February 24, 2024
Texas State University, San Marcos

Instructions for Digital Submissions

New Submission Process for 2020!!!

Digital Logo Design & Video Show

Teachers and students should make sure to follow the submission rules as stated on the website and appropriate critique sheets.

HOWEVER, in addition to physical copies, digital submissions will be used for official judging through Google Classroom.

Step 1: Join Google Classroom.  You either received an invitation via email, or you may “join class” through your device with Class Code: __________. This class code is only for State.  Please check regional websites for their Google Classroom code information.

Step 2: Find the appropriate assignment (ie. Digital Logo Design, Video Show).  Assignments will post the day after regionals.

Step 3: For Digital Logo Design, open the assignment and click on “+Add or create”.  Attach your .jpg, .gif, .pdf, click on “TURN IN”.

Step 3: For Video Show, open the assignment and click on “+Add or create”.  Attach your PDF copy of your script, which contains the hyperlink to your YouTube/Vimeo link and click on “TURN IN”.

Step 4: For all assignments, please include Student Name, School, and total number of students in the group (Video Show) in the “Private Comments” area.  Make sure you “Post”.


Research Paper

Official submission for Research Paper must be submitted via www.turnitin.com or other designated platform; however, please remind students that per the rules, they are still submitting a hard copy and flash drive with any other types of research (audio files, picture files, etc.) that they might have used and need to have in case the judges need to see/hear them on contest day.

Step 1: If students have used turnitin.com before, for any class at any time, they have an account and should use their login information.

If students have never used turnitin.com, they must create a profile (and make sure to keep up with their password and username!). 

Step 2: In order to submit their paper to the TSGC “Class” that has been set up, they will need the following Class ID code: _______

Additionally, to “add” this class, they will need the Enrollment password: _________ (case sensitive!)

Step 3:  Once students are “enrolled”, they simply upload their paper to the posted assignment “Research Paper.”  Students are able to see their own originality – what’s theirs and what they used from sources, and can edit, but they need to have their final submission in by the Friday evening prior to contest.