple per school: (Couple is eligible to also participate in Folk Dance.)

Costumes (Tracht):

Boy:  black shoes; white, black, or gray knee socks; leather pants (Lederhose) with suspenders (or reasonable approximation such as dark shorts); button-down shirt (not T-shirt or polo shirt).

Girl:  black shoes, white stockings or tights, Dirndl (or reasonable approximation such as a dress or skirt of roughly knee-length), blouse, and apron. Hats are optional. All couples dance the same dance, which will be posted on the website by early fall of each school year. Couples DO NOT need to provide dance notes or music, as judges will already have dance notes.  The same recording from the website will be provided at contest. Only one couple will dance at a time, and the boy and girl will be judged/critiqued separately, i.e., one or more judges will judge the boy, and one or more different judges will judge the girl. The boy’s points and the girl’s points will then be added together to obtain the final score for the couple. See the critique sheet for the specific judging criteria. The dance will take place inside a four-meter circle marked on the floor, with an X marked in the middle (when applicable, like a Plattler). At least one Hochsprung with Bodenfigur (down position) is encouraged. After being introduced, the couple will walk to the middle of the circle or appropriate starting point. The boy will be asked “(Name), are you ready?” When he replies yes, the music will begin. If necessary, the couple may start over once during the Einzeltanz. The boy should indicate this by stepping outside the circle.

Video Link:Markländer Schottisch Video
Download the Schottisch Dance Notes
Download the Schottisch Audio File

2023 – Plattler
2022 – Mazurka
2021 – No Einzeltanz due to COVID
2020 – Ländler
2019 – Schottisch
2018 – Plattler

Folk Dance

Entry Limit:  One entry per school:  minimum 6 dancers, no maximum; however, only 16 may be performing at a time.

Dance/Time Limits: 4 dances and 10 minutes minimum, or 5 dances and 15 minutes maximum, including entrance, exit, and transitions, with a 30-second grace period.  There is a 10-point penalty for going over the 15-minute time limit.

There is no required dance.  The group must provide the following items (3 copies each) for the judges: a list of the dancers’ names, documentation of the dances, including level of dance (points will be deducted from “authenticity” if no documentation is provided).  Dancers must also provide their own music, music-player and extension cord, if needed .

For a list of possible dances and appropriate level designations, as well as some video links to the dances and/or instructions, click Folk Dance List.

Polka Band

Entry Limit:  One band per school:  5 – 12 musicians + 1 director (i.e. max. 13 members); 2 members may be students who have never been enrolled in German.

Time Limits:  5 – 10 minutes, with a 30-second grace period.

All pieces of music must be from German-speaking composers.  No electric instruments are allowed.  No music stands will be provided at the contest site.  If a non-German student is included in the band, this information must be given to the judges. Two copies of the sheet music must be provided for the judges.

Vocal Solo

Entry Limit:  Two soloists per school

Time Limits:  2 – 5 minutes, with a 30-second grace period

Contestant must sing a recognized classical or folk song from a German-speaking composer.  Song must be sung in German and must be memorized.  Soloist is responsible for his/her own accompaniment, whether recorded or live, or may sing a cappella.  No instruments or audio-players will be provided at the contest site.  Two copies of the sheet music (notes and lyrics) must be provided for the judges.


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