February 23, 2019
Texas State University, San Marcos

Promotional Video

Get new teachers and students on board to participate in our Texas State German Contest!!

For the second time ever, the state steering committee would like to invite your school to submit a 1 1/2 – two minute video advertisement for contest. This is not related to the video show event that is part of the arts category, but rather a promotional video contest.  It should address the contest as a whole, not just your regional contest.  Beyond that, there are no specific guidelines for the video – have fun, promote participation in contests, and submit! 

Any teachers who registered students for their regional this year, regardless of whether or not you attend the actual state level contest, are eligible to submit videos from their students. Students should upload their video to YouTube or Vimeo and you will send the director, Jennifer Christianson, the link no later than Friday, February 15, 2019 at 8 PM.  Additionally, you must send a .pdf scan of the Consent and Liability Form (below) for each student involved in the making of the promotional video.  IMPORTANT: Please scan all of your consent forms into one .pdf document and email me that attachment with your video link.  If we do not receive the consent forms, we are unable to show the video on contest day.  The directors from the contests will view all the videos and vote on the ones to be shown at the pre-awards ceremony at the Texas State German Contest.  The audience will then vote on their favorite video.  Winners of the video contest will receive $250 cash prize, courtesy of Gail Cope & TSGC, Inc.!

The winning video will be used for promotional purposes for teachers and classrooms and posted on the websites. Have fun and we look forward to your submissions!

Download (DOCX, 14KB)