February 26, 2022
Virtual in partnership with Texas State University, San Marcos
Celebrating 40 Years!!!


Fun Facts : TSGC 2021

39th Annual Texas State German Contest

1st ever Virtual Contest amidst a pandemic & severe winter weather…
352 students were registered
38 schools registered
474 entries across 42 events (including breakdown of levels) & over 130 judges/coordinators/directors)
(normal year = 91 events (including breakdown of levels) & over 260 judges/coordinators/directors)
Judges from 7 states outside of TX (NJ, MA, VA, DE, NC, GA NM) & 3 countries outside of the US (Germany, Malta, Latvia)

Promotional Video Contest Winner:
Clements High School

Mary El-Beheri Memorial Scholarship Winner:
Devdeep Rajpal, Clements HS

2021 Sweepstakes Winners

Large Schools - 85+ students enrolled in German Program
Small Schools - 1-84 students enrolled in German Program
PlaceLarge SchoolSweeps PlaceSmall SchoolSweeps
1LASA2701Clements HS297
2Westwood HS1692Ben Barber206
3Heights HS1513Martin HS127
4Anderson HS854La Grange HS123
5Whitney HS715Travis HS118
6Cinco Ranch HS666Cedar Ridge HS93
7Clear Lake HS637Plano West HS63
8Tomball Memorial HS608Marcus HS58
9Connally HS579Boerne HS51
10Smithson Valley HS4910Jasper HS48

2021 State Winners

EventPlaceStudent Name(s)School
Club Album1Macy McKinney, Danna GuilleWhitney HS
Club Album2Lina Ganguly, Akaash KolluriClements HS
Club Album3Molly Bennett, Hannah Wilson, Abbey NedbalekLa Grange HS
Club Album4J Denby, E Skank, G Ervin, J CamargoDeer Park HS
Contemporary Music1Haven EmersonMarcus HS
Contemporary Music2Annika BeachAnderson HS
Contemporary Music3Linsey BledsoeWhitney HS
Contemporary Music4Veronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Contemporary Music5Morgan PetersonBen Barber
Contemporary Music6Dillen Amelia RohanLa Grange HS
Contemporary Music7Lina GangulyClements HS
Contemporary Music8Dhiya DhandapaniLASA
Contemporary Music9Matt ChiappettaNolan Catholic HS
Crafts1Camryn OheHendrickson HS
Crafts2Heath HensonLa Grange HS
Crafts3Mattie HannahWestwood HS
Crafts4Amanda Ramirez, Devlynn MillerTravis HS
Crafts5Cherish EllsworthNolan Catholic HS
Crafts6Ben AntenesseLASA
Crafts7Ada ShafferCinco Ranch HS
Crafts8Natascha WabnitzHeights HS
Crafts9Jessie HsuMemorial HS
Crafts10Maritza Cruz, Jose PerezConnally HS
Digital Logo Design1Nikita Naredla, Mitali SolankiClements HS
Digital Logo Design2Easton Balboa, Eric MontezConnally HS
Digital Logo Design3Graham DunganNolan Catholic HS
Digital Logo Design4Isabel Thomason, Trieste PerciavalleSmithson Valley HS
Digital Logo Design5Katalia GenslerClear Lake HS
Digital Logo Design6Kendra LuceroBrazoswood HS
Digital Logo Design7Ben MaciasBoerne MS North
Digital Logo Design8Bunny ChengMemorial HS
Digital Logo Design9Sean EaginHendrickson HS
Digital Logo Design10Benjamin HassallCinco Ranch HS
Directed Dialogue 11Ruhi KelkarClements HS
Directed Dialogue 12Maya KoppikarClements HS
Directed Dialogue 13Bryce CruiseHeights HS
Directed Dialogue 14Trisha GurnaniTravis HS
Directed Dialogue 15Paige DavisTivy HS
Directed Dialogue 16Keyra MaruffoCedar Ridge HS
Directed Dialogue 21Ruixi YuanJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 22Angelina PascaliBellaire HS
Directed Dialogue 23Sanjana IyerCanyon Vista MS
Directed Dialogue 24Anirudh PrasannaJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 25Lucas EnriquezSmithson Valley HS
Directed Dialogue 26Ari PomerantzHendrickson HS
Directed Dialogue 27Bryce NeumanAnderson HS
Directed Dialogue 28Tejaswi SriramTravis HS
Directed Dialogue 29Thomas PalakapillyClements HS
Directed Dialogue 210Raghav AggarwalWestwood HS
Doll Costume1Alexa MartinezClements HS
Doll Costume2Jacy DanielWhitney HS
Doll Costume3Katherine KarstedtLa Grange HS
Doll Costume4Molly Bennett, Abbey NedbalekLa Grange HS
Doll Costume5Nadia TruongMemorial HS
Doll Costume6Meg Novosad, Martina SteckleinClements HS
Doll Costume7Halleigh PerekTomball Memorial HS
Duet Acting, Lower1Zain Hafeez, Eric RudevichBen Barber
Duet Acting, Lower2Marsden Finney, Andrea VazquezHeights HS
Duet Acting, Lower3Yaretzi Hernandez, Emma TaylorBen Barber
Duet Acting, Lower4Seaver Chester, Luke HassallCinco Ranch HS
Duet Acting, Lower5Hunter Jensen, Kade DeatonWhitney HS
Duet Acting, Lower6Alyssa Carroll, Greta LozanoDeer Park HS
Duet Acting, Upper1Meredith Duncan, Riley GreeneBen Barber
Duet Acting, Upper2Lina Ganguly, Norah RamiClements HS
Duet Acting, Upper3Tabitha Johnson, Prila McIntyreWhitney HS
Duet Acting, Upper4Lena Birkolz, Koios Shepard-DavisLASA
Duet Acting, Upper5Sunny Lawrence, Devdeep RajpalClements HS
Duet Acting, Upper6Maya Granoff, Sania SultanWestwood HS
Duet Acting, Upper7Kacie Davis, Cailee ParkerWhitney HS
Duet Acting, Upper8Elena Carlsson, Jonathan DeAndaHeights HS
Duet Acting, Upper9Ella Ford, Gabe OrtizBen Barber
Duet Acting, Upper10Michael Dodd, Thomas TalabisCedar Ridge HS
Extemporaneous 31Liana SzaboPlano West HS
Extemporaneous 32Amanda RamirezTravis HS
Extemporaneous 33Zachary SuriLASA
Extemporaneous 34Adarsh AmbekarWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 35Isabel WabnitzHeights HS
Extemporaneous 36Riley GreeneBen Barber
Extemporaneous 37Hanyu WeiWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 38Danielle EjioguClements HS
Extemporaneous 39Dallin NasonMartin HS
Extemporaneous 310Damian LallClements HS
Extemporaneous 41Aarya AgarwalWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 42Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Extemporaneous 43Josef StoneLASA
Extemporaneous 44Atharva KakadePlano West HS
Extemporaneous 45Riley KeeMartin HS
Extemporaneous 46Drew EnoAnderson HS
Extemporaneous 47Lacey HarrisBoerne HS
Extemporaneous 48Ethan GalleyKlein Oak HS
Extemporaneous 49Andrew SobrinhoClements HS
Extemporaneous 410David RamirezMartin HS
Extemporaneous Adv.1Dara KotyczkaClear Lake HS
Extemporaneous Adv.2Luisa BöttnerKlein Oak HS
Extemporaneous Adv.3Roger JarboeMarcus HS
Extemporaneous Adv.4Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Extemporaneous Adv.5Claire PitreWestwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.6Violet BurnsWestwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.7Andra KeyLASA
Gingerbread-Non1Emma Van EenooLASA
Gingerbread-Non2Tara Van de Vere, Lauren JacksonWestwood HS
Gingerbread-Non3Robyn White, Abbi Gilly, Hannah WilliamsRyan HS
Gingerbread-Non4Nicole HalterCinco Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Non5Asmita Subash, Lama Al BalasClements HS
Gingerbread-Non6Mackenzie HancockCedar Ridge HS
Gingerbread-Non7Alina Bruhn, Riley KeeMartin HS
Gingerbread-Non8Ronni CuanangBen Barber
Gingerbread-Non9Ethan Christianson, David WatersBoerne MS North
Gingerbread-Non10Greta Lozano, Alyssa Carroll, Grace Zane, Kade LeiderDeer Park HS
Gingerbread-Trad.1Kara AckerSmithson Valley HS
Gingerbread-Trad.2Devdeep Rajpal, Andrew Sobrinho, Jonathan Back, Dat LeClements HS
Gingerbread-Trad.3Megan Avila, Elena RodriguezNolan Catholic HS
Gingerbread-Trad.4Isis Debrock, Alessandra SolorzanoLa Grange HS
Gingerbread-Trad.5Dara Kotyczka, Katalia Gensler, Ilse MahieuClear Lake HS
Gingerbread-Trad.6Isaac RiveraLASA
Gingerbread-Trad.7Liana Forster, Sophia KnorreckChampion HS
Gingerbread-Trad.8Katherina SokolovaPlano Sr. HS
Gingerbread-Trad.9Veronica Castille, Daphne Nguyen, Logan PhippsCedar Ridge HS
Gingerbread-Trad.10Emma SmithCinco Ranch HS
Needlework1Caroline BorhamLASA
Needlework2Alexa MartinezClements HS
Needlework3Molly BennettLa Grange HS
Needlework4Samantha TaborBen Barber
Needlework5Norah RamiClements HS
Needlework6Ella NeffLASA
Needlework7Devlynn MillerTravis HS
Needlework8Maddie KelleyCedar Ridge HS
Needlework9June LeeMarcus HS
Needlework10Miah ShafferMartin HS
Oral Presentation1Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Oral Presentation2Alden LittleLASA
Oral Presentation3Lana AbdulrazeqBen Barber
Oral Presentation4David RamirezMartin HS
Oral Presentation5Nicholas KocurekMartin HS
Oral Presentation6Drew EnoAnderson HS
Oral Presentation7Andrew PaumenClements HS
Original Models1Katelyn Allen, Keslyn DavisLa Grange HS
Original Models2Benjamin HinesCinco Ranch HS
Original Models3Marc Ewe, Alec EweLASA
Original Models4Atharva KakadePlano West HS
Original Models5Henry Johnson, Megan NaumanBoerne HS
Original Models6Matt SperosMemorial HS
Pair Discussion1Shardul Parthasarathy, Liana Szabo Plano West HS
Pair Discussion2Adarsh Ambekar, Akshay GaitondeWestwood HS
Pair Discussion3Tara Van de Vere, Justin GaoWestwood HS
Pair Discussion4Jourdain Babaisa, Isabel WabnitzHeights HS
Pair Discussion5Damian Lall, Norah RamiClements HS
Pair Discussion6Memphis Pondrom, Dallin NasonMartin HS
Pair Discussion7Riley Greene, Meredith DuncanBen Barber
Pair Discussion8Sunny Lawrence, Aadarsh RebbaClements HS
Photo Essay1Emma Smith, Bianca TeterCinco Ranch HS
Photo Essay2Riley Key, Alina BruhnMartin HS
Photo Essay3Mayrin HernandezConnally HS
Photo Essay4Veronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Photo Essay5Payton Waters, Anthony StewartDeer Park HS
Photo Essay6Brice Flynn, Eric RudkevichBen Barber
Photo Essay7Andrew PaumenClements HS
Photo Essay8Isaac WestonNolan Catholic HS
Photo Essay9Caleb ChovanecLa Grange HS
Photo Essay10Amanda RamirezTravis HS
Photography1Liam PrudeAnderson HS
Photography2Katalia GenslerClear Lake HS
Photography3Abbey NedbalekLa Grange HS
Photography4Michael HansenNolan Catholic HS
Photography5Cosmo CourtoisLASA
Photography6Norah RamiClements HS
Photography7Cade MeltonBen Barber
Photography8Lama Al BalasClements HS
Photography9Amanda RamirezTravis HS
Photography10Manny HerreraWhitney HS
Poetry Memory 11Nikita NaredlaClements HS
Poetry Memory 12Ronni CuanangBen Barber
Poetry Memory 13Ezinne AniaguCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 14Karen RosasHeights HS
Poetry Memory 15Morgan PetersonBen Barber
Poetry Memory 16Nicolas Warmsley-DuboseBen Barber
Poetry Memory 17Ahmed QambiConnally HS
Poetry Memory 18Jaden MolinaBoerne HS
Poetry Memory 19Marin MaycotteLASA
Poetry Memory 110Miah ShafferMartin HS
Poetry Memory 21Disha NistalaWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 22Hayden LandryTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory 23Madison JohnsonTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory 24Rae TaylorMartin HS
Poetry Memory 25Vedanth RamanathanLASA
Poetry Memory 26Alexa MartinezClements HS
Poetry Memory 27Ella CarrTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory 28Ella McCulleyCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 29Madison LehewMarcus HS
Poetry Memory 210Brian LasiterWhitney HS
Poetry Memory 31Sunny LawrenceClements HS
Poetry Memory 32Hannah WilliamsRyan HS
Poetry Memory 33Alyssa SantiagoSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Memory 34Aadarsh RebbaClements HS
Poetry Memory 35Cole ArnoldConnally HS
Poetry Memory 36Sebastian Reyes-TerrazasTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory 37Maddison SchwentnerBrazoswood HS
Poetry Memory 38Brian ErvinCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 39Memphis PondromMartin HS
Poetry Memory 310Thanh-Lan NguyenLASA
Poetry Memory 41Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Poetry Memory 42Veronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 43Carson FosterMemorial HS
Poetry Memory 44Anoushka NarayanWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 45Dhiya DhandapaniLASA
Poetry Memory 46Isabella TruongMemorial HS
Poetry Memory 47Douglas HaddadTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory 48Riley KeeMartin HS
Poetry Memory 49David RamirezMartin HS
Poetry Memory 410Devdeep RajpalClements HS
Poetry Memory Adv.1Jana LassiterLASA
Poetry Memory Adv.2Andrea RomannBen Barber
Poetry Memory Adv.3Roger JarboeMarcus HS
Poetry Memory Adv.4Dara KotyczkaClear Lake HS
Poetry Memory Adv.5Kaleb OrtegaTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory Adv.6Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Poetry Memory Adv.7Violet BurnsWestwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.8Sachin AllumsLASA
Poetry Memory Adv.9Kurt BauskeTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory Adv.10Adrian JungCedar Ridge HS
Poster Design1Alina BruhnMartin HS
Poster Design2Liesl GeigerLASA
Poster Design3Lane StanleySmithson Valley HS
Poster Design4Lana AbdulrazeqBen Barber
Poster Design5Jeremiah KatangoleConnally HS
Poster Design6Camila RamirezHeights HS
Poster Design7Marcus NunezBoerne HS
Poster Design8Reagan Lloyd, Brietling WhartonTomball Memorial HS
Poster Design9Diego Flores-GarciaMarcus HS
Poster Design10Jade AckermanLa Grange HS
Prose Memory 11Aidan ScottClements HS
Prose Memory 12Cuanang RonniBen Barber
Prose Memory 13Bryce CruiseHeights HS
Prose Memory 14Jill NewtonLa Grange HS
Prose Memory 15Erika Torii-KarchLASA
Prose Memory 16Miah ShafferMartin HS
Prose Memory 17John GrayLa Grange HS
Prose Memory 18Makayla SimmonsCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 19Ella PinedaLa Grange HS
Prose Memory 110Trisha GurnaniTravis HS
Prose Memory 21Anirudh PrasannaJasper HS
Prose Memory 22Jonathan De AndaHeights HS
Prose Memory 23Alexa MartinezClements HS
Prose Memory 24Ian KennedyCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 25Andrei MihaiescuConnally HS
Prose Memory 26Rae TaylorMartin HS
Prose Memory 27Liam PrudeAnderson HS
Prose Memory 28June LeeMarcus HS
Prose Memory 29Alexa MartinezMartin HS
Prose Memory 210Steven QiuMartin HS
Prose Memory 31Zachary SuriLASA
Prose Memory 32Davud SuvalicBellaire HS
Prose Memory 33Samantha SpencerBoerne HS
Prose Memory 34Jacob NodlerCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 35Hannah WilliamsRyan HS
Prose Memory 36Norah RamiClements HS
Prose Memory 37Sahana SudarsanLASA
Prose Memory 38Vaidehi JoshiClements HS
Prose Memory 39Amanda RamirezTravis HS
Prose Memory 310Sofia LashariClements HS
Prose Memory 41Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Prose Memory 42Veronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 43Anoushka NarayanWestwood HS
Prose Memory 44Drew EnoAnderson HS
Prose Memory 45Lanie StanleySmithson Valley HS
Prose Memory 46Nicholas KocurekMartin HS
Prose Memory 47Avi PuranikPlano Sr. HS
Prose Memory 48Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Prose Memory 49Jane FultonLASA
Prose Memory 410Devdeep RajpalClements HS
Prose Memory Adv.1Dara KotyczkaClear Lake HS
Prose Memory Adv.2Jana LassiterLASA
Prose Memory Adv.3Andra KeyLASA
Prose Memory Adv.4Roger JarboeMarcus HS
Prose Memory Adv.5Kurt BauskeTomball Memorial HS
Prose Memory Adv.6Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Research Paper1Devdeep Rajpal, Norah RamiClements HS
Research Paper2Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Research Paper3Rebecca GeorgeLASA
Research Paper4Colin GorhamClear Lake HS
Research Paper5Madison LehewMarcus HS
Research Paper6Riley KeeMartin HS
Research Paper7Madelyn MortonShepton HS
Research Paper8Charles VancilConnally HS
Research Paper9Ella BreiWarren HS
Research Paper10William WalkerO'Connor HS
Shirt Design1Layne HuenefeldLa Grange HS
Shirt Design2Natalia ColonConnally HS
Shirt Design3Adrianna NoetzoldBen Barber
Shirt Design4Robyn White, Abbi GillyRyan HS
Shirt Design5Calvin PerrymanChampion HS
Shirt Design6Alina Bruhn, Riley KeeMartin HS
Shirt Design7Natalie ZeakesLASA
Shirt Design8Nicole HalterCinco Ranch HS
Shirt Design9Veronica Castille, Logan PhippsCedar Ridge HS
Shirt Design10Mia FloresWhitney HS
Sight Reading 11Cole GrotjohnBoerne MS North
Sight Reading 12Valentina PerezBoerne HS
Sight Reading 13Karen RosasHeights HS
Sight Reading 14Yaretzi HernandezBen Barber
Sight Reading 15Miguel LathropLASA
Sight Reading 16Samantha TaberBen Barber
Sight Reading 17Nathan SuireDeer Park HS
Sight Reading 18Trisha GurnaniTravis HS
Sight Reading 19Bryce CruiseHeights HS
Sight Reading 110Cole CrandallClements HS
Sight Reading 21Sanjana IyerCanyon Vista MS
Sight Reading 22Ruixi YuanJasper HS
Sight Reading 23Pranathi JammulaLASA
Sight Reading 24Thomas PalakapillyClements HS
Sight Reading 25Steven QiuMartin HS
Sight Reading 26Bryce NeumanAnderson HS
Sight Reading 27Wayhan JiangJasper HS
Sight Reading 28Disha NistalaWestwood HS
Sight Reading 29Marsden FinneyHeights HS
Sight Reading 210Alexa MartinezClements HS
Sight Reading 31Liana SzaboPlano West HS
Sight Reading 32Shardul ParthasarathyPlano West HS
Sight Reading 33Sahana SudarsanLASA
Sight Reading 34Samantha ClarkPlano Sr. HS
Sight Reading 35Everett DavisLASA
Sight Reading 36Austin RocheChampion HS
Sight Reading 37Isabel WabnitzHeights HS
Sight Reading 38Haley MertesBrennan HS
Sight Reading 39Davud SuvalicBellaire HS
Sight Reading 310Riley GreeneBen Barber
Sight Reading 41Bella FriedrichWestwood HS
Sight Reading 42Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Sight Reading 43Drew EnoAnderson HS
Sight Reading 44Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Sight Reading 45Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Sight Reading 46Aarya AgarwalWestwood HS
Sight Reading 47Julia BraunBrazoswood HS
Sight Reading 48Riley KeeMartin HS
Sight Reading 49Jonathan BackClements HS
Sight Reading 410Devdeep RajpalClements HS
Timed Writing 11Maya KoppikarClements HS
Timed Writing 12Adrianna NoetzoldBen Barber
Timed Writing 13Trisha GurnaniTravis HS
Timed Writing 14Savannah AustinBoerne HS
Timed Writing 15Cole GrotjohnBoerne MS North
Timed Writing 21Bryce NeumannAnderson HS
Timed Writing 22Sanjana IyerCanyon Vista MS
Timed Writing 23Thomas PalakapillyClements HS
Timed Writing 24Raghav AggarwalWestwood HS
Timed Writing 25Tejaswi SriramTravis HS
Timed Writing 26Ben HassallCinco Ranch HS
Video Show1La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Video Show2Travis HSTravis HS
Video Show4Memorial HSMemorial HS
Vocal Solo1Violet BurnsWestwood HS
Vocal Solo2Samantha TaborBen Barber
Vocal Solo3Kritanko ChakrabortyCanyon Vista MS
Vocal Solo4Bianca TeterCinco Ranch HS
Vocal Solo5Ella BreiWarren HS
Vocal Solo6Mia GorusKlein Oak HS
Vocal Solo7Annika BeachAnderson HS
Vocal Solo8Rachel BraunschweigRyan HS
Vocal Solo9Lacey HarrisBoerne HS
Vocal Solo10Amanda RamirezTravis HS

2020 Fun Facts

38th Annual Texas State German Contest

912 students were registered
53 schools registered

1100+ entries across 86 events (including breakdown of levels) & over 260 judges/coordinators/directors

Mary El-Beheri Memorial Scholarship Winner: Rachel Mannon, Plano Sr. High School

2020 Sweepstakes Winners

Large Schools - 90+ students enrolled in German Program
Small Schools - 1-89 students enrolled in German Program
PlaceLarge SchoolSweeps PlaceSmall SchoolSweeps
1Kingwood HS7221LASA352
2Bellaire HS4182Jasper HS259
3Westwood HS3733Canyon Vista MS227
4Tompkins HS3414Clements HS195
5Heights HS1855Morton Ranch HS190
6Ben Barber1786Whitney186
7La Grange HS1427Martin HS171
8The Woodlands HS1408Cedar Ridge HS167
9Grisham MS1239Plano Sr. HS125
10Allen HS10510Tomball Memorial HS123

2020 State Winners

EventPlaceStudent NameSchool
Advantaged Speaker Test1Evgenya KirichenkoMemorial HS
Advantaged Speaker Test2Luisa BoettnerKlein Oak HS
Advantaged Speaker Test3Kirstin Stevens-SchmidtPlano West HS
Advantaged Speaker Test4Roger JarboeMarcus HS
Advantaged Speaker Test5Holly LuebsenTomball Memorial HS
Advantaged Speaker Test6Konstantin JanzBellaire HS
Advantaged Speaker Test7Anya HahnChampion HS
Advantaged Speaker Test8Alondra ThurslandBellaire HS
Advantaged Speaker Test9Daniel HanflandAllen HS
Advantaged Speaker Test10Shivani SanghviJasper HS
Chorus1Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Chorus2Ryan HSRyan HS
Chorus3Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Chorus4Whitney HSWhitney HS
Classical Ensemble1Taylor HSTaylor HS
Classical Ensemble2Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Classical Ensemble3Clements HSClements HS
Classical Ensemble4Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Classical Ensemble5Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Classical Ensemble6Westwood HSWestwood HS
Classical Ensemble7The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Classical Ensemble8Plano Sr. HSPlano Sr. HS
Classical Ensemble9Jasper HSJasper HS
Classical Ensemble10Grisham MSGrisham MS
Club Album1Viviara SchiveleyTomball Memorial HS
Club Album2Kaitlyn Smith & Paige HorrellMorton Ranch HS
Club Album3La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Club Album4Pavelka, White, BallingerWhitney HS
Club Album5Reynolds, Garcia, BaumanDeer Park HS
Club Album6Shyann HaileyCedar Ridge HS
Club Album7Veronica Weathers & Ashley CorninClear Lake HS
Club Album8Gabrielle HendersonThe Woodlands HS
Club Album9Jasper HSJasper HS
Club Album10Shepton HSShepton HS
Contemporary Music1Eleanor DuncanWestwood HS
Contemporary Music2Hannah Jourdan, Grace Wang, Floria XuGrisham MS
Contemporary Music3Dhiya Dhandapani, Karen WolfLASA
Contemporary Music4Natalie Mujica, Marlyne PradoHeights HS
Contemporary Music5Veronica Castille, Sophia Taveira, Daphne NguyenCedar Ridge HS
Contemporary Music6Kingwood HS
Kingwood HS
Contemporary Music7Marissa Hill, Autumn LarsenAllen HS
Contemporary Music8Forster, Gopani, and FlemingBellaire HS
Contemporary Music9Trinity NelsonMartin HS
Contemporary Music10Gioukaris, Boyejo, and Burk
Tompkins HS
Crafts1Kelli O., Alexis F. & Michelle A.Cinco Ranch HS
Crafts2Jude & BernardNolan Catholic HS
Crafts3Wade WilliamsMarcus HS
Crafts4Katie AndersLa Grange HS
Crafts5Macy McKinneyWhitney HS
Crafts6Bonnie ParkerAllen HS
Crafts7Elaine ApplegateKingwood HS
Crafts8Catelyn BrugnorePflugerville HS
Crafts9Josue C. & Brandon K.Morton Ranch HS
Crafts10Zoe ParkerDeer Park HS
Culture 11Seaver ChesterCinco Ranch HS
Culture 12Zachary SuriLASA
Culture 13Jacob WinkelerAllen HS
Culture 14Kritanko ChakrabortyCanyon Vista MS
Culture 15Sidney ChangBellaire HS
Culture 16Ian ChangShepton HS
Culture 17Anirudh PrasannaJasper HS
Culture 18Luke HassallCinco Ranch HS
Culture 19Kate RenGrisham MS
Culture 110Samuel HopkinsThe Woodlands HS
Culture 21Eliet PamenahShepton HS
Culture 22Ben RosenbergShepton HS
Culture 23Beck WilliamsLASA
Culture 24Alexis DudashCinco Ranch HS
Culture 25Berkley PonceAllen HS
Culture 26Richard FlynnTompkins HS
Culture 27Gadiel LaraMorton Ranch HS
Culture 28Amelia DorlevSmithson Valley HS
Culture 29Liam WallaceKingwood HS
Culture 210Madhavan PrasannaCanyon Vista MS
Culture 31Philip SteffenThe Woodlands HS
Culture 32Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Culture 33Jude HardeeNolan Catholic HS
Culture 34Alec EweLASA
Culture 35Kevin DonoughueThe Woodlands HS
Culture 36Luke MillerHeights HS
Culture 37Andrew PaumenClements HS
Culture 38Varun RameshWestwood HS
Culture 39Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber
Culture 310Bernard KloeselNolan Catholic HS
Culture 41Carson BennerBellaire HS
Culture 42Jack RosenbergPlano West HS
Culture 43Julia VanceLASA
Culture 44Sebastian HobdayBellaire HS
Culture 45Anna RaceyBoerne HS
Culture 46David GarsteckiSmithson Valley HS
Culture 47Kevin MurrayWestwood HS
Culture 48Lauren HuenefeldLa Grange HS
Culture 49Jackson WrayMarcus HS
Culture 410Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Digital Logo Design1Shyann HaileyCedar Ridge HS
Digital Logo Design2Adrienne ZhangPlano Sr. HS
Digital Logo Design3Nablila SultanAnderson HS
Digital Logo Design4Sid Boyd & Emil BruhnkeCinco Ranch HS
Digital Logo Design5Jack GrahamMarcus HS
Digital Logo Design6Clancy, Gill, KhanTompkins HS
Digital Logo Design7Benner & LeeBellaire HS
Digital Logo Design8Italy PenaDeer Park HS
Digital Logo Design9Raquel ReyesMartin HS
Digital Logo Design10Lance TenienteHeights HS
Directed Dialogue 11Will BryantGrisham MS
Directed Dialogue 12Ben BryantGrisham MS
Directed Dialogue 13Jayant BettadputCanyon Vista MS
Directed Dialogue 14Makaila MonauniTompkins HS
Directed Dialogue 15Anirudh PrasannaJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 16Mariana RaldaThe Woodlands HS
Directed Dialogue 17Angelina PascaliBellaire HS
Directed Dialogue 18Annelise BreyerCanyon Vista MS
Directed Dialogue 19Matthew OgataJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 110Mason PinonKingwood HS
Directed Dialogue 21Akshan GartoudeWestwood HS
Directed Dialogue 22Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Directed Dialogue 23Lexi BrownKlein Oak HS
Directed Dialogue 24Alec SoteloTaylor HS
Directed Dialogue 25Rodrigo RaposoJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 26Sania SultanCanyon Vista MS
Directed Dialogue 27Ainara RiveraTompkins HS
Directed Dialogue 28Maya GranoffCanyon Vista MS
Directed Dialogue 29Hanyo WeiWestwood HS
Directed Dialogue 210Synnove LawrenceClements HS
Doll Costume1Elaine ApplegateKingwood HS
Doll Costume2Mackenzie ApplinGuyer HS
Doll Costume3Ryan ClaytonClear Lake HS
Doll Costume4Alexa MartinezClements HS
Doll Costume5Militzy GremillionWestwood HS
Doll Costume6Zoe KleinAnderson HS
Doll Costume7Ann DeRuntzNolan Catholic HS
Doll Costume8Jessica M. & Camryn PeeseClemens HS (SA)
Doll Costume9Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Doll Costume10Alexis F. & Michelle A.Cinco Ranch HS
Duet Acting 11Alyssa Carroll & Greta LozanoDeer Park HS
Duet Acting 12Grace Leissner & Eric San GabrielConnally HS
Duet Acting 13London Davis & Abbie ThompsonKingwood HS
Duet Acting 14Sam Bederman & Sam HaggertyJasper HS
Duet Acting 15Mason Jacob & Sonali SriwanthCanyon Vista MS
Duet Acting 16Daniel Goolsbey & Gus TrisnadiGrisham MS
Duet Acting 17Ronaldo Castro & Hiba KaraniMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 18Alexander Allums & Tatum FeigleBen Barber
Duet Acting 19Addison Crowell & Joseph MartinWhitney HS
Duet Acting 110Madelyn Morton & Avery McElyaShepton HS
Duet Acting 21Sara Sultan, Maya GranoffCanyon Vista MS
Duet Acting 22Caitriona Devlin, Sarah RogersTompkins HS
Duet Acting 23Andrea Montez, Emily MooreKingwood HS
Duet Acting 24Archie Sasson, Patrick MunozJasper HS
Duet Acting 25Ashley Aranira, Brandon KerthMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 26Nicole Vogler, Caitlyn MannAllen HS
Duet Acting 31Eva Thor, Kaedyn Colton
Tomball Memorial HS
Duet Acting 32Sophia Taveira, Daphne NguyenCedar Ridge HS
Duet Acting 33Marlene Prado, Jessica RamirezHeights HS
Duet Acting 34Lars Prochnow, Branson ClancyTompkins HS
Duet Acting 35Vylong Huynh, Wendy SchwartzConnally HS
Duet Acting 36Esther Comptoi, Fernando RamirezMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 37Charlotte Cousins, Diya RauserKingwood HS
Duet Acting 38Mae Parker, Zac HubbardWhitney HS
Duet Acting 41Andra Key & Andrew LuckingerLASA
Duet Acting 42Leslie Torres & Brandy FraustoHeights HS
Duet Acting 43Carson Benner & Dawson BennerBellaire HS
Duet Acting 44Mark Mueller & Collin RueThe Woodlands HS
Duet Acting 45Carlos Sanchez & Shyann HaileyCedar Ridge HS
Duet Acting 46Phuc Dang & Maia RogersMorton Ranch HS
Einzeltanz1Rachel Mannon & Cole MannonPlano Sr. HS
Einzeltanz2Alexandria Havelka & Trey HallLa Grange HS
Einzeltanz3Kristen Allen & Peyton HouseKingwood HS
Einzeltanz4Emily Skank & Adan UrestiDeer Park HS
Einzeltanz5Anna Moziek & Alex GioukavisTompkins HS
Einzeltanz6Hannah Goecke & Milan GonzalesChampion HS
Einzeltanz7Paige Harrell & Jonathan SalgadoMorton Ranch HS
Einzeltanz8Madison Neff & Garrett WatsonWhitney HS
Einzeltanz9Kaylyn Rotthoff & Joseph KBurleson HS
Einzeltanz10Vanna Chen & Damian LallClements HS
Extemporaneous 31Liana SzaboJasper HS
Extemporaneous 32Elena CarlsonHeights HS
Extemporaneous 33Ben PoppleBen Barber
Extemporaneous 34Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Extemporaneous 35Josef StoneLASA
Extemporaneous 36Aidan LaughlinBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 37Alexandra GioukarisTompkins HS
Extemporaneous 38Alec PenningsNew Braunfels HS
Extemporaneous 39Emma MorrowNew Braunfels HS
Extemporaneous 310Kasandra SchroederDenton HS
Extemporaneous 41Carson BennerBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 42Nika PajuhPlano Sr. HS
Extemporaneous 43Violet BurnsWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 44Alexandra FreytesMemorial HS
Extemporaneous 45Dawson Benner
Bellaire HS
Extemporaneous 46Molly SparrowWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 47Rachel Mannon
Plano Sr. HS
Extemporaneous 48Drew EnoAnderson HS
Extemporaneous 49Dhiya KhandapaniLASA
Extemporaneous 410Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Extemporaneous Adv.1Luisa BoettnerKlein Oak HS
Extemporaneous Adv.2Holly LuebsenTomball Memorial HS
Extemporaneous Adv.3Roger Jarboe IIIMarcus HS
Extemporaneous Adv.4Alondra ThurslandBellaire HS
Extemporaneous Adv.5Sean HallLASA
Extemporaneous Adv.6Anya HahnChampion HS
Extemporaneous Adv.7Jayna DunlapBen Barber
Extemporaneous Adv.8Kirsten StevensPlano West HS
Extemporaneous Adv.9Jongyun ShinTompkins HS
Extemporaneous Adv.10Konstantin JanzBellaire HS
Folk Dance1Whitney HSWhitney HS
Folk Dance2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Folk Dance3Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Folk Dance4La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Folk Dance5Boerne HSBoerne HS
Folk Dance6Allen HSAllen HS
Folk Dance7Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Folk Dance8Nolan Catholic HSNolan Catholic HS
Folk Dance9Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Folk Dance10Willis HSWillis HS
Gingerbread-Non1Lexi HavelkaLa Grange HS
Gingerbread-Non2Alyson KubiakTompkins HS
Gingerbread-Non3Eric R., Sruthi GRound Rock HS
Gingerbread-Non4Juhi M., Justin G., Tara V.Westwood HS
Gingerbread-Non5Ryan C., Jake N., Haley CClear Lake HS
Gingerbread-Non6Oprah E., Vivian LClements HS
Gingerbread-Non7Yander O., Kaitlyn S., Paige H., Ashley A., Victor LMorton Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Non8Jaxon GarrettChampion HS
Gingerbread-Non9Zoe ParkerDeer Park HS
Gingerbread-Non10No name
Gingerbread-Trad.1Xander, Paige, Harell, KaitlynMorton Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Trad.2Katelyn RoweGrisham MS
Gingerbread-Trad.3Evie Bermudez, Connor AvilaNolan Catholic HS
Gingerbread-Trad.4Caitlin Ometzberger, Betsy TalbotKingwood HS
Gingerbread-Trad.5Kara AckerSmithson Valley HS
Gingerbread-Trad.6Julia Olmo, Ilyre LenmarnTompkins HS
Gingerbread-Trad.7Juandiego Cody and German classLASA
Gingerbread-Trad.8Robyn White, Abbi Gilly, Veronica CastilleRyan HS
Gingerbread-Trad.9Daphne Nguyen, Veronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Gingerbread-Trad.10Lizbeth Gaitan, Ashley JuevezHeights HS
Grammar 11Sanjana IyerCanyon Vista MS
Grammar 12Marcus MetsalaBen Barber
Grammar 13Maalolan ParthasarathiCanyon Vista MS
Grammar 14Ameera IzmirTompkins HS
Grammar 15Brad NguyenMartin HS
Grammar 16Ari PomerantzHendrickson HS
Grammar 17Elijah BranksMartin HS
Grammar 18Mattie HannahGrisham MS
Grammar 19Anika TurnerKingwood HS
Grammar 110Samuel HopkinsThe Woodlands HS
Grammar 21Brian CookWestwood HS
Grammar 22Jordy ParkerTivy HS
Grammar 23Ainara RiveraTompkins HS
Grammar 24Shardul ParthasarathyJasper HS
Grammar 25Lucy MaBellaire HS
Grammar 26Alec SoteloTaylor HS
Grammar 27Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Grammar 28Erin StanleySmithson Valley HS
Grammar 29Tommy NeumanKingwood HS
Grammar 210Rodrigo RaposoJasper HS
Grammar 31Liana SzaboJasper HS
Grammar 32Kate HopkinsTaylor HS
Grammar 33Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Grammar 34Jake RidenbaughBellaire HS
Grammar 35Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Grammar 36Ben PoppleBen Barber
Grammar 37Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber
Grammar 38Jonathan CortezBellaire HS
Grammar 39Pankaj PatilWestwood HS
Grammar 310Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Grammar 41Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Grammar 42Csenge SoterWestwood HS
Grammar 43John FlemingBellaire HS
Grammar 44Clarke FosterBellaire HS
Grammar 45Sachin AllumsLASA
Grammar 46Andrew LucksingerLASA
Grammar 47Alex SchmidtTompkins HS
Grammar 48Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Grammar 49Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Grammar 410Carter DornPlano West HS
Listening Comp. 11Marcus MetsalaBen Barber
Listening Comp. 12Wayhan JiangJasper HS
Listening Comp. 13Jayant BettadporCanyon Vista MS
Listening Comp. 14Makaila MonauniTompkins HS
Listening Comp. 15Thomas PalakapillyClements HS
Listening Comp. 16Xinyan SuGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 17Izzy ValenzuelaGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 18Ruixi YuanJasper HS
Listening Comp. 19Arjun RajamonyGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 110Aleks TremmelCanyon Vista MS
Listening Comp. 21Isabel WabnitzHeights HS
Listening Comp. 22Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Listening Comp. 23Akshay GaitondeWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 24Synnove LawrenceClements HS
Listening Comp. 25Maya GranffCanyon Vista MS
Listening Comp. 26Hanyu WeiWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 27Sean ClarkeLASA
Listening Comp. 28Davud SuvalicBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 29Elizabeth FedericoJasper HS
Listening Comp. 210Emir MemicCedar Ridge HS
Listening Comp. 31Liana SzaboJasper HS
Listening Comp. 32Vikranth RagavanWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 33Pankaj PatilWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 34Felipe ArmstrongBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 35Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Listening Comp. 36Varun RameshWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 37Josef StoneLASA
Listening Comp. 38Jack WhiteheadBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 39William SuhTompkins HS
Listening Comp. 310Victoria VynaychokLASA
Listening Comp. 41John FlemingBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 42Emma PoulsenPlano Sr. HS
Listening Comp. 43Nina HoPlano West HS
Listening Comp. 44Violet BurnsWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 45Matthew ZhangBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 46Lily TrenthamLASA
Listening Comp. 47Juliann WallettWillis HS
Listening Comp. 48Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Listening Comp. 49Docian KephartMarcus HS
Listening Comp. 410Nicolae VasilescuAnderson HS
Needlework1Alexa MartinezClements HS
Needlework2Molly BennettLa Grange HS
Needlework3Danielle B. & Madellyn G.Kingwood HS
Needlework4Paige HorrellMorton Ranch HS
Needlework5Kate RenGrisham MS
Needlework6Amelia DorkoSmithson Valley HS
Needlework7Arianna HimelfarbCinco Ranch HS
Needlework8Mia B., Emma V. Tina C.LASA
Needlework9Sarah DriskellDeer Park HS
Needlework10Ella SchroederMarcus HS
Oral Presentation1Matthew ZangBellaire HS
Oral Presentation2Kristina DimitrovaBen Barber
Oral Presentation3Csenge SoterWestwood HS
Oral Presentation4Docian KephartMarcus HS
Oral Presentation5Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Oral Presentation6Anjali TalpallikarClements HS
Oral Presentation7Aaron PryerMartin HS
Oral Presentation8Nicolae Vasi PescuAnderson HS
Oral Presentation9Kaleb StraneyKingwood HS
Oral Presentation10Siri PrahladClements HS
Original Models1Roger JarboeMarcus HS
Original Models2Peyton Leonard, Thomas SomersClear Lake HS
Original Models3Aiden LeeWestwood HS
Original Models4Gunner JurekLa Grange HS
Original Models5Kacy OberbroecklingKingwood HS
Original Models6Manny Herrera, Amaya WoodyearWhitney HS
Original Models7Enamorado, Robinson, VickersMorton Ranch HS
Original Models8Roquel EmilianoHeights HS
Original Models9Alexa Klumpen, Merin TillettAnderson HS
Original Models10Ewe, Ewe, Fulton, Lassiter, and WordLASA
Pair Discussion1Jessica Ramirez & Marlyne PradoHeights HS
Pair Discussion2Siddi Mittal & Anoushka NarayanWestwood HS
Pair Discussion3Felipe Armstrong & Jake RidenbaughBellaire HS
Pair Discussion4Elena Carlsson & Miguel MondiajonHeights HS
Pair Discussion5Ben Popple & Harley EatonBen Barber
Pair Discussion6John Puckett & Alina BruhnMartin HS
Pair Discussion7Zarifa Aliyeva & William SuhTompkins HS
Pair Discussion8Logan Phipps & Veronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Pair Discussion9Jonathon Back & Dat LeClements HS
Paß Auf! Varsity1Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Paß Auf! Varsity2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity3Plano West HSPlano West HS
Paß Auf! Varsity4LASA
Paß Auf! Varsity5The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Paß Auf! Varsity6Nolan Catholic HSNolan Catholic HS
Paß Auf! Varsity7Taylor HS
Taylor HS
Paß Auf! Varsity8Champion HSChampion HS
Paß Auf! Varsity9Westwood HSWestwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity10Shepton HSShepton HS
Photo Essay1Alessio HaroAllen HS
Photo Essay2Riley KeeMartin HS
Photo Essay3Nora EdgeWhitney HS
Photo Essay4Kevin C., Wendy X, & Michael H.Clements HS
Photo Essay5Demitri O'DayMorton Ranch HS
Photo Essay6Brandon M. Rae Robinson, Kim P.Connally HS
Photo Essay7Clay WolffLa Grange HS
Photo Essay8Hannah Kirby, Carly HarvilleTompkins HS
Photo Essay9Peyton TiedtCinco Ranch HS
Photo Essay10Trah LuuBellaire HS
Photography1Simon TaylorChampion HS
Photography2Penelope HigdonWestwood HS
Photography3Sarrah BristolTomball HS
Photography4Kacy OberboecklingKingwood HS
Photography5Reagan MullinsBoerne HS
Photography6Paolo WeissTaylor HS
Photography7Josef HubarttNolan Catholic HS
Photography8Cole MannonPlano Sr. HS
Photography9Olivia AndersonThe Woodlands HS
Photography10Roger JarboeMarcus HS
Play1Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Play2Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Play3Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Play Best ActorCammron BurkeTompkins HS
Play Best ActressKaitlyn SmithMorton Ranch HS
Poetry Memory 11Londan DavisKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 12Natalie WestwoodKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 13Merrick GrazebookKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 14Vedanth DharnishCanyon Vista MS
Poetry Memory 15Kelsie CroganCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 16Aarna ParimiTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 17Leila TavasoliCanyon Vista MS
Poetry Memory 18Wayhan JiangJasper HS
Poetry Memory 19Elijah BanksMartin HS
Poetry Memory 110Sarah HennigTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 21Tommy NeumanKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 22Synnove LawrenceClements HS
Poetry Memory 23Amelia DorkoSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Memory 24Shivam PatelKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 25Danielle EjioguClements HS
Poetry Memory 26Brian ErvinCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 27Emma Van EenooLASA
Poetry Memory 28Chris FixConnally HS
Poetry Memory 29Dallin NasonMartin HS
Poetry Memory 210De'Laine PoncianoMartin HS
Poetry Memory 31Mason TaylorKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 32Jacint SzaboJasper HS
Poetry Memory 33Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Poetry Memory 34Alejandro AriasKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 35Devdeep RajpalClements HS
Poetry Memory 36Pankaj PatilWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 37Cameron HardenCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 38Kelvin RigosTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 39Madelynn GlazebrookKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 310David RamirezMartin HS
Poetry Memory 41Jiselle BarreraKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 42Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 43Jakob KnutsenKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 44Shruti PathakClements HS
Poetry Memory 45Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Poetry Memory 46Athena ElmerMarcus HS
Poetry Memory 47Karen WolfLASA
Poetry Memory 48Augustus SisonKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 49Cameron NiekampMartin HS
Poetry Memory 410Dhiya DhandapaniLASA
Poetry Memory Adv.1Alondra ThurslanBellaire HS
Poetry Memory Adv.2Tariq MahamidAllen HS
Poetry Memory Adv.3Avinash GoberdhanKingwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.4Sean HallLASA
Poetry Memory Adv.5Diya RauserKingwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.6Holly LuebsenTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory Adv.7Kurt BauskeTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Memory Adv.8Armaaan SanghviShepton HS
Poetry Reading 11Hayden LandryTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Reading 12Joci TideyKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 13Michael McGowenBen Barber
Poetry Reading 14Samantha HaggertyJasper HS
Poetry Reading 15Eleanor DunconWestwood HS
Poetry Reading 16Madison JohnsonTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Reading 17Brody RonkKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 18Rae TaylorMartin HS
Poetry Reading 19Grace LeissnerConnally HS
Poetry Reading 110Kate RenGrisham MS
Poetry Reading 21Chloe DitgesKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 22Sebastian ReyesTomball HS
Poetry Reading 23Bertley PonceAllen HS
Poetry Reading 24Stephanie VillasenorTomball Memorial HS
Poetry Reading 25Hannah WilliamsRyan HS
Poetry Reading 26Hunter HanClements HS
Poetry Reading 27Maya GranoffCanyon Vista MS
Poetry Reading 28Norah EdgeWhitney HS
Poetry Reading 29Jona PorrasKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 210Erin StanleySmithson Valley HS
Poetry Reading 31Anouska NarayanWestwood HS
Poetry Reading 32Danis BajricTemple HS
Poetry Reading 33Gavin MoneyGuyer HS
Poetry Reading 34Sophia TaveiraCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Reading 35Bella FriedrichWestwood HS
Poetry Reading 36Kate StevensKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 37Noah WiedrichKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 38Eric RisingerRound Rock HS
Poetry Reading 39Theodora PavolicKlein Oak HS
Poetry Reading 310Sid BoydCinco Ranch HS
Poetry Reading 41Kelly LiuKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 42Alex SchmidtTompkins HS
Poetry Reading 43Daniel SundagKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 44Katie AebiChampion HS
Poetry Reading 45Samantha MeadPlano West HS
Poetry Reading 46Ariana HimmelfarbCinco Ranch HS
Poetry Reading 47David GarstechiSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Reading 48Aid HodzicMartin HS
Poetry Reading 49Adeka SajevicPlano Sr. HS
Poetry Reading 410Finley GundyWestwood HS
Polka Band1New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Polka Band2Clements HSClements HS
Polka Band3Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Polka Band4The WoodlandsThe Woodlands HS
Polka Band5Grisham MSGrisham MS
Polka Band6Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Polka Band7Allen HSAllen HS
Polka Band8Tomball HSTomball HS
Polka Band9La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Polka Band10Whitney HSWhitney HS
Poster Design1Kalina ColeClear Lake HS
Poster Design2Alina BruhnMartin HS
Poster Design3Nicolas PradaThe Woodlands HS
Poster Design4Celine ChoiBellaire HS
Poster Design5Carly HarvilleTompkins HS
Poster Design6No Name
Poster Design6Simon KhareWestwood HS
Poster Design7Haley KilcoyneTomball Memorial HS
Poster Design8Annie TranAnderson HS
Poster Design9Marleth MarinWhitney HS
Prose Memory 11Erinne TaylorKingwood HS
Prose Memory 12Madison ParkinsKingwood HS
Prose Memory 13Jonathan ElliottKingwood HS
Prose Memory 14Liam PrudeAnderson HS
Prose Memory 15Annalisa BreyerCanyon Vista MS
Prose Memory 16Sarah HennigTompkins HS
Prose Memory 17Oprah EsemuzeClements HS
Prose Memory 18Eli GacasanCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 19Zachary GeweiserCanyon Vista MS
Prose Memory 110Zach StovallWhitney HS
Prose Memory 21Jordy ParkerTivy HS
Prose Memory 22Amanda RamirezTravis HS
Prose Memory 23Emily MooreKingwood HS
Prose Memory 24Renee BakareKingwood HS
Prose Memory 25Brandon SchnitzKingwood HS
Prose Memory 26Richard FlynnTompkins HS
Prose Memory 27De'Laine PoncianoMartin HS
Prose Memory 28Miles DavidMartin HS
Prose Memory 29Xinglong HuJasper HS
Prose Memory 210Katherine CameronMartin HS
Prose Memory 31John PuckettMartin HS
Prose Memory 32Tressa LangenohlCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 33Alexis RoseKingwood HS
Prose Memory 34Caralinone AlstKingwood HS
Prose Memory 35Charlotte CousinsKingwood HS
Prose Memory 36David RamirezMartin HS
Prose Memory 37Skye LleyWestwood HS
Prose Memory 38Emma Maginis-KinoMartin HS
Prose Memory 39Quintin FoleyLASA
Prose Memory 41Andra KayLASA
Prose Memory 42Samantha MeadePlano West HS
Prose Memory 43Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Prose Memory 44Csenge SoterWestwood HS
Prose Memory 45Sebastian HobdayBellaire HS
Prose Memory 46Nika PajuhPlano Sr. HS
Prose Memory 47Rebecca KuhlPlano West HS
Prose Memory 48Robert ApplingKingwood HS
Prose Memory 49Lenny ChenLASA
Prose Memory 410Briget ShullKingwood HS
Prose Memory Adv.1Luise BoettnerKlein Oak HS
Prose Memory Adv.2Jana LassiterLASA
Prose Reading 11Elynna EstebanKingwood HS
Prose Reading 12Sanjana IyerCanyon Vista MS
Prose Reading 13Rae TaylorMartin HS
Prose Reading 14Hayden LandryTomball Memorial HS
Prose Reading 15Sean SullivanKingwood HS
Prose Reading 16Akaash KolluriClements HS
Prose Reading 17Julian GonzlezTomball Memorial HS
Prose Reading 18Erik San GabrielConnally HS
Prose Reading 19Madilyn MortonShepton HS
Prose Reading 110Oblogina RitaTivy HS
Prose Reading 21Samantha SpencerBoerne HS
Prose Reading 22HannahWilliamsRyan HS
Prose Reading 23Madhaven PrasannaCanyon Vista MS
Prose Reading 24Walter PlantingaTomball Memorial HS
Prose Reading 25Synnove LawrenceClements HS
Prose Reading 26Jacob NadlerCedar Ridge HS
Prose Reading 27Izzabel ColwellTomball Memorial HS
Prose Reading 28Krishna YadavJasper HS
Prose Reading 29Dallin NasonMartin HS
Prose Reading 210Albert JiShepton HS
Prose Reading 31Kristian TalabisCedar Ridge HS
Prose Reading 32Naomi SheppardWestwood HS
Prose Reading 33Riley KeeMartin HS
Prose Reading 34Paul IglesisasWoodlands HS
Prose Reading 35Kacy OberbroecklingKingwood HS
Prose Reading 36Jonathan BackClements HS
Prose Reading 37Bella FriedmanWestwood HS
Prose Reading 38Jake RidenbaughBellaire HS
Prose Reading 39Anoushka NarayanWestwood HS
Prose Reading 310Rheagan MorrisKingwood HS
Prose Reading 41Matthew ZhangBellaire HS
Prose Reading 42Andy SteincampKingwood HS
Prose Reading 43Shruti PathakClements HS
Prose Reading 44Benjamin NewtonLa Grange HS
Prose Reading 45Molly SparrowWestwood HS
Prose Reading 46Aaron PryorMartin HS
Prose Reading 47Julia BraunBrazoswood HS
Prose Reading 48Dhiya DhandapaniLASA
Prose Reading 49Cameron NiekampMartin HS
Prose Reading 410Kaleb StraneyKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Lower1Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Lower2Ben BarberBen Barber
Puppet Show, Lower3Travis HSTravis HS
Puppet Show, Lower4Jasper HSJasper HS
Puppet Show, Lower5LASALASA
Puppet Show, Lower6Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Puppet Show, Lower7Heights HSHeights HS
Puppet Show, Lower8Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Puppet Show, Lower9Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Upper1LASALASA
Puppet Show, Upper2Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Upper3Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Upper4New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Puppet Show, Upper5Travis HSTravis HS
Puppet Show, Upper6Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Puppet Show, Upper7Heights HSHeights HS
Reading Comp. 11Ruixi YuanJasper HS
Reading Comp. 12Harley TaylorKingwood HS
Reading Comp. 13Marcus MetsalaBen Barber
Reading Comp. 14Kritanko ChakrabortyCanyon Vista MS
Reading Comp. 15Madelyn MortonShepton HS
Reading Comp. 16Hagan RiethmillerGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 17Xinyan SuGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 18Zachary SuriLASA
Reading Comp. 19Makaila MonauniTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 110Maya HillTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 21Lena BirkholzLASA
Reading Comp. 22Isabel WabnitzHeights HS
Reading Comp. 23Jordy ParkerTivy HS
Reading Comp. 24Dallin NasonMartin HS
Reading Comp. 25Alec SoteloTaylor HS
Reading Comp. 26Alexander GarciaBritish Intl. School
Reading Comp. 27Juhi MalwadeWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 28Ainara RiveraTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 29Ben RosenbergShepton HS
Reading Comp. 210Justin GaoWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 31Liana SzaboJasper HS
Reading Comp. 32Naomi SheppardWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 33Jake RidenbaughBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 34Ben PoppleBen Barber
Reading Comp. 35Pankaj PatilWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 36Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber
Reading Comp. 37Autumn LarsonAllen HS
Reading Comp. 38William SuhTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 39Kate HopkinsTaylor HS
Reading Comp. 310Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Reading Comp. 41John FlemingBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 42Carson BennerBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 43Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Reading Comp. 44Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Reading Comp. 45Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 46Nicolae VasilescuAnderson HS
Reading Comp. 47Andrew LucksingerLASA
Reading Comp. 48Nina HoPlano West HS
Reading Comp. 49Alex SchmidtTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 410Molly SparrowWestwood HS
Research Paper1Nathan Palmer, Shane RussellKingwood HS
Research Paper2Michael Huang, Wendy XuClements HS
Research Paper3Madi MortonShepton HS
Research Paper4Madison LehewMarcus HS
Research Paper5Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Research Paper6Ben BryantGrisham MS
Research Paper7Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Research Paper8Harsha Kota, Rodrigo RaposoJasper HS
Research Paper9Lydia Coleman, Clarissa MelendezLASA
Research Paper10Jayant BettadpurCanyon Vista MS
Scavenger Hunt1LASALASA
Scavenger Hunt2Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Scavenger Hunt3Westwood HSWestwood HS
Scavenger Hunt4Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Scavenger Hunt5Taylor HSTaylor HS
Scavenger Hunt6Clemens HS (SA)Clemens HS (SA)
Scavenger Hunt7Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Scavenger Hunt8Marcus HSMarcus HS
Scavenger Hunt9Anderson HSAnderson HS
Scavenger Hunt10Shepton HSShepton HS
Shirt Design1Alyson KubiakTompkins HS
Shirt Design2Lanie StanleySmithson Valley HS
Shirt Design3Robyn WhiteRyan HS
Shirt Design4Deyton Tiedt & Kelli DiverCinco Ranch HS
Shirt Design5Lydia ColemanLASA
Shirt Design6Calvin PennymanChampion HS
Shirt Design7Rachel Mitchell & Betsy TalbotKingwood HS
Shirt Design8Siri Prahlad, Vanna Chen, Abby DayClements HS
Shirt Design9Mathieu ReyesNolan Catholic HS
Shirt Design10Annie TranAnderson HS
Sight Reading 11Sanjana IyerCanyon Vista MS
Sight Reading 12Stella MillerKingwood HS
Sight Reading 13Annalise BreyerCanyon Vista MS
Sight Reading 14Riley GreeneBen Barber
Sight Reading 15Harley TaylorKingwood HS
Sight Reading 16Hannah JordanGrisham MS
Sight Reading 17Ameera IzmirTompkins HS
Sight Reading 18Ari PomerantzHendrickson HS
Sight Reading 19Ruixi YuanJasper HS
Sight Reading 110Isabella ValenvelaGrisham MS
Sight Reading 21Hannah von SuskilGuyer HS
Sight Reading 22David SuvolicBellaire HS
Sight Reading 23Sahana SudarsanLASA
Sight Reading 24Sarah RogersTompkins HS
Sight Reading 25Lucy MaBellaire HS
Sight Reading 26Isabel WabnitzHeights HS
Sight Reading 27Dhanish ParinalakumarAllen HS
Sight Reading 28Izzabel ColwellTomball Memorial HS
Sight Reading 29Jody ParkerTivy HS
Sight Reading 210Jacob ParkerShepton HS
Sight Reading 31Jacint SzaboPlano West HS
Sight Reading 32Alexandra GioukarisTompkins HS
Sight Reading 33Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Sight Reading 34Serena PelleyDeer Park HS
Sight Reading 35Naomi SheppardWestwood HS
Sight Reading 36Josef StoneLASA
Sight Reading 37Nabila SultanAnderson HS
Sight Reading 38Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Sight Reading 39Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber
Sight Reading 310Italy PenaDeer Park HS
Sight Reading 41Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Sight Reading 42Alexandra FreytesMemorial HS
Sight Reading 43Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Sight Reading 44Sinan MakdisiBellaire HS
Sight Reading 45Csenge SoterWestwood HS
Sight Reading 46Drew EnoAnderson HS
Sight Reading 47Dhiya DhandapaniLASA
Sight Reading 48Nika PajuhPlano Sr. HS
Sight Reading 49Aaron PryorMartin HS
Sight Reading 410Benjamin NewtonLa Grange HS
Skit 11Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 12Shepton HSShepton HS
Skit 13Heights HSHeights HS
Skit 14Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 15Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 16Ben Barber HSBen Barber
Skit 17Jasper HSJasper HS
Skit 18Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 19Grisham MSGrisham MS
Skit 110Connally HSConnally HS
Skit 1 Best ActorMarkos Metsala-EurovisionBen Barber
Skit 1 Best ActressSamantha Haggerty-Sech SchwaeneJasper HS
Skit 21Jasper HSJasper HS
Skit 22Clements HSClements HS
Skit 23Shepton HSShepton HS
Skit 24Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 25Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 26Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 27Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 28La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Skit 29Heights HSHeights HS
Skit 210Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 2 Best ActorDevan Evans (Prinz Werner)Jasper HS
Skit 2 Best ActressNorah Rami (Alte Nadine)Clements HS
Skit 31Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 32Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 33Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 34Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 3 Best ActorEmiliano ContrerasWhitney HS
Skit 3 Best ActressVeronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Skit 41Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Skit 43Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Skit 44Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 45Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 46La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Skit 47Guyer HSGuyer HS
Skit 48Taylor HSTaylor HS
Skit 49Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 4 Best ActorBen Newton-Der GastLa Grange HS
Skit 4 Best ActressDhiya DhandapaniLASA
Spelling 11Kritanko ChakrabortyCanyon Vista MS
Spelling 12Bryce NeumanAnderson HS
Spelling 13Harley TaylorKingwood HS
Spelling 14Ari PomerantzHendrickson HS
Spelling 15Maya HillTompkins HS
Spelling 16Ameera IzmirTompkins HS
Spelling 17Ruixi YuanJasper HS
Spelling 18Ian ChangShepton HS
Spelling 19Kian KouhestaniCanyon Vista MS
Spelling 110Steven QinMartin HS
Spelling 21Shardul ParthasarathyJasper HS
Spelling 22Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Spelling 23Abigail EindorfLa Grange HS
Spelling 24Jordy ParkerTivy HS
Spelling 25Damian LallClements HS
Spelling 26Sarah RogersTompkins HS
Spelling 27Koios Shepard-DavidLASA
Spelling 28Hunter HanClements HS
Spelling 29Justin GaoWestwood HS
Spelling 210Emily MooreKingwood HS
Spelling 31Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber
Spelling 32Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Spelling 33Bella FriedrichWestwood HS
Spelling 34Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Spelling 35Alexandra GioukarisTompkins HS
Spelling 36Kate HopkinsTaylor HS
Spelling 37Riley KeeMartin HS
Spelling 38Aiden LaughlinBellaire HS
Spelling 39Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Spelling 310Sruthi GunturuRound Rock HS
Spelling 41Kristina DimitrovaBen Barber
Spelling 42Lily TrenthamLASA
Spelling 43Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Spelling 44Aylin TanriverdiWestwood HS
Spelling 45Julia BraunBrazoswood HS
Spelling 46Nina HoPlano West HS
Spelling 47Sinan MakdisiBellaire HS
Spelling 48Jack RosenbergPlano West HS
Spelling 49Juliann WallettWillis HS
Spelling 410Nadya RaksiMemorial HS
Video Show1La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Video Show2Plano Sr. HSPlano Sr. HS
Video Show3Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Video Show4Heights HSHeights HS
Video Show5The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Video Show6Travis HSTravis HS
Video Show7Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Video Show8Canyon Vista HSCanyon Vista MS
Video Show9Jasper HSJasper HS
Vocabulary 11Bryce NeumanAnderson HS
Vocabulary 12Sanjana IyerCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 13Ameera IzmirTompkins HS
Vocabulary 14Kritanko ChakrabortyCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 15Marcus MetsalaBen Barber
Vocabulary 16Maalolan ParthasarathiCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 17Anika TurnerKingwood HS
Vocabulary 18Daniel GoolsbeyGrisham MS
Vocabulary 19Renee RotthoffBurleson HS
Vocabulary 110Brad NguyenMartin HS
Vocabulary 21Akshay GaitondeWestwood HS
Vocabulary 22Brian CookWestwood HS
Vocabulary 23Ainara RiveraTompkins HS
Vocabulary 24Alexander GarciaBritish Intl. School
Vocabulary 25Maria ThomsonWestwood HS
Vocabulary 26Krishna YadavJasper HS
Vocabulary 27Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Vocabulary 28Davud SuvalicBellaire HS
Vocabulary 29Andres LunaTompkins HS
Vocabulary 210Memphis PondromMartin HS
Vocabulary 31Liana SzaboJasper HS
Vocabulary 32Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber
Vocabulary 33Jake RidenbaughBellaire HS
Vocabulary 34Pankaj PatilWestwood HS
Vocabulary 35Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Vocabulary 36Zarifa AliyevaTompkins HS
Vocabulary 37John PuckettMartin HS
Vocabulary 38Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Vocabulary 39Lanie StanleySmithson Valley HS
Vocabulary 310Douglas HaddadTomball Memorial HS
Vocabulary 41Sachin AllumsLASA
Vocabulary 42Nicolae VasilescuAnderson HS
Vocabulary 43Aylin TanriverdiWestwood HS
Vocabulary 44Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Vocabulary 45Lily TrenthamLASA
Vocabulary 46Alex SchmidtTompkins HS
Vocabulary 47Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Vocabulary 48Sebastian HobdayBellaire HS
Vocabulary 49Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Vocabulary 410Nina HoPlano West HS
Vocal Solo1Hayley HudgensTomball HS
Vocal Solo2Kritanko ChakrabortyCanyon Vista MS
Vocal Solo3Samuel HopkinsThe Woodlands HS
Vocal Solo4Caraline AlstonKingwood HS
Vocal Solo5Aidan LaughlinBellaire HS
Vocal Solo6Devin EvansJasper HS
Vocal Solo7Nicole VoglerAllen HS
Vocal Solo8Liberty HaudeHendrickson HS
Vocal Solo9Violet BurnsWestwood HS
Vocal Solo10Ethan TettletonMartin HS

Fun Facts: TSGC 2019
37th Annual Texas State German Contest
928 students were registered
58 schools registered
1100+ entries across 86 events (including breakdown of levels) & over 250 judges/coordinators/directors

Promotional Video Contest Winner: Boerne High School
Mary El-Beheri Memorial Scholarship Winner:
Dagny Carlsson, Heights HS

2019 Sweepstakes Winners

Large Schools - 90+ students enrolled in German Program
Small Schools - 1-89 students enrolled in German Program
PlaceSmall SchoolsSweeps Pts. PlaceLarge SchoolsSweeps Pts.
1LASA4821Kingwood HS705
2Jasper HS2702Bellaire HS463
3Plano West Sr. HS2293The Woodlands HS418
4Clements HS1864Westwood HS337
5Morton Ranch HS1865Tompkins HS313
6Whitney HS1816Heights HS233
7Martin HS1417Ben Barber Acad.141
8Cedar Ridge HS1348La Grange HS139
9Boerne HS1259Allen HS121
10Deer Park HS9810Grisham MS105

2019 State Winners

EventPlaceStudent NameSchool
Advantaged Speaker Test1Rachel BurnsBellaire HS
Advantaged Speaker Test2Tim BatesKingwood HS
Advantaged Speaker Test3Viviana MannHeights HS
Advantaged Speaker Test4Louisa PearlTompkins HS
Advantaged Speaker Test5Abigail BurnsBellaire HS
Advantaged Speaker Test6Kristen Stevens SchmidtPlano West Sr. HS
Advantaged Speaker Test7Basma MahamidAllen HS
Advantaged Speaker Test8Shivani SanghuiShepton HS
Advantaged Speaker Test9Maximiliam Alexander AndresenAllen HS
Advantaged Speaker Test10Tariq MahamidAllen HS
Chorus1Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Chorus2The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Chorus3Ryan HSRyan HS
Chorus4Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Chorus5Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Chorus6Whitney HSWhitney HS
Classical Ensemble1Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Classical Ensemble2Taylor HSTaylor HS
Classical Ensemble3Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Classical Ensemble4Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Classical Ensemble5LASALASA
Classical Ensemble6Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Classical Ensemble7The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Classical Ensemble8Westwood HSWestwood HS
Classical Ensemble9Grisham MSGrisham MS
Classical Ensemble10Allen HSAllen HS
Club Album1Shepton HSShepton HS
Club Album2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Club Album3Whitney HSWhitney HS
Club Album4La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Club Album5Clements HSClements HS
Club Album6Allen HSAllen HS
Club Album7Connally HSConnally HS
Club Album8Jasper HSJasper HS
Club Album9Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Club Album10Tomball HSTomball HS
Contemporary Music1M.Ditges, N.Palmer, K.Liu, Tim BatesKingwood HS
Contemporary Music2R.Guerra,C.Lewis, N.Mujica, S.ClakleyHeights HS
Contemporary Music3Sam NewlinWestwood HS
Contemporary Music4B.Stone, M. Dodd, V. CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Contemporary Music5Boerne HSBoerne HS
Contemporary Music6O.Anderson, G.Henderson, C. KentThe Woodlands HS
Contemporary Music7Plano West Sr. HSPlano West Sr. HS
Contemporary Music8Whitney HSWhitney HS
Contemporary Music9Aaron PryorMartin HS
Contemporary Music10Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Crafts1William DangPlano West Sr. HS
Crafts2Abby Roscher, Tyson RoschnerLa Grange HS
Crafts3Jude Hardee, Bernard KloesalNolan Catholic HS
Crafts4Elaine ApplegateKingwood HS
Crafts5Mary McKinneyWhitney HS
Crafts6A. Gaitonde, I. Nambiar, G. TroutGrisham MS
Crafts7Maia RogersMorton Ranch HS
Crafts8Leo NeillChampion HS
Crafts9Zoe ParkerDeer Park HS
Crafts10Miles ShamburgerBen Barber Acad.
Culture 11Alexis DudashCinco Ranch HS
Culture 12Damian LallClements HS
Culture 13Lauren LivingstonKingwood HS
Culture 14Emma Van EenooLASA
Culture 15Christina CarterLASA
Culture 16Liam WallaceKingwood HS
Culture 17Sam SchuringJasper HS
Culture 18Juhi MalwadeGrisham MS
Culture 19Lucas LovnanderShepton HS
Culture 110Berkley PonceAllen HS
Culture 21Philip SteffenThe Woodlands HS
Culture 22Kevin DonoughueThe Woodlands HS
Culture 23Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Culture 24Sebastian HobdayBellaire HS
Culture 25Alec EweLASA
Culture 26Andrew PaumenClements HS
Culture 27Chris DunlapJasper HS
Culture 28Varun RameshWestwood HS
Culture 29Madison HorvathLASA
Culture 210Felipe ArmstrongBellaire HS
Culture 31Alex Austin-PuhrLASA
Culture 32Yurii LutaiPlano West Sr. HS
Culture 33Natalie CopelandBellaire HS
Culture 34Ganesh JagannathThe Woodlands HS
Culture 35Caden StottThe Woodlands HS
Culture 36Alex CampomanesPlano Sr. HS
Culture 37Seth TullosBoerne HS
Culture 38Ankit MondalPlano West Sr. HS
Culture 39Ethan SmithGrapevine HS
Culture 310Joshua GillisBrazoswood HS
Culture 41Clarke FosterBellaire HS
Culture 42Carson BennerBellaire HS
Culture 43Annika GallawayThe Woodlands HS
Culture 44Ben BroekhuisTravis HS
Culture 45Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Culture 46Aaron PryorMartin HS
Culture 47Aditi PrabhuTompkins HS
Culture 48Katelyn SteffenMartin HS
Culture 49Kolt BundyDenton HS
Culture 410Morgan UpstillLa Grange HS
Digital Logo Design1Alessio HaroAllen HS
Digital Logo Design2Trevor KristoffKingwood HS
Digital Logo Design3Guiherme BayerTomball HS
Digital Logo Design4Devyn BrownMorton Ranch HS
Digital Logo Design5Pranav JosyulaWestwood HS
Digital Logo Design6Shyann HaileyCedar Ridge HS
Digital Logo Design7Claire LawrenceCanyon Vista MS
Digital Logo Design8Sophia CarswellThe Woodlands HS
Digital Logo Design9Quan NguyenConnally HS
Digital Logo Design10Zoey KaoMarcus HS
Directed Dialogue 11Adarsh AmbekarGrisham MS
Directed Dialogue 12Rodrigo RaposoJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 13Inesh NambiarGrisham MS
Directed Dialogue 14Hanyu WeiCanyon Vista MS
Directed Dialogue 15Maya GrahoffCanyon Vista MS
Directed Dialogue 16Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Directed Dialogue 17Devin EvansJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 18Daund SuvalicBellaire HS
Directed Dialogue 19Ainara RiveraTompkins HS
Directed Dialogue 110Andy LunaTompkins HS
Directed Dialogue 21Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Directed Dialogue 22Elena CarlsonHeights HS
Directed Dialogue 23Chris DunlopJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 24Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Directed Dialogue 25Atharva KakadeJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 26Siddhi MittalWestwood HS
Directed Dialogue 27Todd JacksCedar Ridge HS
Directed Dialogue 28Delian CastilloShepton HS
Directed Dialogue 29Eric RisingerRound Rock HS
Directed Dialogue 210Avinash GoberdhanKingwood HS
Doll Costume1Olivia GilbertLASA
Doll Costume2Emileigh OttMorton Ranch HS
Doll Costume3Elaine ApplegateKingwood HS
Doll Costume4Militzy Gremillion LlanosWestwood HS
Doll Costume5Amanda Brown, Docian KephartMarcus HS
Doll Costume6Carolyn KrayerThe Woodlands HS
Doll Costume7Ashlyn LiukonenBen Barber Acad.
Doll Costume8Samantha MillerConnally HS
Doll Costume9Teresa NguyenMartin HS
Doll Costume10Ivette CastroMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 11Emily Moore, Andres MontesKingwood HS
Duet Acting 12Rene Ramirez, John CrawfordThe Woodlands HS
Duet Acting 13Ashlyn Liukonen, Alex AhernBen Barber Acad.
Duet Acting 14Masen Hiatt, Diya NathanJasper HS
Duet Acting 15Jacob Parker, Gretchen MartinezShepton HS
Duet Acting 16Caitriona Devlin, Caroline LigonTompkins HS
Duet Acting 17Marcos Arizmendi, Victor LagunaMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 18
Duet Acting 19
Duet Acting 110
Duet Acting 21Marlyne Prado & Jessica RamirezHeights HS
Duet Acting 22Brayden Taylor & Coy GillumLa Grange HS
Duet Acting 23Saketh Marraput & Vishal NarraWestwood HS
Duet Acting 24William Gregory & Paige HorrellMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 25Eric Schillinger & Bronson ClancyTompkins HS
Duet Acting 26Jaime Hotaling & Andres FierroThe Woodlands HS
Duet Acting 27Vicky Avila & Natalia AcevesKingwood HS
Duet Acting 31Elyse Hall, Olivia GibertLASA
Duet Acting 32Thomas Talabis, Jake Prothro Cedar Ridge HS
Duet Acting 33Izaiah Smith, Gage MartinezTivy HS
Duet Acting 34Xander Gaber, Violet BurnsWestwood HS
Duet Acting 35Grace Munns, Hope MayoPlano West Sr. HS
Duet Acting 36Xylar Le, Cassie Mc GeeMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 37Sean Wilson, Nathan PalmerKingwood HS
Duet Acting 38Katie Vollmer, Demetrius CarpenterBen Barber Acad.
Duet Acting 39Cory Schmidt, Alex SchmidtTompkins HS
Duet Acting 41Fiona Devlin, Luana Rodrigues do SacramentoTompkins HS
Duet Acting 42Dagny Carlsson, Ruby GuerraHeights HS
Duet Acting 43Benjamin Pina, Phillip CraneKingwood HS
Duet Acting 44Andrew Seale, Kevin MurrayWestwood HS
Duet Acting 45Rishi Jangale, Akash KaranamClements HS
Duet Acting 46Patrick Lewis, Adam CopelandWhitney HS
Duet Acting 47Ivette Castro, Brandon ScibaMorton Ranch HS
Einzeltanz1Aidan Ecuyer, Emma IveyThe Woodlands HS
Einzeltanz2Cassie McGee, Paige HorrelMorton Ranch HS
Einzeltanz3Kristen Allen, Peyton HouseKingwood HS
Einzeltanz4Rachel Mannon, Cole MannonPlano Sr. HS
Einzeltanz5Fiona Devlin, Anna MoziesekTompkins HS
Einzeltanz6Alaina and CharlotteBoerne HS
Einzeltanz7Jesse Ji, Frances ZuckerbrodBellaire HS
Einzeltanz8Madison Garrett, Jeff WatsonWhitney HS
Einzeltanz9Adam Harris, Jayden PenbyDeer Park HS
Extemporaneous 31Dawson BennerBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 32Page EvansPlano West Sr. HS
Extemporaneous 33Elyse HallLASA
Extemporaneous 34Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Extemporaneous 35Claire PitreWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 36Molly SparrowWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 37Nika PajuhJasper HS
Extemporaneous 38Masila MarkleMartin HS
Extemporaneous 39Dhiya DhandapaniLASA
Extemporaneous 310Eddie WinstanleyThe Woodlands HS
Extemporaneous 41Carson BennerBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 42Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Extemporaneous 43Jesse JiBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 44Sophia UrhBoerne HS
Extemporaneous 45Sean HallLASA
Extemporaneous 46Andrew SealeWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 47Akash KaranamClements HS
Extemporaneous 48Andye ToshGrapevine HS
Extemporaneous 49Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Extemporaneous 410Julia Vance3LASA
Extemporaneous Adv.1Tim BatesKingwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.2Tara LassiterLASA
Extemporaneous Adv.3Rachel BurnsBellaire HS
Extemporaneous Adv.4Alexander de OrbegosoTaylor HS
Extemporaneous Adv.5Phiphi CungBen Barber Acad.
Extemporaneous Adv.6Basma MahamidAllen HS
Extemporaneous Adv.7Andre FortesKingwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.8Abigail BurnsBellaire HS
Extemporaneous Adv.9Richard AndreaBen Barber Acad.
Extemporaneous Adv.10Vivien GoettmannFlower Mound HS
Folk Dance1Whitney HSWhitney HS
Folk Dance2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Folk Dance3The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Folk Dance4Nolan Catholic HSNolan Catholic HS
Folk Dance5Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Folk Dance6Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Folk Dance7Boerne HSBoerne HS
Folk Dance8Allen HSAllen HS
Folk Dance9La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Folk Dance10Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Gingerbread-Non1E. Ott, P. Horrell, I.Castro et alMorton Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Non2Trevor KristoffKingwood HS
Gingerbread-Non3Emily Seela, Garrett MathesenTemple HS
Gingerbread-Non4J. Gamsjager, H. Elmore, S Cho et alGuyer HS
Gingerbread-Non5Isis DebrookLa Grange HS
Gingerbread-Non6Meliza Garcia, Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Gingerbread-Non7L. Hogentogler, A. Aguero, A. DeRuntzNolan Catholic HS
Gingerbread-Non8R. Monroe, L. Owens, E. Dean et alDeer Park HS
Gingerbread-Non9C. Lewis, A. Key, A. Sudd et alLASA
Gingerbread-Non10K.Walsemann, J. Leist, E. Perryman et alChampion HS
Gingerbread-Trad.1Emileigh Ott, Paige HorrellMorton Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Trad.2E. Phelps, S. Ristic, R. Wheeler et alCinco Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Trad.3Lexie HavelkaLa Grange HS
Gingerbread-Trad.4Clements HSClements HS
Gingerbread-Trad.5Brianna ClaryMarcus HS
Gingerbread-Trad.6Robyn White, Kali WheelarRyan HS
Gingerbread-Trad.7Laney Kinsey, Samantha ElliotBen Barber Acad.
Gingerbread-Trad.8Connor Avila, Evie BermundezNolan Catholic HS
Gingerbread-Trad.9Whitney WilliamsAllen HS
Gingerbread-Trad.10Daphne Nguyen, Veronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Grammar 11Brian CookCanyon Vista MS
Grammar 12Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Grammar 13Ainara RiveraTompkins HS
Grammar 14Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Grammar 15Tommy NeumanKingwood HS
Grammar 16Maria ThomsonGrisham MS
Grammar 17Ethan LiuLASA
Grammar 18Natalia CadavalTomball HS
Grammar 19Connor SextonMartin HS
Grammar 110Rodrigo Guimaroes Royoso de MaderraJasper HS
Grammar 21Emma HopkinsTaylor HS
Grammar 22Zachary MoyerBoerne HS
Grammar 23Kate HopkinsTaylor HS
Grammar 24Sebastian HobdayBellaire HS
Grammar 25Gage WeaverKingwood HS
Grammar 26Vikranth RagavanWestwood HS
Grammar 27Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Grammar 28Caroline MedinaLASA
Grammar 29Kai ReddickJasper HS
Grammar 210Mason TaylorKingwood HS
Grammar 31Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Grammar 32Sinan MakdisiBellaire HS
Grammar 33Emmi LucksingerLASA
Grammar 34Cameron BurkeTompkins HS
Grammar 35Sophia HeinzenLASA
Grammar 36Caroline FallaAllen HS
Grammar 37Jose Ordonez ChauvinTompkins HS
Grammar 38Phillip CraneKingwood HS
Grammar 39Drew EnoAnderson HS
Grammar 310Carter DornPlano West Sr. HS
Grammar 41Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Grammar 42John FlemingBellaire HS
Grammar 43Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Grammar 44Aditi PrabhuTompkins HS
Grammar 45Kristen TealLASA
Grammar 46William DangPlano West Sr. HS
Grammar 47Tran LuuBellaire HS
Grammar 48Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Grammar 49Lydia ColemanLASA
Grammar 410Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Listening Comp. 11Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Listening Comp. 12Akshay GaitondeGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 13Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Listening Comp. 14Natalia CadavalTomball HS
Listening Comp. 15Elise HutchinsonSan Marcos HS
Listening Comp. 16Angel SolisShepton HS
Listening Comp. 17De'Laine PoncianoMartin HS
Listening Comp. 18Noah SayreCanyon Vista MS
Listening Comp. 19Brian FuCanyon Vista MS
Listening Comp. 110Madeleine McCoyTompkins HS
Listening Comp. 21Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Listening Comp. 22Penelope HigdonWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 23Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Listening Comp. 24Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Listening Comp. 25Alexis RoseKingwood HS
Listening Comp. 26Militzy Gremillion-LlanosWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 27Trinity NelsonMartin HS
Listening Comp. 28Riley KeeMartin HS
Listening Comp. 29Madison HorvathLASA
Listening Comp. 210Chloe BrandonTivy HS
Listening Comp. 31Sinan MakdisiBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 32Peter ZhangPlano West Sr. HS
Listening Comp. 33Mark MuellerThe Woodlands HS
Listening Comp. 34Nika PajuhJasper HS
Listening Comp. 35Emma PoulsenPlano Sr. HS
Listening Comp. 36Drew EnoAnderson HS
Listening Comp. 37Nina HoPlano West Sr. HS
Listening Comp. 38Juliann WallettWillis HS
Listening Comp. 39Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Listening Comp. 310Nicholas RuizWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 41Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Listening Comp. 42Alexandra FreytesMemorial HS
Listening Comp. 43Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Listening Comp. 44Kristen TealLASA
Listening Comp. 45Docian KephartMarcus HS
Listening Comp. 46Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Listening Comp. 47Michelle GomezSan Marcos HS
Listening Comp. 48Grayson WeissGuyer HS
Listening Comp. 49Gene GoponBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 410Lucas StocktonLASA
Needlework1Emileigh OttMorton Ranch HS
Needlework2Samantha MillerConnally HS
Needlework3Paige SchroderSeven Lakes HS
Needlework4Lauren HuenefeldLa Grange HS
Needlework5Molly BennetLa Grange HS
Needlework6Siobhan MaddenClements HS
Needlework7Kali MarloweMarcus HS
Needlework8Trinity Fox & Katie SteckleinClements HS
Needlework9Siddhi MittalWestwood HS
Needlework10Caitlyn CooperWillis HS
Oral Presentation1Ben NguyenCinco Ranch HS
Oral Presentation2Docian KephartMarcus HS
Oral Presentation3Nika PajahJasper HS
Oral Presentation4Rishi JangaleClements HS
Oral Presentation5Akash KaranamClements HS
Oral Presentation6Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Oral Presentation7Katelyn SteffenMartin HS
Original Models1Whitney HSWhitney HS
Original Models2Gabriella HendersonThe Woodlands HS
Original Models3Alex Austin-Puhr, Jordan WestenbergLASA
Original Models4Alden LeeWestwood HS
Original Models5Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Original Models6Benjamin AndersonBoerne HS
Original Models7Morgan UpstillLa Grange HS
Original Models8Axl SmithTaylor HS
Original Models9JakePlano West Sr. HS
Original Models10Evan BowenNew Braunfels HS
Pair Discussion1Elyse Hall & Olivia GilbertLASA
Pair Discussion2Cole Mannon & Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Pair Discussion3Monet Markle & Maslin MarkleMartin HS
Pair Discussion4Jenny Yuan & Dawson BennerBellaire HS
Pair Discussion5Andra Key & Emmi LucksingerLASA
Pair Discussion6Alma Zirojevic & Claire PitreWestwood HS
Pair Discussion7Violet Burns & Xander GarberWestwood HS
Pair Discussion8Heidi Ruf & Jose OrdonezTompkins HS
Pair Discussion9Daniel Sundag & Nathan PalmerKingwood HS
Pair Discussion10Noah Liukonen & Rudy QuintanaBen Barber Acad.
Paß Auf! Varsity1Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Paß Auf! Varsity2Plano West Sr. HSPlano West Sr. HS
Paß Auf! Varsity3The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Paß Auf! Varsity4LASALASA
Paß Auf! Varsity5Temple HSTemple HS
Paß Auf! Varsity6Westwood HSWestwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity7Jasper HSJasper HS
Paß Auf! Varsity8Nolan Catholic HSNolan Catholic HS
Paß Auf! Varsity9Shepton HSShepton HS
Paß Auf! Varsity10Boerne HSBoerne HS
Photo Essay1Saray Saucedo, Tima ShabaniConnally HS
Photo Essay2Jasper HSJasper HS
Photo Essay3Peyton TiedtCinco Ranch HS
Photo Essay4Harry Brightman, Trevor KristoffKingwood HS
Photo Essay5Ella Castro, Anna de la FuenteLASA
Photo Essay5Gabrielle HendersonThe Woodlands HS
Photo Essay6Emily Stevenson, Nashaun DaguerreTompkins HS
Photo Essay7Lily Greene, Norah EdgeWhitney HS
Photo Essay8Jenna Korpi, Alec PenningsNew Braunfels HS
Photo Essay9Plano West Sr. HSPlano West Sr. HS
Photo Essay10Veronica CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Photography1Norah RamiClements HS
Photography2Penelope HigdonWestwood HS
Photography3Chrstina BrucknerKlein Oak HS
Photography4Olivia AndersonThe Woodlands HS
Photography5Morgan UpstillLa Grange HS
Photography6Sunnie JonesMarcus HS
Photography7Docian KephartMarcus HS
Photography8Georgette HodgeBoerne HS
Photography9Hanna Von SuskilGuyer HS
Photography10Katherine CameronMartin HS
Play1The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Play2Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Play3Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Play4Whitney HSWhitney HS
Play Best ActorJoseph SuazoMorton Ranch HS
Play Best ActressJamie HotalingThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Memory 11Hayley HudgensTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 12Chloe VasquezGuyer HS
Poetry Memory 13Devan EvansJasper HS
Poetry Memory 14Brian ErvinCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 15Synnove LawrenceClements HS
Poetry Memory 16Jaela BarreraKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 17Chris FixConnally HS
Poetry Memory 18Emma Van EenooLASA
Poetry Memory 19Tommy NeumannKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 110De'Laine PoncianoMartin HS
Poetry Memory 21Sophia TaveiraCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 22Andres Nicolas Fierro LopezThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Memory 23Afreen AlimPflugerville HS
Poetry Memory 24Tianfang GuoKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 25Jacint SzaboJasper HS
Poetry Memory 26Naomi SheppardWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 27Alejandro Jesus AriasKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 28Penelope HigdonWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 29Jaden SolisWhitney HS
Poetry Memory 210Vicky AvilaKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 31Augustus DisonKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 32Violet BurnsWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 33Lukas PechlanerCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 34Elyse HallLASA
Poetry Memory 35Jacob KnutsenKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 36Karen WolfLASA
Poetry Memory 37Monet MarkleMartin HS
Poetry Memory 38ChristineYanCinco Ranch HS
Poetry Memory 39Shruit PathakClements HS
Poetry Memory 310Maslin MarkleMartin HS
Poetry Memory 41Sean HallLASA
Poetry Memory 42Kristen AllenKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 43Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 44Lauren VincentiDeer Park HS
Poetry Memory 45Anna de la FuenteLASA
Poetry Memory 46Aditi PrabhuTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 47Emma CrumleyKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 48Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Poetry Memory 49Kayla StantonBen Barber Acad.
Poetry Memory 410Josie GrundyWestwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.1Elena BarradaPflugerville HS
Poetry Memory Adv.2Kirstin Stevens SchmidtPlano West Sr. HS
Poetry Memory Adv.3Richard AndreaBen Barber Acad.
Poetry Memory Adv.4Kinaa GrahamGrisham MS
Poetry Memory Adv.5Louisa PearlTompkins HS
Poetry Memory Adv.6Tim BatesKingwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.7Tariq MuhamidAllen HS
Poetry Memory Adv.8Jana LassiterLASA
Poetry Memory Adv.9Frederick ClaqueBellaire HS
Poetry Memory Adv.10Dominic SchwarzenbachCanyon Vista MS
Poetry Reading 11Chloe VasquezGuyer HS
Poetry Reading 12Blake GomienSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Reading 13Lynna ToConnally HS
Poetry Reading 14Archisha SassonJasper HS
Poetry Reading 15Hannah WilliamsRyan HS
Poetry Reading 16Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber Acad.
Poetry Reading 17Sarah RogersTompkins HS
Poetry Reading 18Megan PhalenTompkins HS
Poetry Reading 19Liam WallaceKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 110Daniel GalkoGrisham MS
Poetry Reading 21Alexis RoseKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 22Caroline AlstonKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 23Danis BajricTemple HS
Poetry Reading 24Kate StevensKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 25Emma KinzelTomball HS
Poetry Reading 26Madeline Child-GraysonThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Reading 27Chloe BrandonTivy HS
Poetry Reading 28Emily KocurekTivy HS
Poetry Reading 29Bella FriedrichWestwood HS
Poetry Reading 210Trinity NelsonMartin HS
Poetry Reading 31Rose MonroeDeer Park HS
Poetry Reading 32Alyin TanriWestwood HS
Poetry Reading 33Maria HallTivy HS
Poetry Reading 34Zoey BabyakSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Reading 35Caitlin OmetzbergerKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 36Dhiya DhandapanaLASA
Poetry Reading 37Anna TrevinoBellaire HS
Poetry Reading 38Esther SanteeNew Braunfels HS
Poetry Reading 39Tanner RiosKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 310John FarrellPlano West Sr. HS
Poetry Reading 41Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Poetry Reading 42Sean HallLASA
Poetry Reading 43Andrew WilsonKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 44Anna de la FuenteLASA
Poetry Reading 45Cameron NiekampMartin HS
Poetry Reading 46Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Poetry Reading 47Emily SeelaTemple HS
Poetry Reading 48Lauren VincentiDeer Park HS
Poetry Reading 49Katie SammonKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 410Reagan PavelkaWhitney HS
Polka Band1New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Polka Band2Clements HSClements HS
Polka Band3Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Polka Band4Allen HSAllen HS
Polka Band5Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Polka Band6The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Polka Band7La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Polka Band8Boerne HSBoerne HS
Polka Band9Tomball HSTomball HS
Polka Band10Jasper HSJasper HS
Poster Design1Sophie PriesmeyerKingwood HS
Poster Design2Simoni KhareWestwood HS
Poster Design3Wendy Xu, Rishi JangaleClements HS
Poster Design4Nicolas PradaThe Woodlands HS
Poster Design5Rachel MoonLASA
Poster Design6Lauren Lehrmann, Megan SchulzeLa Grange HS
Poster Design7Nuha MohiuddinSeven Lakes HS
Poster Design8Anna Silas, Rebeca WhitfieldWhitney HS
Poster Design9Cheyenne TharpWarren HS
Poster Design10Shreya Chaudhari, Sophie JeanPlano Sr. HS
Prose Memory 11Emily MooreKingwood HS
Prose Memory 12Yanessa VitelaHeights HS
Prose Memory 13Michael McHenryKingwood HS
Prose Memory 14Maddie KellyCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 15Xinlang HuJasper HS
Prose Memory 16Albert JiShepton HS
Prose Memory 17Ainra RiveraTompkins HS
Prose Memory 18Kade BuchanKingwood HS
Prose Memory 19Patrick MunnsJasper HS
Prose Memory 21Gage WeaverKingwood HS
Prose Memory 22Sebastian HobdayBellaire HS
Prose Memory 23Jacint SzaboJasper HS
Prose Memory 24Charlotte CousinsKingwood HS
Prose Memory 25Tressa LangenohlCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 26Benjamin KnightLASA
Prose Memory 27Victoria MoralesTompkins HS
Prose Memory 28Andres Nicolas Fierro LopezThe Woodlands HS
Prose Memory 29Daphne NguyenCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 210Cat PevillouxWestwood HS
Prose Memory 31Alexander SchmidtTompkins HS
Prose Memory 32Bridget ShullKingwood HS
Prose Memory 33Andra KeyLASA
Prose Memory 34Rebecca KuhlmannPlano West Sr. HS
Prose Memory 35Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Prose Memory 36Nika PajuhJasper HS
Prose Memory 37Daniel SundagKingwood HS
Prose Memory 38Christine YanCinco Ranch HS
Prose Memory 39Karen WolfLASA
Prose Memory 310Syrinity JamesCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 41Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Prose Memory 42Andrew SealeWestwood HS
Prose Memory 43Paul OanceaThe Woodlands HS
Prose Memory 44Kaleb StraneyKingwood HS
Prose Memory 45Jisella BarreraKingwood HS
Prose Memory 46Julia VanceLASA
Prose Memory 47Lenny ChenLASA
Prose Memory 48Hannah HoffmanAllen HS
Prose Memory 49Harry BrightmanKingwood HS
Prose Memory 410Cameron NiekampMartin HS
Prose Memory Adv.1Jana LassiterLASA
Prose Memory Adv.2Abigail BrunsBellaire HS
Prose Memory Adv.3Louisa PearlTompkins HS
Prose Memory Adv.4Frederick ClaqueBellaire HS
Prose Memory Adv.5Isaac BivensKingwood HS
Prose Reading 11Chloe DitgesKingwood HS
Prose Reading 12Sarrah BristolTomball HS
Prose Reading 13Madhavan RosannaCanyon Vista MS
Prose Reading 14Giselle VillaresConnally HS
Prose Reading 15Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber Acad.
Prose Reading 16Diya NathanJasper HS
Prose Reading 17Ale SoloranzoLa Grange HS
Prose Reading 18Ben RosenbergShepton HS
Prose Reading 19Brandon SuhnitzKingwood HS
Prose Reading 110Brigham BaerKingwood HS
Prose Reading 21Bella FriedrichWestwood HS
Prose Reading 22Naomi SheppardWestwood HS
Prose Reading 23Trevor ReighBen Barber Acad.
Prose Reading 24Emma KinzelTomball HS
Prose Reading 25Jaime HotalingThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 26Kai ReddickJasper HS
Prose Reading 27Crystal TangBellaire HS
Prose Reading 28Alina BruhnMartin HS
Prose Reading 29Valeria CoronelTivy HS
Prose Reading 210Jacob HedgesConnally HS
Prose Reading 31Paige EvansPlano West Sr. HS
Prose Reading 32Sophie WatersBoerne HS
Prose Reading 33Molly SparrowWestwood HS
Prose Reading 34Ben NewtonLa Grange HS
Prose Reading 35Kelly LiuKingwood HS
Prose Reading 36Zachary JonesTivy HS
Prose Reading 37Jennie YuanBellaire HS
Prose Reading 38Maslin MarkleMartin HS
Prose Reading 39Anjali TalpallikarClements HS
Prose Reading 310Samantha MeadPlano West Sr. HS
Prose Reading 41Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Prose Reading 42Alexis MerkerPlano West Sr. HS
Prose Reading 43Aaron RollinsKlein Oak HS
Prose Reading 44Anna de la FuenteLASA
Prose Reading 45Jerzy NowalkowskiTompkins HS
Prose Reading 46Lexie UhlendorfTravis HS
Prose Reading 47Paul OanceaThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 48Katie SteffenMartin HS
Prose Reading 49Lenny ChenLASA
Prose Reading 410Raquel ReyesMartin HS
Puppet Show, Lower1Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Lower2Heights HSHeights HS
Puppet Show, Lower3Jasper HSJasper HS
Puppet Show, Lower4Shepton HSShepton HS
Puppet Show, Lower5Boerne HSBoerne HS
Puppet Show, Lower6Ben Barber AcademyBen Barber Acad.
Puppet Show, Lower7Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Lower8Travis HSTravis HS
Puppet Show, Lower9Clements HSClements HS
Puppet Show, Lower10The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Puppet Show, Upper1The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Puppet Show, Upper2Plano Senior HSPlano Sr. HS
Puppet Show, Upper3Clements HSClements HS
Puppet Show, Upper4Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Upper5Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Upper6Ben Barber AcademyBen Barber Acad.
Puppet Show, Upper7New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Reading Comp. 11Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Reading Comp. 12Tara VandeVereGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 13Rebecca HuangAllen HS
Reading Comp. 14Kyle Van GeffenCinco Ranch HS
Reading Comp. 15Justin GaoGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 16Juhi MalwadeGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 17Hayley HudgensTomball HS
Reading Comp. 18James PottalaAllen HS
Reading Comp. 19Nathan AbarcaBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 110Damian LallClements HS
Reading Comp. 21Pankaj PatilWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 22Zachary MoyerBoerne HS
Reading Comp. 23Kate HopkinsTaylor HS
Reading Comp. 24Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Reading Comp. 25Josef HubarttNolan Catholic HS
Reading Comp. 26Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Reading Comp. 27Autumn LarsenAllen HS
Reading Comp. 28Ryan HardingThe Woodlands HS
Reading Comp. 29Afreen AlimPflugerville HS
Reading Comp. 210Alexis RoseKingwood HS
Reading Comp. 31Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Reading Comp. 32Chris SuttonPlano West Sr. HS
Reading Comp. 33Dawson BennerBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 34Jose Ordonez ChauvinTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 35Mark MuellerThe Woodlands HS
Reading Comp. 36Carter DornPlano West Sr. HS
Reading Comp. 37Daniel SundagKingwood HS
Reading Comp. 38Emmi LucksingerLASA
Reading Comp. 39Sinan MakdisiBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 310Aarya AgarwalWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 41Carson BennerBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 42Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Reading Comp. 43Lenny ChenLASA
Reading Comp. 44John FlemingBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 45Alexandra FreytesMemorial HS
Reading Comp. 46Docian KephartMarcus HS
Reading Comp. 47Grayson WeissGuyer HS
Reading Comp. 48Lucas StocktonLASA
Reading Comp. 49Rishi JangaleClements HS
Reading Comp. 410Jerzy NowakowskiTompkins HS
Research Paper1Michael Huang, Wendy XuClements HS
Research Paper2Rick HanishPlano East Sr. HS
Research Paper3Ethon TettletonMartin HS
Research Paper4Nika PajuhJasper HS
Research Paper5Sophie JeonPlano Sr. HS
Research Paper6Samantha MillerConnally HS
Research Paper7Sophia WatersBoerne HS
Research Paper8Abbi Turner, Tran LuuBellaire HS
Research Paper9Gabrielle HendersonThe Woodlands HS
Research Paper10Tim Bates, Savannah WartenbackKingwood HS
Scavenger Hunt1Westwood HSWestwood HS
Scavenger Hunt2Plano West HSPlano West Sr. HS
Scavenger Hunt3Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Scavenger Hunt4Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Scavenger Hunt5LASALASA
Scavenger Hunt6Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Scavenger Hunt7Taylor HSTaylor HS
Scavenger Hunt8Clements HSClements HS
Scavenger Hunt9Tivy HSTivy HS
Scavenger Hunt10Grisham MSGrisham MS
Shirt Design1Michelle LangeThe Woodlands HS
Shirt Design2Lydia WiemanLASA
Shirt Design3Marisol Hernandez, Juliana HedgesConnally HS
Shirt Design4Anna Silas, Rebecca WhitfieldWhitney HS
Shirt Design5Betsy TalbotKingwood HS
Shirt Design6Neha Veerapaneni, Alyson KubiakTompkins HS
Shirt Design7Ella SchroederMarcus HS
Shirt Design8Charlotte Spencer, Alaina FoxBoerne HS
Shirt Design9Abbi Gilley, Robyn WhiteRyan HS
Shirt Design10Vanna Chen, Siri PrahladClements HS
Sight Reading 11Gabriel TroutGrisham MS
Sight Reading 12Emily MooreKingwood HS
Sight Reading 13Catie DevlinTompkins HS
Sight Reading 14David SuvalieBellaire HS
Sight Reading 15Jacob ParkerShepton HS
Sight Reading 16Dhanisch ParimalakumarAllen HS
Sight Reading 17Ainara RiversTompkins HS
Sight Reading 18Madnauan PrasannaCanyon Vista MS
Sight Reading 19Miles DavidMartin HS
Sight Reading 110Noah WilliamsLASA
Sight Reading 21Jacint SzaboJasper HS
Sight Reading 22Bella FriedrichWestwood HS
Sight Reading 23Nicholas SolisWhitney HS
Sight Reading 24Trevor ReighBen Barber Acad.
Sight Reading 25Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Sight Reading 26Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Sight Reading 27Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Sight Reading 28Zane MoreignBellaire HS
Sight Reading 29Sruthi GunturuRound Rock HS
Sight Reading 210Jonathan BackClements HS
Sight Reading 31Julia BraunBrazoswood HS
Sight Reading 32Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Sight Reading 33Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Sight Reading 34Jose Ordonez ChauvinTompkins HS
Sight Reading 35Benjamin NewtonLa Grange HS
Sight Reading 36Alexis RoseKingwood HS
Sight Reading 37Peter ZhangPlano West Sr. HS
Sight Reading 38Karen WolfLASA
Sight Reading 39Nika PajunJasper HS
Sight Reading 310Drew EnosAnderson HS
Sight Reading 41Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Sight Reading 42Jessie JiBellaire HS
Sight Reading 43Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Sight Reading 44John FlemingBellaire HS
Sight Reading 45Daniel SuntagKingwood HS
Sight Reading 46Ethan PerrymanChampion HS
Sight Reading 47Ben BroekhuisTravis HS
Sight Reading 48Josie GrundyWestwood HS
Sight Reading 49Kristen TealLASA
Sight Reading 410Sean WilkinsMarcus HS
Skit 11Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 12Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 13Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 14Jasper HSJasper HS
Skit 15Clements HSClements HS
Skit 16Ben Barber Acad.Ben Barber Acad.
Skit 17Shepton HSShepton HS
Skit 18Canyon Vista MSCanyon Vista MS
Skit 19La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Skit 110Heights HSHeights HS
Skit 1 Best ActorBrian Ervin, Erzähler 1Cedar Ridge HS
Skit 1 Best ActressEmily Moore, AsterixKingwood HS
Skit 21Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 22The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Skit 23Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Skit 24Jasper HSJasper HS
Skit 25Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 26Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 27Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 28Heights HSHeights HS
Skit 210Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 2 Best ActorHarrison GerhardThe Woodlands HS
Skit 2 Best ActressMadeline Child-GraysonThe Woodlands HS
Skit 31La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Skit 33Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Skit 34Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 35Plano West Sr. HSPlano West Sr. HS
Skit 36Heights HSHeights HS
Skit 37Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 38Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 3 Best ActorBen NewtonLa Grange HS
Skit 3 Best ActressHootie JuddLASA
Skit 41Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Skit 43Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 44Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 45Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Skit 46Ben Barber AcademyBen Barber Acad.
Skit 47Clements HSClements HS
Skit 48Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 4 Best ActorSean Hall "Klaus"LASA
Skit 4 Best ActressFiona Devlin "Reporterin"Tompkins HS
Spelling 11Austin RocheChampion HS
Spelling 12Kennedy RuhlandBen Barber Acad.
Spelling 13Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Spelling 14Ainara RiveraTompkins HS
Spelling 15Hanyu WeiCanyon Vista MS
Spelling 16Masen HyattJasper HS
Spelling 17Akshay GaitondeGrisham MS
Spelling 18Ben RosenbergShepton HS
Spelling 19Ethan LiuLASA
Spelling 110Emily MooreKingwood HS
Spelling 21Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Spelling 22Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Spelling 23Bella FriedrichWestwood HS
Spelling 24Jack WhiteheadBellaire HS
Spelling 25Caroline MedinaLASA
Spelling 26Chris DunlapJasper HS
Spelling 27Riley KeeMartin HS
Spelling 28Alexis RoseKingwood HS
Spelling 29Emma HopkinsTaylor HS
Spelling 210Zachary MoyerBoerne HS
Spelling 31Dawson BennerBellaire HS
Spelling 32Sophia HeinzenLASA
Spelling 33Seth TullosBoerne HS
Spelling 34Natalie CopelandBellaire HS
Spelling 35Jose Ordonez ChauvinTompkins HS
Spelling 36Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Spelling 37Aarya AgarwalWestwood HS
Spelling 38Chris SuttonPlano West Sr. HS
Spelling 39Anjali TalpallikarClements HS
Spelling 310Alma ZirojevicWestwood HS
Spelling 41Michelle GomezSan Marcos HS
Spelling 42Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Spelling 43Amy KoelbelBellaire HS
Spelling 44Fiza PatelPlano East Sr. HS
Spelling 45Gene GoponBellaire HS
Spelling 46Anna HernandezTompkins HS
Spelling 47Rishi JangaleClements HS
Spelling 48Kevin LipsLASA
Spelling 49Grayson WeissGuyer HS
Spelling 410Bella CowartWestwood HS
Video Show1Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Video Show2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Video Show3Allen HSAllen HS
Video Show4Heights HSHeights HS
Video Show5Clements HSClements HS
Video Show6The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Video Show8Seven Lakes HSSeven Lakes HS
Video Show9New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Video Show10Ben BarberBen Barber Acad.
Vocabulary 11Brian CookCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 12Reagan LoganThe Woodlands HS
Vocabulary 13Ainara RiveraTompkins HS
Vocabulary 14Sylvia LatimerKingwood HS
Vocabulary 15Sania SultanCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 16Maria ThomsonGrisham MS
Vocabulary 17Akshay GaitondeGrisham MS
Vocabulary 18Emily MooreKingwood HS
Vocabulary 19Natalia CadavalTomball HS
Vocabulary 110De'Laine PoncianoMartin HS
Vocabulary 21Ian ZhangJasper HS
Vocabulary 22Atharva KakadeJasper HS
Vocabulary 23Alexis RoseKingwood HS
Vocabulary 24Olivia Griffin-EricksonLASA
Vocabulary 25Emil BruhnkeCinco Ranch HS
Vocabulary 26Caroline MedinaLASA
Vocabulary 27Zachary MoyerBoerne HS
Vocabulary 28Afreen AlimPflugerville HS
Vocabulary 29Emma HopkinsTaylor HS
Vocabulary 210Sruthi GunturuRound Rock HS
Vocabulary 31Aylin TanriverdiWestwood HS
Vocabulary 32Sophia HeinzenLASA
Vocabulary 33Nina HoPlano West Sr. HS
Vocabulary 34Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Vocabulary 35Ankit MondalPlano West Sr. HS
Vocabulary 36Rachel MannonPlano Sr. HS
Vocabulary 37Justin CutherallCinco Ranch HS
Vocabulary 38Kelly LiuKingwood HS
Vocabulary 39Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Vocabulary 310David HernandezConnally HS
Vocabulary 41Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Vocabulary 42Carson BennerBellaire HS
Vocabulary 43Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Vocabulary 44Michelle GomezSan Marcos HS
Vocabulary 45Alexis MerkerPlano West Sr. HS
Vocabulary 46William DangPlano West Sr. HS
Vocabulary 47Aaron PryorMartin HS
Vocabulary 48Morgan HowardThe Woodlands HS
Vocabulary 49Bella CowartWestwood HS
Vocabulary 410Nicole BellinPlano Sr. HS
Vocal Solo1Samuel SmithNew Braunfels HS
Vocal Solo2Ashley TimineyAllen HS
Vocal Solo3Paige EvansPlano West Sr. HS
Vocal Solo4Jaime HotalingThe Woodlands HS
Vocal Solo5Piper JonesThe Woodlands HS
Vocal Solo6Dylan HourmanMartin HS
Vocal Solo7Charlotte CousinsKingwood HS
Vocal Solo8Chloe VasquezGuyer HS
Vocal Solo9Rose MonroeDeer Park HS
Vocal Solo10Liberty HoudePflugerville HS

36th Annual Texas State German Contest

1028 students were registered
65 schools registered

1081 entries across 84 events (including breakdown of levels)
over 250 judges/coordinators/directors

Promotional Video Contest Winner: Allen High School
Mary El-Beheri Memorial Scholarship Winner: 
Rachel Pham, Cinco Ranch HS

2018 Sweepstakes Winners

Large Schools - 100+ students enrolled in German Program
Small Schools - 1-99 students enrolled in German Program
Large Schools  Small Schools  
SchoolSweeps PointsSchoolSweeps Points
1Kingwood HS5021LASA538
2Bellaire HS3582Morton Ranch HS189
3Tompkins HS3483La Grange HS161
4The Woodlands HS3264Jasper HS156
5Clements HS3005Boerne HS148
6Whitney HS1936Grisham MS145
7Heights HS1857Plano West Sr. HS119
8Cinco Ranch HS1798Cedar Ridge HS115
9Westwood HS1099Canyon Vista MS97
10Guyer HS10110Nolan Catholic HS86

2018 State Winners

EventPlaceStudent NameSchool
Chorus1Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Chorus2The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Chorus3Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Chorus5Clements HSClements HS
Chorus6Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Chorus7Whitney HSWhitney HS
Classical Ensemble1Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Classical Ensemble2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Classical Ensemble3Taylor HSTaylor HS
Classical Ensemble4Hebron HSHebron HS
Classical Ensemble5Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Classical Ensemble6Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Classical Ensemble7Allen HSAllen HS
Classical Ensemble8Champion HSChampion HS
Classical Ensemble9Warren HSWarren HS
Classical Ensemble10Jasper HSJasper HS
Club Album1Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Club Album2Angelic Arinzc & Ravolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch HS
Club Album3Piper Harrell, Melisa Dindic, Emileigh Ott, Anastasia GleasonMorton Ranch HS
Club Album4Whitney HSWhitney HS
Club Album5The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Club Album7Plano West Sr HSPlano West Sr HS
Club Album8Caroline Kamla & Nali LiuClements HS
Club Album9Andrea MazochLa Grange HS
Club Album10Sammy MillerConnally HS
Contemporary Music1Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Contemporary Music2Boerne HSBoerne HS
Contemporary Music3Sam NewlinGrisham MS
Contemporary Music4Heights HSHeights HS
Contemporary Music5Grapevine HSGrapevine HS
Contemporary Music6Ben BarberBen Barber
Contemporary Music7Lucia Melendez, Sean HallLASA
Contemporary Music8Kristin DavisWhitney HS
Contemporary Music9Hailey StaffordMorton Ranch HS
Contemporary Music10Breda Smith, Emily KuppersTom C. Clark HS
Crafts1Cassie YuanBellaire HS
Crafts2Anastasia GleasonMorton Ranch HS
Crafts3Abigail RoscherLa Grange HS
Crafts4William DangPlano West HS
Crafts5Imia, Hannah, Sujinna JomtharakTom C. Clark HS
Crafts6Seven Lakes HSSeven Lakes HS
Crafts7Anna FreyLASA
Crafts8Fernanda GalvezHebron HS
Crafts9Madeline AyersWhitney HS
Crafts10Michelle LangeThe Woodlands HS
Culture 11Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Culture 12Jude HardeeNolan Catholic HS
Culture 13Kevin DonoughueThe Woodlands HS
Culture 14Darren SungShepton HS
Culture 15Aidan HamrickTomball HS
Culture 16Todd JacksCedar Ridge HS
Culture 17Kiyan TavasoliCanyon Vista MS
Culture 18Jose RadillaWilliams HS
Culture 19Coy GillumLa Grange HS
Culture 110Devdeep RajpalClements HS
Culture 21Larsen ToshBellaire HS
Culture 22Will NickellBellaire HS
Culture 23Kristen AllenKingwood HS
Culture 24Meghana KambhampatiMcMillen HS
Culture 25Ryan McGuffinTomball HS
Culture 26Yurii LutaiShepton HS
Culture 27Jack RosenbergShepton HS
Culture 28Anna RaceyBoerne HS
Culture 29Zoey BabyakSmithson Valley HS
Culture 210Andrew CocosJasper HS
Culture 31Clarke FosterBellaire HS
Culture 32Luke LubinPWSH
Culture 33Carson BennerBellaire HS
Culture 34Noah OgataPlano West Sr HS
Culture 35Morgan UpstillLa Grange HS
Culture 36Dylan SchroederSeven Lakes HS
Culture 37Jerzy NowakowskiTompkins HS
Culture 38Oscar DeLa GarzaTivy HS
Culture 39Jane ZinkBoerne HS
Culture 310Alysia ShererMartin HS
Culture 41Nabeeha EngineerClements HS
Culture 42Nali LiuClements HS
Culture 43Brian IriantoTompkins HS
Culture 44Spencer FoxTivy HS
Culture 45Husnain NoorbhaiPlano West Sr HS
Culture 46Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Culture 47Ethan VirovnikPlano West Sr HS
Culture 48Jayce GilliamLa Grange HS
Culture 49Gerald BrazellGrapevine HS
Culture 410Amy KoelbelBellaire HS
Digital Logo Design1Caitlyn MooreWhitney HS
Digital Logo Design2Aylin TanriverdiWestwood HS
Digital Logo Design3Husnain NoorbhaiPlano West Sr HS
Digital Logo Design4Margaret McCartyClear Creek HS
Digital Logo Design5Pranav JasyulaGrisham MS
Digital Logo Design6Vincent LiLASA
Digital Logo Design7Morgan SummerTom C. Clark HS
Digital Logo Design8Charlie RisskyTompkins HS
Digital Logo Design9Alejandro Torres & Grace MunnsJasper HS
Digital Logo Design10Simon PetrikThe Woodlands HS
Directed Dialogue 11Jaime HotalingThe Woodlands HS
Directed Dialogue 12Vikram RagavanCanyon Vista MS
Directed Dialogue 13Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Directed Dialogue 14Saketh MarrapuGrisham MS
Directed Dialogue 15Cheyenne TharpWarren HS
Directed Dialogue 16Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Directed Dialogue 17Pedro PrudencioTompkins HS
Directed Dialogue 18Ganash JagannathThe Woodlands HS
Directed Dialogue 19Ponkaj PatilGrisham MS
Directed Dialogue 110Chris DunlapJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 21Rachel MannonVines HS
Directed Dialogue 22Elyse HallLASA
Directed Dialogue 23Ankit MondalShepton HS
Directed Dialogue 24Paige EvansJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 25Andra KeyLASA
Directed Dialogue 26Sophie WatersBoerne
Directed Dialogue 27Nika PajuhJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 28Jack RosenbergShepton HS
Directed Dialogue 29Jennie YuanBellaire
Directed Dialogue 210Siri PrahladClements HS
Doll Costume1Natalie GrantCinco Ranch HS
Doll Costume2Militzy Gremillion-LlanosGrisham MS
Doll Costume3Rocio ChitayKlein Oak HS
Doll Costume4Elaine ApplegateKingwood HS
Doll Costume5Katrina PriestPflugerville HS
Doll Costume6Tabitha T. & Andrea M.La Grange HS
Doll Costume7Raven Schmitt & NasyaClear Lake HS
Doll Costume8Rachel MoonLASA
Doll Costume9Sydney S. & Skylar R.Champion HS
Doll Costume10Kendra JacksonGrapevine HS
Duet Acting 11Natalia Aceves & Vicky AvilaKingwood HS
Duet Acting 12Jade Bravo & Madelyn MealeyCy-Fair HS
Duet Acting 13Valeria Coronel & Demetrius DelgadoTivy HS
Duet Acting 14Saketh Marrapu & Nikhil ReddyGrisham MS
Duet Acting 15Atlant Khan & Xylar LeMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 16Lars Drinovsky & Pedro PrudencioTompkins HS
Duet Acting 21David Rodgers & Alex SchmidtTompkins HS
Duet Acting 22Mark Mueller & Michael SeeligThe Woodlands HS
Duet Acting 23Phillip Crane & Pen PinaKingwood HS
Duet Acting 24Grace Munno & Hope MayoJasper HS
Duet Acting 25Taniya Herring & Liya OsmanConnally HS
Duet Acting 26Alyssa Perez & McKayla StantonBen Barber
Duet Acting 27Madison Reynolds & David ScivallyDeer Park HS
Duet Acting 28Braedon Richardson & Christian DouglasWhitney HS
Duet Acting 31Dagny Carlson & Orion Van WagnerHeights HS
Duet Acting 32Gretchen Faseler & Charlotte SpencerBoerne HS
Duet Acting 33Andrew Seale & Kevin MurrayWestwood HS
Duet Acting 34Fiona Devlin & Luana Do SacramentoTompkins HS
Duet Acting 35Harry Brightman & Andrew WilsonKingwood HS
Duet Acting 36Luci Pierce & Sean HallLASA
Duet Acting 37Merita Mustafa & Xavier BrownMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 38Liz Graham & Sean ThorntonCedar Ridge HS
Duet Acting 39Siobhan Madden & Kylene MillerClements HS
Duet Acting 41Adriana Navia & Sai OdingaClements HS
Duet Acting 42Rachel Foreman & Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Duet Acting 43Sarah Rogers & Rohana ParachaTompkins HS
Duet Acting 44Emma Kyme & Alexandra KorompayKingwood HS
Duet Acting 45Maria Hall & Spencer FoxTivy HS
Duet Acting 46Nick Ruprecht & Shea GarlandGreenville HS
Einzeltanz1Josh & CharlieTompkins HS
Einzeltanz2Richard & ShelbyThe Woodlands HS
Einzeltanz3Patrick & ItzelWhitney HS
Einzeltanz4Cole & RachelVines HS
Einzeltanz5Adam & JamieDeer Park HS
Einzeltanz6Darian & KristenKingwood HS
Einzeltanz7Charlie & KateLASA
Einzeltanz8Kevin & VioletWestwood HS
Einzeltanz9Kavon & VeronicaCedar Ridge HS
Extemporaneous 31Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Extemporaneous 32Sean HallLASA
Extemporaneous 33Marisa TsaturovaPlano West HS
Extemporaneous 34Ethan TettletonMartin HS
Extemporaneous 35Carson BennerBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 36Jesse JiBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 37J. D. AlexanderMartin HS
Extemporaneous 38Fiona DevlinTompkins HS
Extemporaneous 39Rachal MoonLASA
Extemporaneous 310Stuart SpecherAllen HS
Extemporaneous 41Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Extemporaneous 42Cassie YuanBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 43Shallon CoxBen Barber
Extemporaneous 44Kate WilliamsLASA
Extemporaneous 45Jelena SalvadorTompkins HS
Extemporaneous 46Jenaili MehtaMemorial HS
Extemporaneous 47Sarah RogersTompkins HS
Extemporaneous 48Shelby DovzakBoerne HS
Extemporaneous 49Casey BlackChampion HS
Extemporaneous 410Zach KotlarichBen Barber
Extemporaneous Adv.1Rachel BurnsBellaire HS
Extemporaneous Adv.2Tara LassiterLASA
Extemporaneous Adv.3Tim BatesKingwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.4Clara OberlaenderKlein Oak HS
Extemporaneous Adv.5Basma MahamidAllen HS
Extemporaneous Adv.6Vivien GoettmannFlower Mound HS
Extemporaneous Adv.7Strathan WillsKingwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.8Kayla StevensPlano West HS
Extemporaneous Adv.9Minh TruongConnally HS
Extemporaneous Adv.10Luisa BoettnerKlein Oak HS
Folk Dance1The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Folk Dance2Whitney HSWhitney HS
Folk Dance3Greenville HSGreenville HS
Folk Dance4Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Folk Dance5La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Folk Dance6Nolan Catholic HSNolan Catholic HS
Folk Dance7Clements HSClements HS
Folk Dance8Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Folk Dance9Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Folk Dance10Allen HSAllen HS
Gingerbread-Non1Ivette Castro, Kaci Corliss, Emeileigh Ott, et. al.Morton Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Non2Natalie GrantCinco Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Non3Trevor KristoffKingwood HS
Gingerbread-Non4Mason McQuillen & Daniel WegerNew Braunfels HS
Gingerbread-Non5Lexi Helal, Jessica Gamsjager, Rachel Hughes, et. al.Guyer HS
Gingerbread-Non6Karla Waisemann, Courtney Moon, Jack Leist, et.al.Champion HS
Gingerbread-Non7Palma Huerta GaribayBoerne HS
Gingerbread-Non8Colleen Stack & Emma WilsonHebron HS
Gingerbread-Non9William MatthewRyan HS
Gingerbread-Non10Aislyn GaddisGrapevine HS
Gingerbread-Trad.1Natalie Grant and Morgan BushCinco Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Trad.2Lucy Arnolia, Cecily Sims, Marcus SalerPaschal HS
Gingerbread-Trad.2Ivette Castro, Emileigh Ott, Joselin Hernandez, et al.Morton Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Trad.4Charlie RisskyTompkins
Gingerbread-Trad.5Kali WheelerRyan HS
Gingerbread-Trad.7Katherine BlakeChampion HS
Gingerbread-Trad.8Patricio BelloTomball
Gingerbread-Trad.9Phillip ArmstrongNew Braunfels HS
Gingerbread-Trad.10Zachary JonesTivy HS
Grammar 11Zach MoyerBoerne HS
Grammar 12Vikranth RagavanCanyon Vista MS
Grammar 13Pablo VidrioCanyon Vista MS
Grammar 14Nikhil ReddyGrisham MS
Grammar 15Kate HopkinsTaylor HS
Grammar 16Saketh MarrapuGrisham MS
Grammar 17Madeleine Leyton-HighTompkins HS
Grammar 18Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Grammar 19Ganesh JagannathThe Woodlands HS
Grammar 110Elliot BjorkmanTompkins HS
Grammar 21Emmi LucksingerLASA
Grammar 22Alexander SchmidtTompkins HS
Grammar 23Sophia HeinzenLASA
Grammar 24Elyse HallLASA
Grammar 25Jose OrdonezTompkins HS
Grammar 26Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Grammar 27Cameron BurkeTompkins HS
Grammar 28Rachel MannonVines HS
Grammar 29Ivan Jimenez-AcostaSeven Lakes HS
Grammar 210Aarya AgarwalWestwood HS
Grammar 31Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Grammar 32Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Grammar 33Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Grammar 34John FlemingBellaire HS
Grammar 35Brenna HurleyPlano East Sr HS
Grammar 36Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Grammar 37Katie RookKingwood HS
Grammar 38Clarissa MelendezLASA
Grammar 39Aditi PrabhuTompkins HS
Grammar 310Gretchen FaselerBoerne HS
Grammar 41Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Grammar 42Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Grammar 43Karolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch HS
Grammar 44Eric GluckStratford Sr. HS
Grammar 45Collin SetzerKingwood HS
Grammar 46Kate WilliamsLASA
Grammar 47Gerald BrazellGrapevine HS
Grammar 48Andy CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Grammar 49Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Grammar 410Prerna KundalgurkiLASA
Listening Comp. 11Jose RadillaWilliams HS
Listening Comp. 12Nikkil ReddyGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 13Naomi SheppardGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 14Penelope HigdonGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 15Alejandro AriasKingwood HS
Listening Comp. 16Ian ZhangJasper HS
Listening Comp. 17Zach MoyerBoerne HS
Listening Comp. 18Jared KloehrTompkins HS
Listening Comp. 19Elizabeth CrumrinTompkins HS
Listening Comp. 110Itzuri GarciaKlein Oak HS
Listening Comp. 21Mark MuellerThe Woodlands HS
Listening Comp. 22Pryce PooleSeven Lakes HS
Listening Comp. 23Cole MannonVines HS
Listening Comp. 24Matthew StoddardMcMillen HS
Listening Comp. 25Lily TrenthamLASA
Listening Comp. 26Slohan BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Listening Comp. 27Ivan Jimenez-AcostaSeven Lakes HS
Listening Comp. 28Gayatri RajamonyWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 29Gabriel WhitmireWilliams HS
Listening Comp. 210Matthew ZhangBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 31Fiza PatelPlano East Sr HS
Listening Comp. 32Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Listening Comp. 33Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Listening Comp. 34Carson BennerBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 35Charli ZernLASA
Listening Comp. 36John FlemingBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 37Lucas StocktonLASA
Listening Comp. 38Rishi JangaleClements HS
Listening Comp. 39Alexis MerkerPlano West Sr HS
Listening Comp. 310Lucy GarciaSmithson Valley HS
Listening Comp. 41Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Listening Comp. 42Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Listening Comp. 43Eric GluckStratford Sr. HS
Listening Comp. 44Kyle TrahanBellaire HS
Listening Comp. 45Brian IriantoTompkins HS
Listening Comp. 46Lovisa SjogrenAllen HS
Listening Comp. 47Allison TaylorPlano West Sr HS
Listening Comp. 48Anna FreyLASA
Listening Comp. 49Jenali MehtaMemorial HS
Listening Comp. 410Docian Allison KephartMarcus HS
Needlework1Chloe FreyChampion HS
Needlework2Lauren HuenefeldLa Grange HS
Needlework3Siobhan MaddenClements HS
Needlework4Sammy MillerConnally HS
Needlework5Megan HeringerMorton Ranch HS
Needlework6Sam NewlinGrisham MS
Needlework7Kaelyn MyrickTom C. Clark HS
Needlework8Kirsten HahnMarcus HS
Needlework9Emileigh OttMorton Ranch HS
Needlework10Amberly McShaneKaty HS
Original Models1Dalton LeeTomball HS
Original Models2Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Original Models3Eric RisingerRound Rock HS
Original Models4Kaity NelsonThe Woodlands HS
Original Models5Rose MonroeDeer Park HS
Original Models6Evan BowenNew Braunfels HS
Original Models7Morgan UpstillLa Grange HS
Original Models8Jake KanetzarShepton HS
Original Models9Aiden LeeGrisham MS
Original Models10Rachel & TommyCinco Ranch HS
Pair Discussion1Eric Tong & Carson BennerBellaire HS
Pair Discussion2Kristin Teal & Julia VanceLASA
Pair Discussion3Jackson Famer & Emilio BasabeBrandeis HS
Pair Discussion4Ethan Tettleton & Aaron PryorMartin HS
Pair Discussion5Clarissa Melendez & Rachel MoonLASA
Pair Discussion6Rishi Jangale & Daphne LoClements HS
Pair Discussion7JD Alexander & Raquel ReyesMartin HS
Pair Discussion8Dagny Carlsson & Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Pair Discussion9Joey Rosenwinkel & Harry BrightmanKingwood HS
Pair Discussion10Sydney Liow & Caroline KamlaClements HS
Paß Auf! Varsity1Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Paß Auf! Varsity2The WoodlandsThe Woodlands HS
Paß Auf! Varsity3Brazoswood HSBrazoswood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity4Jasper HSJasper HS
Paß Auf! Varsity5Nolan Catholic HSNolan Catholic HS
Paß Auf! Varsity6Westwood HSWestwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity7Plano West Sr HSPlano West Sr HS
Paß Auf! Varsity8New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Paß Auf! Varsity9Tivy HSTivy HS
Paß Auf! Varsity10Paschal HSPaschal HS
Photo Essay1Brody Robeson & Kristin HahnMarcus HS
Photo Essay2Gabrielle, Emma, ShelbyThe Woodlands HS
Photo Essay3Rebecca, Anna, AllisonWhitney HS
Photo Essay4Elliot, Joshua, CharlieTompkins HS
Photo Essay5Sierra ArnoldChampion HS
Photo Essay6Ariana Daniel & Kaylie O'ConnellBellaire HS
Photo Essay7Angelica AlbarracinConnally HS
Photo Essay8Joseph SuazoMorton Ranch HS
Photo Essay9Emily SeelaTemple HS
Photo Essay10Makayla GreerLa Grange HS
Photography1Courtney SabottaCy-Fair HS
Photography2Mary Kate MontgomeryTemple HS
Photography3Haley CopelinKlein Oak HS
Photography4Jade LewallenBen Barber
Photography5Coleen StackHebron HS
Photography6Stephanie ChoGuyer HS
Photography7Georgette HodgeBoerne HS
Photography8Ashlyn LemasKaty HS
Photography9Hayden BrowningTomball HS
Photography10Bryon GrovesCanyon Vista MS
Play Best ActorKyle TrahanBellaire HS
Play Best ActressReyna LedetCinco Ranch HS
Play1Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Play2Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Play3Cy-Fair HSCy-Fair HS
Play4Clements HSClements HS
Play5Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Play6Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Play7Whitney HSWhitney HS
Poetry Memory 11Gage WeaverKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 12Nicholas SolisWhitney HS
Poetry Memory 13Emma KinzelTomball HS
Poetry Memory 14Ashley LaDoucieurClements HS
Poetry Memory 15Afreen AlimPflugerville HS
Poetry Memory 16Coy GillumLa Grange HS
Poetry Memory 17Thomas WilliamsHeights HS
Poetry Memory 18Lily HargroveJasper HS
Poetry Memory 19Cameron HardenCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 110Avinash GoberdahnKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 21Elyse HallLASA
Poetry Memory 22Sophia WatersBoerne HS
Poetry Memory 23Jiselle BarreraKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 24Caden StottThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Memory 25Jose OrdonezTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 26Adela SosevicClark HS
Poetry Memory 27Matthew WinklerLASA
Poetry Memory 28Jakob KnutsenKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 29Alexandra PurchatzkeChampion HS
Poetry Memory 210Sophia NicholasCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 31Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Poetry Memory 32Emily AlexanderNolan Catholic HS
Poetry Memory 33Joe RosenwinkelKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 34Sean HallLASA
Poetry Memory 35Robert MitchellPlano East Sr HS
Poetry Memory 36Tiana MoritzTomball HS
Poetry Memory 37Alanna MooreLASA
Poetry Memory 38Marissa AbregoWhitney HS
Poetry Memory 39Sean WilsonKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 310Braedyn ConnorTivy HS
Poetry Memory 41Glenn Alise SaunierTivy HS
Poetry Memory 42Nabeeha EngineerClements HS
Poetry Memory 43Trey MinterClements HS
Poetry Memory 44Matthew RossNolan Catholic HS
Poetry Memory 45Anna de la FuenteLASA
Poetry Memory 46Jack SadlerTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 47Nick VennLASA
Poetry Memory 48Alexandrea KorompayKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 49Collin SetzerKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 410Neve EnloeGrapevine HS
Poetry Memory Adv.1Annika MillerKingwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.2Tim BatesKingwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.3Karl GelinskyClements HS
Poetry Memory Adv.4Thara LassisterLASA
Poetry Memory Adv.5Clara OberlaenderKlein Oak HS
Poetry Memory Adv.6Rachel BurnsBellaire HS
Poetry Memory Adv.7Minh TruongConnally HS
Poetry Memory Adv.8Kirsten StevensJasper HS
Poetry Memory Adv.9Kayla Stephens SchmidtPlano West Sr HS
Poetry Reading 11Dillan RohanLa Grange HS
Poetry Reading 12Eric RisingerRound Rock HS
Poetry Reading 13Ashlyn TimineyAllen HS
Poetry Reading 14Abbey NedbalekLa Grange HS
Poetry Reading 15Macy CutrerWhitney HS
Poetry Reading 16Jose RadillaWilliams HS
Poetry Reading 17Zeest KhanThompkins HS
Poetry Reading 18Penelope HigdonGrisham MS
Poetry Reading 19Abhi RangrajanClements HS
Poetry Reading 110Chris SarverWoodlands HS
Poetry Reading 21Maria HallTivy HS
Poetry Reading 22Sophie PriesmeyerKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 23Mary DurkeeKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 24Laura BeltranConnally HS
Poetry Reading 25Matthew RichardsonAquilla HS
Poetry Reading 26Elliott AbelTemple HS
Poetry Reading 27Bea FortesKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 28Michelle LangeWoodlands HS
Poetry Reading 29David GarsteckiSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Reading 210Jenna SmithDeer Park HS
Poetry Reading 31Andrew WilsonKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 32Benjamin PinaKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 33Adriana HelmNolan Catholic HS
Poetry Reading 34Ishani ShettyThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Reading 35Sean HallLASA
Poetry Reading 36Jerzy NowakowskiTompkins HS
Poetry Reading 37Amanda NeinastMartin HS
Poetry Reading 38Payton GomienSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Reading 39Alysia SchererMartin HS
Poetry Reading 310Karla WalsemannChampion HS
Poetry Reading 41Anthony Roth GiocintoGuyer HS
Poetry Reading 42Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Poetry Reading 43Lina TiblierLASA
Poetry Reading 44Kyle TrahanBellaire HS
Poetry Reading 45Casey BlackChampion HS
Poetry Reading 46Rohana ParachaTompkins HS
Poetry Reading 47Caitlyn MooreWhitney HS
Poetry Reading 48Jack SadlerTompkins HS
Poetry Reading 49Nathan KeeneThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Reading 410Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Polka Band1Clear Creek HSClear Creek HS
Polka Band2Clements HSClements HS
Polka Band3Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Polka Band4Boerne HSBoerne HS
Polka Band5The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Polka Band5Allen HSAllen HS
Polka Band6New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Polka Band7Greenville HSGreenville HS
Polka Band8Grisham MSGrisham MS
Polka Band9Cy Fair HSCy Fair HS
Polka Band10La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Poster Design1Shelby McDanielDeer Park HS
Poster Design2Spencer JohnsonThe Woodlands HS
Poster Design3Angela ChangClements HS
Poster Design4Charlie Oriechio, Shari Coppedge, Jillian HawkPflugerville HS
Poster Design5Simone KhareGrisham MS
Poster Design6Megan Schulze, Lauren LehmannLa Grange HS
Poster Design7Terriana GreenBen Barber High
Poster Design8Danielle OrrKlein Oak HS
Poster Design9Valeria Contrerds, Chelsay Hazelton, Madeline AyresWhitney HS
Poster Design10Kalina ColeClear Lake HS
Prose Memory 11Jaime HotalingThe Woodlands HS
Prose Memory 12Charlotte CousinsKingwood HS
Prose Memory 13Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Prose Memory 14Jessika StockmanCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 15Cassie McGreeMorton Ranch HS
Prose Memory 16David LeePaschal HS
Prose Memory 17Daphne NguyenCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 18Rheagan MorrisKingwood HS
Prose Memory 19Kylie GentiliniCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 21Andra KeyLASA
Prose Memory 22Emmi LucksingerLASA
Prose Memory 23Phillip CraneKingwood HS
Prose Memory 24Sarah NykjaerCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 25Kaleb StraneyKingwood HS
Prose Memory 26Jacint SzaboJasper HS
Prose Memory 27Nika PajuhJasper HS
Prose Memory 28Ajata ReddyJasper HS
Prose Memory 29Katelyn SammonKingwood HS
Prose Memory 210Brooks PavelkaCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 31Paul OanceaThe Woodlands HS
Prose Memory 32Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Prose Memory 33Caroline KamlaClements HS
Prose Memory 34Phuc DangMorton Ranch
Prose Memory 35Colin BarryMartin HS
Prose Memory 36Julia VanceLASA
Prose Memory 37Hannah HoffmanAllen HS
Prose Memory 38Katie RockKingwood HS
Prose Memory 39Carla VillalobosCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 41Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Prose Memory 42Brian IriantoTompkins HS
Prose Memory 43Nabeeha EngineerClements HS
Prose Memory 44Brennen EslingerKingwood HS
Prose Memory 45Adriana NaviaClements HS
Prose Memory 46Mandi NussCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 47Taylor McCarthyLASA
Prose Memory 48Will TurnerTivy HS
Prose Memory Adv.1Abigail BumsBellaire HS
Prose Memory Adv.2Anna-Lena RichardsonKingwood HS
Prose Memory Adv.3Nicolai BurgardtClements HS
Prose Memory Adv.4Hoang Phi-Phi JungBen Barber
Prose Reading 11Bella FriedrichCanyon Vista MS
Prose Reading 12Anoushka NarayanCanyon Vista MS
Prose Reading 13Kacy OberbroecklingKingwood HS
Prose Reading 14Jamie HotalingThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 15Isis DebrockLa Grange HS
Prose Reading 16Aidan HamrickTomball HS
Prose Reading 17Molly BennetLa Grange HS
Prose Reading 18Chole BrandonTivy HS
Prose Reading 19Andrew SobrinhoClements HS
Prose Reading 110Tianfang GuoKingwood HS
Prose Reading 21Sophia WatersBoerne HS
Prose Reading 22Elida Met-HoxhaClear Creek HS
Prose Reading 23Paige EvansJasper HS
Prose Reading 24Kelly LiuKingwood HS
Prose Reading 25Matthew RichardsonAquilla HS
Prose Reading 26Riley VagisThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 27Maria HallTivy HS
Prose Reading 28Zachary JonesTivy HS
Prose Reading 29Boting LuKingwood HS
Prose Reading 210Morgan BuieChampion HS
Prose Reading 31Emma CrumleyKingwood HS
Prose Reading 32Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Prose Reading 33Brandon ThompsonWhitney HS
Prose Reading 34Annika GallawayThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 35Leonard ChenLASA
Prose Reading 36Alexis MerkerPlano West Sr HS
Prose Reading 37Sunny ShaClements HS
Prose Reading 38Raquel ReyesMartin HS
Prose Reading 39Lauren BaggettPlano East Sr HS
Prose Reading 310Andrew SealeWestwood HS
Prose Reading 41Trey MinterClements HS
Prose Reading 42Anthony Roth GiacintoDenton Guyer
Prose Reading 43Adrianna NaviaClements HS
Prose Reading 44Kyle TrahanBellaire
Prose Reading 45Valeria ConteraxWhitney HS
Prose Reading 46Lina TiblierLASA
Prose Reading 47Angela LopezBoerne
Prose Reading 48Allison TaylorPWSH
Prose Reading 49Ben EvansPWSH
Prose Reading 410Celiana StanselNew Braunfels HS
Puppet Show, Lower1LASALASA
Puppet Show, Lower2New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Puppet Show, Lower3Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Lower4Heights HSHeights HS
Puppet Show, Lower5Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Lower6The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Puppet Show, Lower7Clements HSClements HS
Puppet Show, Lower8Ben BarberBen Barber
Puppet Show, Upper1Clements HSClements HS
Puppet Show, Upper2The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Puppet Show, Upper3LASALASA
Puppet Show, Upper4Paschal HSPaschal HS
Puppet Show, Upper5Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Upper6Ben BarberBen Barber
Puppet Show, Upper7Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Upper8Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Reading Comp. 11Naomi SheppardGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 12Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Reading Comp. 13Zach MoyerBoerne HS
Reading Comp. 14Elliot BjorkmanTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 15Pablo VidrioCanyon Vista MS
Reading Comp. 16Christopher DunlapJasper HS
Reading Comp. 17Madeleine Leyton-HighTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 18Kendall LukachekShepton HS
Reading Comp. 19Andrew PaumenClements HS
Reading Comp. 110Amir CurranJasper HS
Reading Comp. 21Elyse HallLASA
Reading Comp. 22Dawson BennerBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 23Jose OrdonezTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 24Sarah NykjaerCedar Ridge HS
Reading Comp. 25Carter DornJasper HS
Reading Comp. 26Emmi LucksingerLASA
Reading Comp. 27Alexander SchmidtTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 28Hope MayoJasper HS
Reading Comp. 29Rick HanishWilliams HS
Reading Comp. 210Meghana KambhampatiMcMillen HS
Reading Comp. 31J.D. AlexanderMartin HS
Reading Comp. 32Andrew SealeWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 33Emilio BasabeBrandeis HS
Reading Comp. 34Alexandra FreytesMemorial HS
Reading Comp. 35Grayson WeissGuyer HS
Reading Comp. 36Annika GallawayThe Woodlands HS
Reading Comp. 37John FlemingBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 38Jerzy NowakowskiTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 39Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Reading Comp. 310Wesley RichmondCy-Fair HS
Reading Comp. 41Kyle TrahanBellaire HS
Reading Comp. 42Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Reading Comp. 43Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Reading Comp. 44Lina TiblierLASA
Reading Comp. 45Eric GluckStratford Sr. HS
Reading Comp. 46Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Reading Comp. 47Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Reading Comp. 48Lovisa SjogrenAllen HS
Reading Comp. 49Prerna KundalgurkiLASA
Reading Comp. 410Brian IriantoTompkins HS
Research Paper1Timothy Bates & Savannah WartenbachKingwood HS
Research Paper2Sophia WatersBoerne HS
Research Paper3Zoe CzarneckiLASA
Research Paper4Rachel Foreman & Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Research Paper5Berkley SmithGreenville HS
Research Paper6Katie AndersLa Grange HS
Research Paper7Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Research Paper8Rick HanishWilliams HS
Research Paper9Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Research Paper10Anoushka NarayanCanyon Vista MS
Scavenger Hunt1LASALASA
Scavenger Hunt2Seven Lakes HSSeven Lakes HS
Scavenger Hunt3Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Scavenger Hunt4Shepton HSShepton HS
Scavenger Hunt5Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Scavenger Hunt6Williams HSWilliams HS
Scavenger Hunt7Ben BarberBen Barber
Scavenger Hunt8Westwood HSWestwood HS
Scavenger Hunt9Vines HSVines HS
Scavenger Hunt10Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Shirt Design1Charlotte Spencer & Alaina FoxBoerne HS
Shirt Design2Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Shirt Design3Betsy TalbetKingwood HS
Shirt Design4Bethany StarkLa Grange HS
Shirt Design5Angelica Albarracin & Sammy MillerConnally HS
Shirt Design6Kirsten Hahn & Brody RobersonMarcus HS
Shirt Design7Delaney Woovell, MacKenzie Riney, Savannah AyresWhitney HS
Shirt Design8Courtney McCrackenSmithson Valley HS
Shirt Design9Ezra LarsenSeven Lakes HS
Shirt Design10Simone Khare & Tiffany PhuGrisham MS
Sight Reading 11Anni HengesbachGrapevine HS
Sight Reading 12Alejandro AriasKingwood HS
Sight Reading 13Rosa RamirezTravis HS
Sight Reading 14Naomi SheppardGrisham MS
Sight Reading 15Hai PomerantzHenderickson HS
Sight Reading 16Josef StoneLASA
Sight Reading 17Eric RisingerRound Rock HS
Sight Reading 18Javier Diaz de SandiTomball HS
Sight Reading 19Cat PerillouxCanyon Vista MS
Sight Reading 110Nicholas SolisWhitney
Sight Reading 21Rachel MannonVines HS
Sight Reading 22Gabriel WhitmireWilliams HS
Sight Reading 23Matthew WinklerLASA
Sight Reading 24Jimmy XinBellaire HS
Sight Reading 25Karen WolfLASA
Sight Reading 26Elida Met-HoxhaClear Creek HS
Sight Reading 27Spencer PooleSeven Lakes HS
Sight Reading 28Ben NewtonLa Grange HS
Sight Reading 29Rick HanishWilliams HS
Sight Reading 210Matthew ZhangBellaire HS
Sight Reading 31Kristen TealLASA
Sight Reading 32Ethan PerrymanChampion HS
Sight Reading 33Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Sight Reading 34Oscar de la GarzaTivy HS
Sight Reading 35Wesley RichmondCy-Fair HS
Sight Reading 36Josie GrundyWestwood HS
Sight Reading 37Lexie UhlendorffTravis HS
Sight Reading 38Seven BunchBellaire HS
Sight Reading 39Jakob SchlegelPlano East Sr HS
Sight Reading 310Ruby GuerraHeights HS
Sight Reading 41Karolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch HS
Sight Reading 42Madeline HarmsStratford HS
Sight Reading 43Anthony Roth GiancintoGuyer HS
Sight Reading 44Erin RisingerRound Rock
Sight Reading 45Anna FreyLASA
Sight Reading 46Charlie EstesPaschall HS
Sight Reading 47Nebeeha EngineerClements HS
Sight Reading 48Mathew RossNolan Catholic HS
Sight Reading 49Gerald BrazellGrapevine HS
Sight Reading 410Eric GluckStratford HS
Skit 1 Best ActorHarrison GernhardThe Woodlands HS
Skit 1 Best ActressAlex GioukarisTompkins HS
Skit 11The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Skit 12Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 13Heights HSHeights HS
Skit 14La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Skit 15Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 16Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 17Jasper HSJasper HS
Skit 18Deear Park HSDeer Park HS
Skit 19Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 110Shepton HSShepton HS
Skit 2 Best ActorMann 1 (Jacob Ling)Morton Ranch HS
Skit 2 Best Actressdie Hexe (Paige Evans)Jasper HS
Skit 21Jasper HSJasper HS
Skit 22Shepton HSShepton HS
Skit 23Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Skit 25Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 26Tomkins HSTomkins HS
Skit 27La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Skit 28Champion HSChampion HS
Skit 29Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 210Ben BarberBen Barber
Skit 3 Best ActorSean HallLASA
Skit 3 Best ActressMaia RogersMorton Ranch HS
Skit 32Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 33Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 34Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 35Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Skit 36Plano West Sr HSPlano West Sr HS
Skit 4 Best ActorTim BatesKingwood HS
Skit 4 Best ActressAdriana NaviaClements HS
Skit 41Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 42Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Skit 43Clements HSClements HS
Skit 44Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Skit 45Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 46Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 47Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 48Ben BarberBen Barber
Spelling 11Bella FriedrichCanyon Vista MS
Spelling 12Elena CarlssonHeights HS
Spelling 13Itai PomerantzHendrickson HS
Spelling 14Nabila SultanCanyon Vista MS
Spelling 15Militzy Gremillion-LlanosGrisham MS
Spelling 16Nikhil ReddyGrisham MS
Spelling 17Emma HopkinsTaylor HS
Spelling 18Alexandra GioukarisTompkins HS
Spelling 19Ian ZhangJasper HS
Spelling 110Madeleine Leyton-HighTompkins HS
Spelling 21Lily TrenthamLASA
Spelling 22Alex Austin-PuhrLASA
Spelling 23Patrick WhiteTaylor HS
Spelling 24Slohan BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Spelling 25Cameron BurkeTompkins HS
Spelling 26Seth TullosBoerne HS
Spelling 27Chris SuttonShepton HS
Spelling 28Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Spelling 29Aarya AgarwalWestwood HS
Spelling 210Jacob RhodesPaschal HS
Spelling 31Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Spelling 32Michelle GomezSan Marcos HS
Spelling 33Jason AlexanderMartin HS
Spelling 34Paul OanceaThe Woodlands HS
Spelling 35Lucy GarciaSmithson Valley HS
Spelling 36Adrianna HelmNolan Catholic HS
Spelling 37Alexandra FreytesMemorial HS
Spelling 38Grayson WeissGuyer HS
Spelling 39Brenna HurleyPlano East Sr HS
Spelling 310Rishi JangaleClements HS
Spelling 41Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Spelling 42Eric GluckStratford Sr. HS
Spelling 43Matthew RossNolan Catholic HS
Spelling 44Ryan BallounBellaire HS
Spelling 45Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Spelling 46George BraunBrazoswood HS
Spelling 47Andy CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Spelling 48Prerna KundalgurkiLASA
Spelling 49Madeline HarmsStratford Sr. HS
Spelling 410Alexandria BennettPlano West Sr HS
Video Show1Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Video Show2La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Video Show3Heights HSHeights HS
Video Show4Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Video Show6Clements HSClements HS
Video Show7Ben BarberBen Barber
Video Show8Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Video Show9Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Vocabulary 11Pedro PrudencioTompkins HS
Vocabulary 12Emma HopkinsTaylor HS
Vocabulary 13Bella FriedrichCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 14Zach MoyerBoerne HS
Vocabulary 15Nabila SultanCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 16Ian ZhangJasper HS
Vocabulary 17Sam NewlinGrisham MS
Vocabulary 18Kate HopkinsTaylor HS
Vocabulary 19Sydney BoydCinco Ranch HS
Vocabulary 110Vishal NarraGrisham MS
Vocabulary 21Dawson BennerBellaire HS
Vocabulary 22Ankit MondalShepton HS
Vocabulary 23Sophia HeinzenLASA
Vocabulary 24Slohan BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Vocabulary 25Mark MuellerThe Woodlands HS
Vocabulary 26Natalie CopelandBellaire HS
Vocabulary 27Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Vocabulary 28Joseph PickettNew Braunfels HS
Vocabulary 29Aarya AgarwalWestwood HS
Vocabulary 210Rick HanishWilliams HS
Vocabulary 31Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Vocabulary 32Carson BennerBellaire HS
Vocabulary 33Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Vocabulary 34J.D. AlexanderMartin HS
Vocabulary 35Lauren VincentiDeer Park HS
Vocabulary 36Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Vocabulary 37Morgan HowardThe Woodlands HS
Vocabulary 38Fiza PatelPlano East Sr HS
Vocabulary 39Grayson WeissGuyer HS
Vocabulary 310Alexis MerkerPlano West Sr HS
Vocabulary 41Prerna KundalgurkiLASA
Vocabulary 42Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Vocabulary 43Alexandria BennettPlano West Sr HS
Vocabulary 44Lina TiblierLASA
Vocabulary 45Brian IriantoTompkins HS
Vocabulary 46Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Vocabulary 47Franky CampuzanoHeights HS
Vocabulary 48Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Vocabulary 49Andy CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Vocabulary 410Allison TaylorPlano West Sr HS
Vocal Solo1Cheyenne TharpWarren HS
Vocal Solo2Paige EvansJasper HS
Vocal Solo3Riley VagisThe Woodlands HS
Vocal Solo4Ruby GuerraHeights HS
Vocal Solo5Ashleyn TimineyAllen HS
Vocal Solo6Charlotte CousinsKingwood HS
Vocal Solo7Grace FreyChampion HS
Vocal Solo8Mallory KeelerKingwood HS
Vocal Solo9Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Vocal Solo10Whitney WilliamsAllen HS

35th Annual Texas State German Contest

1020 students were registered
64 schools registered

1078 entries across 84 events (including breakdown of levels)
over 200 judges/coordinators/directors

Mary El-Beheri Memorial Scholarship Winner: Michael Urh, Boerne HS


2017 Sweepstakes Winners

Large Schools - 100+ students enrolled in German Program
Small Schools - 1-99 students enrolled in German Program
 Large Schools  Small Schools 
PlaceSchoolSweeps Pts.PlaceSchoolSweeps Pts.
1Kingwood HS6391LASA422
2Clements HS4662Jasper HS197
3The Woodlands HS3243Cedar Ridge HS165
4Ben Barber Academy2794La Grange HS152
5Tompkins HS2705Shepton HS146
6Whitney HS2006Paschal HS141
7Cinco Ranch HS1847Morton Ranch HS127
8Deer Park HS1598Plano West Sr. High123
9Westwood HS1519Heights HS117
10Seven Lakes HS14810Grisham MS79

2017 State Winners

EventPlaceStudent NameSchool
Chorus1Seven Lakes HSSeven Lakes HS
Chorus2Greenville HSGreenville HS
Chorus3The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Chorus4Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Chorus5Ben Barber AcadBen Barber Acad
Chorus7Clements HSClements HS
Chorus8Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Chorus9Whitney HSWhitney HS
Chorus10Paschal HSPaschal HS
Classical Ensemble1Hendrickson HSHendrickson HS
Classical Ensemble2LASALASA
Classical Ensemble3The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Classical Ensemble4Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Classical Ensemble5Boerne HSBoerne HS
Classical Ensemble6Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Classical Ensemble7Champion HSChampion HS
Classical Ensemble8Seven Lakes HSSeven Lakes HS
Classical Ensemble9Vines HSVines HS
Classical Ensemble10Shepton HSShepton HS
Club Album1D. Victoria, G. Dowdy, Z. KwiatkowskiTomball HS
Club Album2Angela Chang, Rebecca JinClements HS
Club Album3Bethany StorkLa Grange HS
Club Album4Callie FergusonWhitney HS
Club Album5S. Wiecker, L. Kokines, M. KingThe Woodlands HS
Club Album6Shepton HSShepton HS
Club Album7Claire PhillipsBishop Lynch HS
Club Album8Anastasia GleasonMorton Ranch HS
Club Album9Trinity DanhJasper HS
Club Album10Mikayla HarrisWestwood HS
Contemporary Music1Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Contemporary Music2Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Contemporary Music3Clements HSClements HS
Contemporary Music4McMillen HSMcMillen HS
Contemporary Music5Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Contemporary Music6LASALASA
Contemporary Music7Boerne HSBoerne HS
Contemporary Music8Ben Barber AcadBen Barber Acad
Contemporary Music9The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Contemporary Music10Champion HSChampion HS
Crafts1Zachary KwiatkowskiTomball HS
Crafts2Abigail and Colten RoscherLa Grange HS
Crafts3Matthew McGreneraCollege Park HS
Crafts4Andrea M. Sydney S., Maddie E.Seven Lakes HS
Crafts5Emily FieldWestwood HS
Crafts6Anastasia GleasonMorton Ranch HS
Crafts7Sydney PerezAllen HS
Crafts8Madeline A., Isabella P., Iman A.Tom C Clark HS
Crafts9Hannah GriffinCedar Ridge HS
Crafts10Audrey Colegrove, Elizabeth KiiheBrazoswood HS
Culture 11Ian KocurPaschal HS
Culture 12Jack RosenbergShepton HS
Culture 13Kristen AllenKingwood HS
Culture 14Thomas WoodberryNolan Catholic HS
Culture 15Emil BrunkeCinco Ranch HS
Culture 16Lauren HuenefeldLa Grange HS
Culture 17Anjali TalpallikarClements HS
Culture 18Maria HallTivy HS
Culture 19Shane RussellKingwood HS
Culture 110Andrew CocobJasper HS
Culture 21Luke LubinJasper HS
Culture 22Annika GallawayThe Woodlands HS
Culture 23Noah OgataJasper HS
Culture 24Alexander YoungShepton HS
Culture 25Nikhil VJMcMillen HS
Culture 26Noah JohnsonCollege Park HS
Culture 27Katie RookKingwood HS
Culture 28Jane ZinkBoerne HS
Culture 29Graham HallHeights HS
Culture 210Courtney ColeBoerne HS
Culture 31Skyler StrobelBrazoswood HS
Culture 32Jack LindleyKingwood HS
Culture 33Jackson DunnWestwood HS
Culture 34Ingrid AlberdingBurleson
Culture 35James AdamsKingwood HS
Culture 36Trey MinterClements HS
Culture 37Nali LiuClements HS
Culture 38Kenneth Conrad ReeseBen Barber Acad
Culture 39Seanne BuoyWestwood HS
Culture 310Husnain NoorbhaiPlano West Sr. High
Culture 41Agata KwasnikKingwood HS
Culture 42Nathan NorseworthyPlano West Sr. High
Culture 43Jake AtlasLASA
Culture 44Kurt HardeeNolan Catholic
Culture 45Claire DongClements HS
Culture 46Gabby BrownKingwood HS
Culture 47Dylan M. ReadLASA
Culture 48Phillip MillsTompkins HS
Culture 49Ben HanscomSmithson Valley HS
Culture 410Andrew LuWestwood HS
Digital Logo Design1Timothy YabukiArlington HS
Digital Logo Design2Eric West & Martin MenchacaDeer Park HS
Digital Logo Design3Charlie RisskyTompkins HS
Digital Logo Design4Kirsten HahnMarcus HS
Digital Logo Design5Mark HamptonBoerne HS
Digital Logo Design6Sali BekirBen Barber Acad
Digital Logo Design7Husnain NoorbhaiPlano West Sr. High
Digital Logo Design8Alex Korompay & Emma KymeKingwood HS
Digital Logo Design9Jujinna FomtharakTom C Clark HS
Digital Logo Design10Sara O., Bradley P., A. BohmenChampion HS
Directed Dialogue 11Paige EvansJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 12Rachel MannonVines HS
Directed Dialogue 13Shyam ChandraShepton HS
Directed Dialogue 14Adela SosevicJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 15Ankit MondalShepton HS
Directed Dialogue 16Mary DurkeKingwood HS
Directed Dialogue 17Nikolaos ChatcakisThe Woodlands HS
Directed Dialogue 18Jose HernandezTompkins HS
Directed Dialogue 19Heidi RufTompkins HS
Directed Dialogue 110Marie HallTivy HS
Directed Dialogue 21Antony KsendzoftShepton HS
Directed Dialogue 22J.D. AlexanderMartin HS
Directed Dialogue 23Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Directed Dialogue 24Katie RookKingwood HS
Directed Dialogue 25Emilio BasabeBrandeis HS
Directed Dialogue 26Noelle AsmannThe Woodlands HS
Directed Dialogue 27Kristn TealLASA
Directed Dialogue 28Luana Do SacramentoTompkins HS
Directed Dialogue 29Dagny CarlssonHeights HS
Directed Dialogue 210Savannah SpencerBen Barber Acad
Doll Costume1Josie MuschelClements HS
Doll Costume2Sky PlumleySmithson Valley HS
Doll Costume3Courtney SabottaCy-Fair HS
Doll Costume4Margaret ButterfieldPlano East Sr High
Doll Costume5Rachel MoonLASA
Doll Costume6Anna HajekLa Grange HS
Doll Costume7Samantha MillerConnally HS
Doll Costume8Nicole FeldmanThe Woodlands HS
Doll Costume9Natalie GrantCinco Ranch HS
Doll Costume10Lauren CostaTompkins HS
Duet Acting 11Benjamin Pina & Phillip CraneKingwood HS
Duet Acting 12Hope Mayo & Grace MunnsJasper HS
Duet Acting 13Lauren Collins & Daniel FowkesTompkins HS
Duet Acting 14Claire Moulton & Kyle DavidBen Barber Acad
Duet Acting 15Ian Grubbs & Jenna DziadekMorton Ranch
Duet Acting 21Gretchen Faseler, Charlotte SpencerBoerne HS
Duet Acting 22Sean Karamian, Heath WolbersBen Barber Acad
Duet Acting 23Kevin Murray, Andrew SealsWestwood HS
Duet Acting 24Jordan Connor, Mason SolorzanoWhitney HS
Duet Acting 25Dagny Carlson, Graham HallHeights HS
Duet Acting 26Kyle Allison, Alexander St. JamesDeer Park HS
Duet Acting 27Harry Brightman, Andre FortesKingwood HS
Duet Acting 28Luana Do Sacramento, Nour RashadTompkins HS
Duet Acting 29Aysia Burrell, Kourtney FieldsMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 31Rachel Pham, Rachel ForemanCinco Ranch HS
Duet Acting 32Adriana Navia, Sai OdingaClements HS
Duet Acting 33Sarah Rodgers, Cole ThomsonTompkins HS
Duet Acting 34Lina Tiblier, Ingrid KinneyLASA
Duet Acting 35Cassandra Robinson, Patricio BallestroThe Woodlands HS
Duet Acting 36Deanna Castro, Ivette CastroMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 37Shaina Booker, Adam CopelandWhitney HS
Duet Acting 38Charlie Estes, Thereasa KernaganPaschal HS
Duet Acting 41Christopher Gloyha & Shoan LoshariClements HS
Duet Acting 42Richard Anderson & Erik HalsbandThe Woodlands HS
Duet Acting 43Jackson Roberts & Dylan RoadLASA
Duet Acting 44Ashleigh Barton & Dylan RoadBen Barber HS
Duet Acting 45Evan Ferguson &Hans LammimanTompkins HS
Duet Acting 46Cassey Dunkin & Sierra CoxWhitney HS
Duet Acting 47Darian Barrett & Liv CampbellKingwood HS
Duet Acting 48April O'Donell & Melissa CardentasCedar Ridge HS
Einzelplattler1Alexis Kokines, Nick GalleThe Woodlands HS
Einzelplattler2Abigail Smith, Christian ApplegateKingwood HS
Einzelplattler3Kaity Nelson, Noah JohnsonCollege Park HS
Einzelplattler4Itzel Giulle, Patrick LewisWhitney HS
Einzelplattler5Jamie Overstreet, Nick HarrisDeer Park HS
Einzelplattler6Rachel Mannon, Cole MannonVines HS
Einzelplattler7Sai Odinga, Jason SyahClements HS
Extemporaneous 31Collin SetzerKingwood HS
Extemporaneous 32Jelena SalvadorTompkins HS
Extemporaneous 33Shallon CoxBen Barber Acad
Extemporaneous 34Jenali MehtaMemorial HS
Extemporaneous 35Anna FreyLASA
Extemporaneous 36Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Extemporaneous 37Kate WilliamsLASA
Extemporaneous 38Nishant ArankeClements HS
Extemporaneous 39Zach KotlerichBen Barber Acad
Extemporaneous 310Mikayla HarrisWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 41Emma-Liisa SoderlundGoethe Center
Extemporaneous 42Elizabeth MunnsPlano West Sr. High
Extemporaneous 43Erik HalsbandThe Woodlands HS
Extemporaneous 44Michael UrhBoerne HS
Extemporaneous 45Melissa GofredoGrapevine HS
Extemporaneous 46Shroothi RameshClements HS
Extemporaneous 47Lance HendersonChampion HS
Extemporaneous 48Kimball BaerKingwood HS
Extemporaneous 49Sydney Bruno-OzunaPaschal HS
Extemporaneous 410Farouk KapaliCy-Fair HS
Extemporaneous Adv.1Tim BatesKingwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.2Alina DvuneckyBen Barber Acad
Extemporaneous Adv.3Katie GuhlClear Lake HS
Extemporaneous Adv.4Tyler O'SheaKingwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.5Majella DvuneckyBen Barber Acad
Extemporaneous Adv.6Basma MahamidAllen HS
Extemporaneous Adv.7Marielisa RodriguezCy-Fair HS
Extemporaneous Adv.8Ramin NourbakhshPlano West Sr. High
Extemporaneous Adv.9Daniel OspinaTompkins HS
Extemporaneous Adv.10
Folk Dance1The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Folk Dance2Greenville HSGreenville HS
Folk Dance3Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Folk Dance4Whitney HSWhitney HS
Folk Dance5Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Folk Dance6Clements HSClements HS
Folk Dance7Nolan CatholicNolan Catholic
Folk Dance8College Park HSCollege Park HS
Folk Dance9La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Folk Dance10Allen HSAllen HS
Gingerbread-Non1E. Oh, P. Tyalor, P. Horrell, M. Smith, O. Lambert, M. HeringerMorton Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Non2Natalie GrantCinco Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Non3Shrooti R., Claire D., Rachel P., Rena S.Clements HS
Gingerbread-Non4Jenna GorupKingwood HS
Gingerbread-Non5Lexi H., Jessica G., Skyler B.Guyer HS
Gingerbread-Non6Michael U., Erin K., Shelby D., Hailey R.Boerne HS
Gingerbread-Non7Jim Mason, John StockCanyon Vista MS
Gingerbread-Non8Michael Wallace, Lydia ColemanLASA
Gingerbread-Non9Eleanor H., Daria M., Kolt B.Denton HS
Gingerbread-Non10Joshua Hubbel, Benjamin HurMarcus HS
Gingerbread-Trad.1Natalie G., Bryant W., Megan M., Morgan B.Cinco Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Trad.2Emileigh Ott, Preston TaylorMorton Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Trad.3Haley HughesMarcus HS
Gingerbread-Trad.4Annika Miller, Anna-Lena RichardsonKingwood HS
Gingerbread-Trad.5Alexandra P., Terra F., McKenna, Katie B.Champion HS
Gingerbread-Trad.6Christa KendallBen Barber Acad
Gingerbread-Trad.7Kate Hanloh, Kimberly HanlohGuyer HS
Gingerbread-Trad.8Emily Seela, Sasha HernandezTemple HS
Gingerbread-Trad.9Patricio BelloTomball HS
Gingerbread-Trad.10Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Grammar 11Slohan BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Grammar 12Savannah KippermannCanyon Vista MS
Grammar 13Alma ZirojevicGrisham MS
Grammar 14Ivan Jimenez-AcostaSeven Lakes HS
Grammar 15Aarya AgarwalCanyon Vista MS
Grammar 16Alexander SchmidtTompkins HS
Grammar 17Solomon PierceArlington HS
Grammar 18Alana OkulloThe Woodlands HS
Grammar 19Ankit MondalShepton HS
Grammar 110Alec LipscombGrisham MS
Grammar 21Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Grammar 22Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Grammar 23Gretchen FaselerBoerne HS
Grammar 24Aditi PrabhuTompkins HS
Grammar 25Andre FortesKingwood HS
Grammar 26Katie RookKingwood HS
Grammar 27Armine MartirosianArlington HS
Grammar 28Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Grammar 29Timothy YabukiArlington HS
Grammar 210Shivesh RazdonWestwood HS
Grammar 31Karolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch HS
Grammar 32Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Grammar 33Kate WilliamsLASA
Grammar 34Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Grammar 35James AdamsKingwood HS
Grammar 36Shallon CoxBen Barber Acad
Grammar 37Kadyn WestinLASA
Grammar 38Ingrid AlberdingBurleson
Grammar 39Allison TaylorPlano West Sr. High
Grammar 310Andy CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Grammar 41Melissa PighettiPaschal HS
Grammar 42Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Grammar 43Lena TeckenbrockLASA
Grammar 44Chethana VenkahramaPlano West Sr. High
Grammar 45Dominick HarasimickNolan Catholic
Grammar 46Josh DoehringFlower Mound HS
Grammar 47Andrew JezisekCedar Ridge HS
Grammar 48Luke SteckleinClements HS
Grammar 49Ann Marie HuttenhowerWestwood HS
Grammar 410Christopher GloynaClements HS
Listening Comp. 11Josh BrinksJasper HS
Listening Comp. 12Joseph PickettNew Braunfels HS
Listening Comp. 13Alma ZirojenicGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 14Jacob RedlandTaylor
Listening Comp. 15Solomon PierceArlington HS
Listening Comp. 16Gayatri RajamonyGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 17Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Listening Comp. 18Slohan BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Listening Comp. 19Alexander SchmidtTompkins HS
Listening Comp. 110Maria HallTivy HS
Listening Comp. 21Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Listening Comp. 22Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Listening Comp. 23Josh AllenThe Woodlands HS
Listening Comp. 24Annika GallawayThe Woodlands HS
Listening Comp. 25Alexis MerkerJasper HS
Listening Comp. 26Kavya DonepudiJasper HS
Listening Comp. 27Al AveryWarren HS
Listening Comp. 28Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Listening Comp. 29Stephanie KimCedar Ridge HS
Listening Comp. 210Anna HuangWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 31Braden MuscarelloClements HS
Listening Comp. 32Allison TaylorPlano West Sr. High
Listening Comp. 33Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Listening Comp. 34Andye ToshGrapevine HS
Listening Comp. 35Ingrid AlberdingBurleson
Listening Comp. 36Jenali MehtaMemorial HS
Listening Comp. 37Andy CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Listening Comp. 38Michelle HuffSeven Lakes HS
Listening Comp. 39Francois GomezPaschal HS
Listening Comp. 310Mandi NussCedar Ridge HS
Listening Comp. 41Emma Liisa SoderlundGoethe Center
Listening Comp. 42Luke SteckleinClements HS
Listening Comp. 43Kate KacenaKingwood HS
Listening Comp. 44Alex BellonTomball HS
Listening Comp. 45Andrew LuWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 46Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Listening Comp. 47Erik HalsbandThe Woodlands HS
Listening Comp. 48Lena TeckenbrockLASA
Listening Comp. 49Sydney Brun-OzmanPaschal HS
Listening Comp. 410Jackson RobertsLASA
Needlework1Siobhan MaddenClements HS
Needlework2Josephine MuschelClements HS
Needlework3Samantha MillerConnally HS
Needlework4Margaret ButterfieldPlano East Sr High
Needlework5Lexie HavelkaLa Grange HS
Needlework6Kirsten HahnMarcus HS
Needlework7Nicole FeldmanThe Woodlands HS
Needlework8Catherine RucasKaty HS
Needlework9Cassie AtobajeunCollege Park HS
Needlework10Samantha ZinniHendrickson HS
Original Models1Gracie DanielsWhitney HS
Original Models2Natalee CormierKaty HS
Original Models3Jake KantazarShepton HS
Original Models4Kyle BarkleyTompkins HS
Original Models5Dylan SchroederSeven Lakes HS
Original Models6Morgan UpstillLa Grange HS
Original Models7Jennifer & AlessandraTom C Clark HS
Original Models8Brenden MillerThe Woodlands HS
Original Models9Brody & KirstenMarcus HS
Original Models10Samantha ZinniHendrickson HS
Pair Discussion1Anna Delafuente, Kate WilliamsLASA
Pair Discussion2Natalie Hattan, Adrianna NaviaClements HS
Pair Discussion3Janine A, KC ReeceBen Barber Acad
Pair Discussion4Reyna Ledet, Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Pair Discussion5Erin Taylor, Jed KyzerDeer Park HS
Pair Discussion6Shallon Cox, Zachariah KotlanichBen Barber Acad
Pair Discussion7James Adams, Tanner RawlingsKingwood HS
Pair Discussion8Collin Setzer, Jenna GorupKingwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity1Clements HSClements HS
Paß Auf! Varsity2Plano West Sr HighPlano West Sr High
Paß Auf! Varsity3Brazoswood HSBrazoswood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity4Westwood HSWestwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity5Nolan Catholic HSNolan Catholic HS
Paß Auf! Varsity6LASALASA
Paß Auf! Varsity7Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity8Arlington HSArlington HS
Paß Auf! Varsity9Boerne HSBoerne HS
Paß Auf! Varsity10Paschal HSPaschal HS
Photo Essay1Kirsten Hahn & Zach HabenichtMarcus HS
Photo Essay2Ben Butler & Kaitlin HauserCinco Ranch HS
Photo Essay3Liz GrahamCedar Ridge HS
Photo Essay4Amanda Tayor & Rebecca WhitfieldWhitney HS
Photo Essay5Morgan PenrodClear Creek HS
Photo Essay6Claire Keckley & Jenna WilloughbySeven Lakes HS
Photo Essay7Trey SmithLa Grange HS
Photo Essay8Matt McGrener & Maya BaldaufThe Woodlands HS
Photo Essay9Mary Kate MontgomeryTemple HS
Photo Essay10Jenna GorupKingwood HS
Photography1Karolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch HS
Photography2Abigail SturzSmithson Valley HS
Photography3Kate HanlonGuyer HS
Photography4Anika DrinovskyTompkins HS
Photography5Callie FergusonWhitney HS
Photography6Rena SunClements HS
Photography7Nicholas HalbertChampion HS
Photography8Mackenzie SmithMorton Ranch HS
Photography9Georgette HodgeBoerne HS
Photography10Gary GraysonClear Creek HS
Play Best Actor"Moebius"Clements HS
Play Best ActressBiedermannCinco Ranch HS
Play1Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Play2Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Play3Clements HSClements HS
Play4Whitney HSWhitney HS
Play5Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Play6The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Memory 11Jakob KnutsenKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 12Charles HodgesJasper HS
Poetry Memory 13Kelly LiuKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 14Andrea MazochLa Grange HS
Poetry Memory 15Rachel MannonVines HS
Poetry Memory 16Sophia NicholasCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Memory 17Bea FortesKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 18Daisy JassoHeights HS
Poetry Memory 19Katie AndersLa Grange HS
Poetry Memory 110Maddy KayTomball HS
Poetry Memory 21Tiana MoritzTomball HS
Poetry Memory 22Aditi PrabhuTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 23Neve EnloeGrapevine HS
Poetry Memory 24Andre FortesKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 25Charli ZernLASA
Poetry Memory 26Ajata RaddyJasper HS
Poetry Memory 27Tyler DeanDeer Park HS
Poetry Memory 28Alana MooreLASA
Poetry Memory 29Erin ReighBen Barber Acad
Poetry Memory 210Adam SwiteaLASA
Poetry Memory 31Anna de la FuenteLASA
Poetry Memory 32Anthony FortoulMesquite HS
Poetry Memory 33Jenali MehtaMemorial HS
Poetry Memory 34Jack SadlerTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 35Glennalise SaunierTivy HS
Poetry Memory 36James AdamsKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 37Ivan FonsecaMesquite HS
Poetry Memory 38Rohana ParachaTompkins HS
Poetry Memory 39Nicholas VennLASA
Poetry Memory 310Alexandra KorompayKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 41Connor PulliamKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 42Markus SchweigerKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 43Henry ArjetLASA
Poetry Memory 44Katie MerolaKingwood HS
Poetry Memory 45Madison EbestLASA
Poetry Memory 46Rena SunClements HS
Poetry Memory 47Taylor McCarthyLASA
Poetry Memory 48Rachel PatelClements HS
Poetry Memory 49Emma Liisa SuderlundGoethe Center
Poetry Memory 410Elizabeth MunnsPlano West Sr. High
Poetry Memory Adv.1Sasha BombardellaWestwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.2Karina GaulLASA
Poetry Memory Adv.3Tyler O'SheaKingwood HS
Poetry Memory Adv.4Alina PruneckyBen Barber HS
Poetry Memory Adv.5Katie GuhlClear Lake HS
Poetry Memory Adv.6Kayla Stevens SchmidtPlano West Sr. High
Poetry Memory Adv.7Analina TunnellPlano West Sr. High
Poetry Memory Adv.8Karl GelinskyClements HS
Poetry Memory Adv.9Nikolai BurgardtClements HS
Poetry Memory Adv.10Mark PodowskiThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Reading 11Jenna SmithDeer Park HS
Poetry Reading 12Sophia WatersBoerne HS
Poetry Reading 13Sean WilsonKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 14Maria HallTivy HS
Poetry Reading 15Elida Met-HoxaClear Creek HS
Poetry Reading 16Makayla GreerLa Grange HS
Poetry Reading 17Zoey BabyakSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Reading 18Jillian JonesDeer Park HS
Poetry Reading 19Paige EvansJasper HS
Poetry Reading 110Michelle LangeThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Reading 21Sean HallLASA
Poetry Reading 22Antony KsendzoffShepton HS
Poetry Reading 23Angelica AlbarrcinConnally HS
Poetry Reading 24Payton ComienSmithson Valley HS
Poetry Reading 25Mike ArellanoTaylor HS
Poetry Reading 26Dagney CarlssonHeights HS
Poetry Reading 27Hannah GriffinCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Reading 28Sophie JeonJasper HS
Poetry Reading 29Emma CrumleyKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 210Marissa AbregoWhitney HS
Poetry Reading 31Jack HylerKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 32Priscella SanchezLa Grange HS
Poetry Reading 33Lina TiblierLASA
Poetry Reading 34Chelsea SwainCollege Park HS
Poetry Reading 35Seanne BuoyWestwood HS
Poetry Reading 36Alyce HidenriteBoerne HS
Poetry Reading 37Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Poetry Reading 38Jed KyzerDeer Park HS
Poetry Reading 39Caitlyn MooreWhitney HS
Poetry Reading 310Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Poetry Reading 41Erik HalsbandThe Woodlands HS
Poetry Reading 42Garrett LogueCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Reading 43Andrew JezisekCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Reading 44Katy ReidTompkins HS
Poetry Reading 45Kimball BaerKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 46Ryan AzinBishop Lynch HS
Poetry Reading 47Amith ChivukulaClements HS
Poetry Reading 48Maggie AlvesNolan Catholic HS
Poetry Reading 49Jared WhitePlano East Sr High
Poetry Reading 410Sarah ThomasClements HS
Polka Band1Clements HSClements HS
Polka Band2Clear Creek HSClear Creek HS
Polka Band3Boerne HSBoerne HS
Polka Band4The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Polka Band5College Park HSCollege Park HS
Polka Band6Greenville HSGreenville HS
Polka Band7Guyer HSGuyer HS
Polka Band8Smithson Valley HSSmithson Valley HS
Polka Band9Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Poster Design1Charizma EspinozaTom C Clark HS
Poster Design2Juliette OstosSeven Lakes HS
Poster Design3Spencer JohnsonThe Woodlands HS
Poster Design4Samantha AllenDeer Park HS
Poster Design5Gracie DanielsWhitney HS
Poster Design6Karina GavlLASA
Poster Design7Shaloa ??Ben Barber Acad
Poster Design8Emily FieldWestwood HS
Poster Design9Olivia KieltyLa Grange HS
Poster Design10Ava MillsVines HS
Prose Memory 11Maya DitgesKingwood HS
Prose Memory 12Adela SosevicJasper HS
Prose Memory 13Joli OwensCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 14Katelynn SammonKingwood HS
Prose Memory 15Alexander SchmidtTompkins HS
Prose Memory 16Yurrii LutaiShepton HS
Prose Memory 17Nika PajunJasper HS
Prose Memory 18Kristen AllenKingwood HS
Prose Memory 19Brooks PavelkaCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 110Leslie TorresHeights HS
Prose Memory 21Paul OanceaThe Woodlands HS
Prose Memory 22Erin ReighBen Barber Acad
Prose Memory 23Polaron PosadasWestwood HS
Prose Memory 24Katie RookKingwood HS
Prose Memory 25Caroline KamlaClements HS
Prose Memory 26Krishanu RayLASA
Prose Memory 27Chelsea HazeltonWhitney HS
Prose Memory 28Carla VillalobosCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 29Valerie ContrerasWhitney HS
Prose Memory 210Natalie DeanKingwood HS
Prose Memory 31Matthew RossNolan Catholic
Prose Memory 32Ashley NoweterKingwood HS
Prose Memory 33Mandi NussCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 34Braden MuscarelloClements HS
Prose Memory 35Rob RudolphKingwood HS
Prose Memory 36Brennan EslingerKingwood HS
Prose Memory 37Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Prose Memory 41Natalie FlowersKingwood HS
Prose Memory 42Christopher GloynaClements HS
Prose Memory 43Ashleigh BurtonBen Barber Acad
Prose Memory 44Taylor McCartyLASA
Prose Memory 45Maggie JohnMorton Ranch HS
Prose Memory 46Kate KacenaKingwood HS
Prose Memory 47
Prose Memory 48
Prose Memory 49
Prose Memory 410
Prose Memory Adv.1Annika MillerKingwood HS
Prose Memory Adv.2Louisa PearlTompkins HS
Prose Memory Adv.3Analina TunnellPlano West Sr. High
Prose Memory Adv.4Katie GuhlClear Lake HS
Prose Memory Adv.5Sasha BombardellaWestwood HS
Prose Memory Adv.6Daniel OspinaTompkins HS
Prose Memory Adv.7Ivan OliveiraClements HS
Prose Reading 11Maria HallTivy HS
Prose Reading 12Shyam ChandraShepton HS
Prose Reading 13Betsy TalbotKingwood HS
Prose Reading 14Hugh hatchKingwood HS
Prose Reading 15Nick RudolfKingwood HS
Prose Reading 16Jon McCoyTompkins HS
Prose Reading 17Jacob ShulmanShepton HS
Prose Reading 18Morgan BuieBoerne MS South
Prose Reading 19Antony EvangelistaCedar Ridge HS
Prose Reading 110Grace MagevernVines HS
Prose Reading 21Caroline KamlaClements HS
Prose Reading 22Paula OanceaThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 23Leandra ContrerasConnally HS
Prose Reading 24Lizzy RiceThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 25Tarum HejmadiWestwood HS
Prose Reading 26Erin ReighBen Barber Acad
Prose Reading 27Trevor KristoffKingwood HS
Prose Reading 28Savanna SpencerBen Barber Acad
Prose Reading 29Celeste AshdownTompkins HS
Prose Reading 210Kobe EdmondCedar Ridge HS
Prose Reading 31Lina TiblierLASA
Prose Reading 32Anthony Roth-GiacintoGuyer HS
Prose Reading 33Ingrid KinneyLASA
Prose Reading 34Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Prose Reading 35Brian VuConnally HS
Prose Reading 36Cassie AtobajeunCollege Park HS
Prose Reading 37Trey MinterClements HS
Prose Reading 38Allison TaylorPlano West Sr. High
Prose Reading 39Jed KyzerDeer Park HS
Prose Reading 310Seanne BuoyWestwood HS
Prose Reading 41Erik HalsbandThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 42Amith ChivokulaClements HS
Prose Reading 43Cole VaughnPaschal HS
Prose Reading 44Sydney Brun-OzunaPaschal HS
Prose Reading 45Ashleigh BurtonBen Barber Acad
Prose Reading 46Andrew JezisekCedar Ridge HS
Prose Reading 47Liv CampbellKingwood HS
Prose Reading 48Cora BarkerKingwood HS
Prose Reading 49Jared WhitePlano East Sr High
Prose Reading 410Sarah FrankAllen HS
Puppet Show, Lower1Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Lower2LASALASA
Puppet Show, Lower3Ben Barber AcadBen Barber Acad
Puppet Show, Lower4Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Lower5Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Puppet Show, Lower6Heights HSHeights HS
Puppet Show, Lower7Clements HSClements HS
Puppet Show, Lower8New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Puppet Show, Lower9Grisham MSGrisham MS
Puppet Show, Lower10Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Puppet Show, Upper1Paschal HSPaschal HS
Puppet Show, Upper2Goethe CenterGoethe Center
Puppet Show, Upper3Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Upper4Clements HSClements HS
Puppet Show, Upper5Heights HSHeights HS
Reading Comp. 11Natalie RussellSmithson Valley HS
Reading Comp. 12Molly SparrowGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 13Slohan BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Reading Comp. 14Ivan Jimenez-AcostaSeven Lakes HS
Reading Comp. 15Shyam ChandraShepton HS
Reading Comp. 16Jenna SmithDeer Park
Reading Comp. 17Rachel HughesDenton Guyer
Reading Comp. 18Timothy MuschelClements HS
Reading Comp. 19Carter DornJasper HS
Reading Comp. 110Zoey BabyekSmithson Valley HS
Reading Comp. 21London SenfBurleson
Reading Comp. 22Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Reading Comp. 23Luke LubinJasper HS
Reading Comp. 24Carla RodriguezHeights HS
Reading Comp. 25Gretchen FaselerBoerne HS
Reading Comp. 26Abby RichersonArlington HS
Reading Comp. 27Keerthana SivakumarTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 28JD AlexanderMartin HS
Reading Comp. 29Josh AllenThe Woodlands HS
Reading Comp. 210Josie GrundyWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 31Braden MuscarelloClements HS
Reading Comp. 32Lina TiblierLASA
Reading Comp. 33Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Reading Comp. 34Allison TaylorPlano West Sr. High
Reading Comp. 35Cole ThompsonTompkins HS
Reading Comp. 36Shallon CoxBen Barber Acad
Reading Comp. 37Karolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch HS
Reading Comp. 38Kaydn WestonLASA
Reading Comp. 39Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Reading Comp. 310Nishant ArankeClements HS
Reading Comp. 41Melissa PighettiPaschal HS
Reading Comp. 42Christopher GloynaClements HS
Reading Comp. 43Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Reading Comp. 44Andrew LuWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 45Emma Liisa SoderlandGoethe Center
Reading Comp. 46Shaan LashariClements HS
Reading Comp. 47Alex BellonTomball HS
Reading Comp. 48Ben HanscomSmithson Valley HS
Reading Comp. 49Jared WhitePlano East
Reading Comp. 410Ann Marie HuttenhowerWestwood HS
Research Paper1Aylin TanriverdiCanyon Vista MS
Research Paper2Rachel Forman, Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Research Paper3Bethany StorkLa Grange HS
Research Paper4Jordan WeeksClear Creek HS
Research Paper5Savannah WartenbachKingwood HS
Research Paper6Skylar McMillan-GrayCollege Park HS
Research Paper7Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Research Paper8Abby Grifno, Fiona LinWestwood HS
Research Paper9Jake AtlasLASA
Research Paper10Rick HanishWilliams HS
Scavenger Hunt1Seven Lakes HSSeven Lakes HS
Scavenger Hunt2Ben Barber AcadBen Barber Acad
Scavenger Hunt3Guyer HSGuyer HS
Scavenger Hunt4Clements HSClements HS
Scavenger Hunt5McMillen HSMcMillen HS
Scavenger Hunt6Taylor HSTaylor HS
Scavenger Hunt7LASALASA
Scavenger Hunt8Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Scavenger Hunt9Connally HSConnally HS
Scavenger Hunt10Vines HSVines HS
Shirt Design1Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Shirt Design2Emily Zuniga, Rayna NewcombBrazoswood HS
Shirt Design3Lydia ColemanLASA
Shirt Design4Sierra/BlakeWhitney HS
Shirt Design5Landry HoltLa Grange HS
Shirt Design6Yvette PalaciosMorton Ranch HS
Shirt Design7Molly SparrowGrisham MS
Shirt Design8Terriana GreenBen Barber Acad
Shirt Design9Sydney KesterWarren HS
Shirt Design10Kristy HoffmanClear Lake HS
Sight Reading 11Maya DitgesKingwood HS
Sight Reading 12Ankit MondasShepton HS
Sight Reading 13Shyam ChandraShepton HS
Sight Reading 14Jose HernandezTompkins HS
Sight Reading 15Rebecca McNightThe Woodlands HS
Sight Reading 16Nicholas ChatzakisThe Woodlands HS
Sight Reading 17Josh BrinksJasper HS
Sight Reading 18Ben NewtonLa Grange HS
Sight Reading 19Joseph PickettNew Braunfels HS
Sight Reading 110Joli OwensCedar Ridge HS
Sight Reading 21Erin ReighBen Barber Acad
Sight Reading 22Lauren VicentiDeer Park HS
Sight Reading 23Gerald BracellGrapevine HS
Sight Reading 24Jack WhiteCedar Ridge HS
Sight Reading 25Jerzy NowakowskiTompkins HS
Sight Reading 26Clarissa MelendezLASA
Sight Reading 27Charli ZemLASA
Sight Reading 28Cameron MichalakCy-Fair HS
Sight Reading 29Josie GrundyWestwood HS
Sight Reading 210Imani StevenArlington HS
Sight Reading 31Rhiannron CulleyCedar Ridge HS
Sight Reading 32Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Sight Reading 33Ingrid LienPaschal HS
Sight Reading 34Karolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch HS
Sight Reading 35Seanne BuoyWestwood HS
Sight Reading 36Jed TyzerDeer Park HS
Sight Reading 37Mauricio MontesThe Woodlands HS
Sight Reading 38Allison TaylorPlano West Sr. High
Sight Reading 39Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Sight Reading 310Dylan HennigTompkins HS
Sight Reading 41Kate KacenaKingwood HS
Sight Reading 42Lance HendersonChampion HS
Sight Reading 43Landon YoungSmithson Valley HS
Sight Reading 44Christian HarbourBoerne HS
Sight Reading 45Jarred WhitePlano East Sr High
Sight Reading 46Farouk KayaliCy-Fair HS
Sight Reading 47Melissa PighettiPaschal HS
Sight Reading 48Erik HalsbandThe Woodlands HS
Sight Reading 49Agata KwasnikKingwood HS
Sight Reading 410Ashley BentowBen Barber Acad
Skit 1 Best ActorBraden HollandKingwood HS
Skit 1 Best ActressHope MayoJasper HS
Skit 11Jasper HSJasper HS
Skit 12La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Skit 13Boerne MS SouthBoerne MS South
Skit 14Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 15Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 16Heights HSHeights HS
Skit 17Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 18Shepton HSShepton HS
Skit 19Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Skit 110Ben Barber AcadBen Barber Acad
Skit 2 Best ActorSean HallLASA
Skit 2 Best ActressRachael MoonLASA
Skit 22Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 23Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 24Jasper HSJasper HS
Skit 25Shepton HSShepton HS
Skit 26Ben Barber AcadBen Barber Acad
Skit 27Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 28Connally HSConnally HS
Skit 29Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 3 Best ActorTrey MinterClements HS
Skit 3 Best ActressJoleene AlsureBen Barber Acad
Skit 31Clements HSClements HS
Skit 32Ben Barber AcadBen Barber Acad
Skit 33Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 34Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 35Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 36Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 37Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 4 Best ActorDavid FooteGreenville HS
Skit 4 Best ActressRapkaeppchenCy-Fair HS
Skit 41La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Skit 42Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 43Greenville HSGreenville HS
Skit 44Cy-Fair HSCy-Fair HS
Skit 46Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 47Seven Lakes HSSeven Lakes HS
Skit 48Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 49Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Spelling 11Jacob RedlandTaylor
Spelling 12Alma ZirojevicGrisham MS
Spelling 13Errett CorbiereRound Rock HS
Spelling 14Aarya AgarwelCanyon Vista MS
Spelling 15Faith MilaegerGrisham MS
Spelling 16Solomon PierceArlington HS
Spelling 17Ankit MondalShepton HS
Spelling 18Ian KocurPaschal HS
Spelling 19Jack RosenbergShepton HS
Spelling 110Kelly LiuKingwood HS
Spelling 21Erin ReighBen Barber Acad
Spelling 22VJ NikhilMcMillen
Spelling 23Annika GallawayThe Woodlands HS
Spelling 24Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Spelling 25JD AlexanderMartin HS
Spelling 26Paul OanceaThe Woodlands HS
Spelling 27Shivesh RazdanWestwood HS
Spelling 28Al AveryWarren HS
Spelling 29Benjamin MurdochSan Marcos HS
Spelling 210Rishi JangaleClements HS
Spelling 31Anna FreyLASA
Spelling 32Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Spelling 33Anthony Roth-GiancintoDenton Guyer
Spelling 34Karolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch HS
Spelling 35Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Spelling 36Chelsea SwainCollege Park
Spelling 37Alexandria BennettPlano West Sr. High
Spelling 38Andye ToshGrapevine HS
Spelling 39Andy CastilleCedar Ridge HS
Spelling 310Brian VuConnally HS
Spelling 41Zach HabenichtMarcus HS
Spelling 42Agata KwasnikKingwood HS
Spelling 43Josh DoehringFlower Mound HS
Spelling 44Olivia LeeLASA
Spelling 45Ann Marie HuttenhowerWestwood HS
Spelling 46Alex BellonTomball HS
Spelling 47Ryan MalinBishop Lynch HS
Spelling 48Sophia EmichNew Braunfels HS
Spelling 49Shaan LashariClements HS
Spelling 410Victoria JacksSmithson Valley HS
Video Show1The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Video Show2Clements HSClements HS
Video Show3Heights HSHeights HS
Video Show4La Grange HSLa Grange HS
Video Show5Boerne HSBoerne HS
Video Show6Tom C Clark HSTom C Clark HS
Video Show7Ben Barber AcedBen Barber Acad
Video Show8Seven Lakes HSSeven Lakes HS
Video Show9College Park HSCollege Park HS
Video Show10Whitney HSWhitney HS
Vocabulary 11Molly SparrowGrisham MS
Vocabulary 12Savannah KippermanCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 13Aarya AgarwalCanyon Vista MS
Vocabulary 14Alma ZirgieviaGrisham MS
Vocabulary 15Emil BruhnkeCinco Ranch HS
Vocabulary 16Audrey HidajatTompkins HS
Vocabulary 17Kelly LiuKingwood HS
Vocabulary 18Minna GrundyGrisham MS
Vocabulary 19Amanda HalbertDenton HS
Vocabulary 110Solomon PierceArlington HS
Vocabulary 21JD AlexanderMartin HS
Vocabulary 22Alexis MerkerJasper HS
Vocabulary 23Josh AllenThe Woodlands HS
Vocabulary 24Kavya DonapudiJasper HS
Vocabulary 25Emilio GonzalezBrandeis HS
Vocabulary 26Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes HS
Vocabulary 27Jerzy NowakowskiTompkins HS
Vocabulary 28Ali AveryWarren HS
Vocabulary 29Nikhil VJMcMillen
Vocabulary 210Andrew SealeWestwood HS
Vocabulary 31Braden MuscarelloClements HS
Vocabulary 32Anna FreyLASA
Vocabulary 33Lina TiblierLASA
Vocabulary 34Ingrid AlberdingBurleson
Vocabulary 35Fleur PeekSeven Lakes HS
Vocabulary 36Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Vocabulary 37Alexandria BennettPlano West Sr. High
Vocabulary 38Jelena SalvadorTompkins HS
Vocabulary 39Charlie EstesPaschal HS
Vocabulary 310Mary Kate MontgomeryTemple HS
Vocabulary 41Zach HabenichtMarcus HS
Vocabulary 42Melissa PighettiPaschal HS
Vocabulary 43Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Vocabulary 44Josh DoehringFlower Mound HS
Vocabulary 45Prerna KundalgurkiLASA
Vocabulary 46Tobias WickThe Woodlands HS
Vocabulary 47Emma Liisa SoderlandGoethe Center
Vocabulary 48Luke SteckleinClements HS
Vocabulary 49Christopher GloynaClements HS
Vocabulary 410Michael PhippsWestwood HS
Vocal Solo1Ruby GuerraHeights HS
Vocal Solo2Jessic ClaytonBrazoswood HS
Vocal Solo3Paige EvansJasper HS
Vocal Solo4Paarth ManiarClements HS
Vocal Solo5Jessi FawcettGreenville HS
Vocal Solo6Casey BlackChampion HS
Vocal Solo7Sydney Brun-OzunaPaschal HS
Vocal Solo8Darah McilwainPlano Sr HS
Vocal Solo9Jack WhiteCedar Ridge HS
Vocal Solo10Grace FreyChampion HS

34th Annual Texas State German Contest

1026 students were registered
71 schools registered

1165 entries across 84 events (including breakdown of levels)
over 200 judges/coordinators/directors

Mary El-Beheri Memorial Scholarship Winner: Burhanuddin Calcuttawala, Clements HS


2016 Sweepstakes Winners

Large Schools - 100+ students enrolled in German Program
Small Schools - 1-99 students enrolled in German Program
 Large Schools  Small Schools 
PlaceSchoolSweeps Pts.PlaceSchoolSweeps Pts.
2Clements5552Ben Barber226
3Smithson Valley3013Morton Ranch137
4Tompkins2934Cedar Ridge133
5Bellaire2715Plano West121
8Cinco Ranch8Lanier
9Deer Park9Seven Lakes
10College Park10Cy-Fair

2016 State Winners

EventPlaceStudent NameSchool
Chorus1Clements HSClements HS
Chorus2Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Chorus3Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Chorus4The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Chorus5Whitney HSWhitney HS
Chorus7Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Chorus8Ben BarberBen Barber
Classical Ensemble1LASALASA
Classical Ensemble2Champion HSChampion HS
Classical Ensemble3Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Classical Ensemble4Hendrickson HSHendrickson HS
Classical Ensemble5Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Classical Ensemble6Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Classical Ensemble7Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Classical Ensemble8Temple HSTemple HS
Classical Ensemble9Warren HSWarren HS
Classical Ensemble10College Park HSCollege Park HS
Club Album1Cassie AtobajeunCollege Park HS
Club Album2Callie, Sidney, GracieWhitney HS
Club Album3Sydney, Jackie, Maddie, MelanieBishop Lynch HS
Club Album4Krista Bangs, Bridget CarolanLASA
Club Album5Karl Gelinsky, Isabella FigueredoClements HS
Club Album6Keisha Soto, Joy HallLa Grange HS
Club Album7Rebecca FelanO'Connor HS
Club Album8Lexi Kokines, Shelby WieckerThe Woodlands HS
Club Album9Michelle, Joshua, Festina, Di'NeashaConnally HS
Club Album10Kayla, Alexis, Kristen, Jack, DakJasper HS
Contemporary Music1Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Contemporary Music2Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Contemporary Music3LASALASA
Contemporary Music4WoodlandsWoodlands
Contemporary Music5John H. ReaganJohn H. Reagan
Contemporary Music6WhitneyWhitney
Contemporary Music7ClementsClements
Contemporary Music8FredericksburgFredericksburg
Contemporary Music9BoerneBoerne
Contemporary Music10Ben BarberBen Barber
Crafts1Wesley, Kyle BarkleyTompkins HS
Crafts2Claire DongClements HS
Crafts3Juliana EnglerTom C. Clark HS
Crafts4Nicholas DrewKingwood HS
Crafts5Anastasia GleasonMorton Ranch HS
Crafts6Sophie BonnerCinco Ranch HS
Crafts7LaVon DealWhitney HS
Crafts8Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Crafts9Devin RauserSmithson Valley HS
Crafts10Karina Gaul, Cameron WynelLASA
Culture 11Noah JohnsonCollege Park
Culture 12Alex YoungShepton
Culture 13Luke LubinJasper
Culture 14Marcelo AldreteLASA
Culture 15Cecily SimsPaschal
Culture 16Joe RosenwinkelKingwood
Culture 17Alexander LeeGoethe Center
Culture 18Andre FortesKingwood
Culture 19Jane ZinkBoerne HS
Culture 110Shivesh RazdanGrisham MS
Culture 21Skyler StrobelBrazoswood
Culture 22Nabeeha EngineerClements
Culture 23Tristan ZhangClark
Culture 24Jackson DunnWestwood HS
Culture 25Housan NoochuaiJasper
Culture 26Amy KoelbelBellaire
Culture 27Spencer FoxTivy HS
Culture 28Syndey StewartNew Braunfels HS
Culture 29Caleb MonroeDeer Park
Culture 210Travis HoffmanAllen
Culture 31Agata KwasnikKingwood
Culture 32Madeline SternBellaire
Culture 33Cassie YuanBellaire
Culture 34Dylam ReedLASA
Culture 35Nathan NarseworthyPlano West
Culture 36Austin SweeneyLASA
Culture 37Sophia EmichNew Braunfels
Culture 38Danielle SteinerPlano West
Culture 39Maria CantuBrandeis HS
Culture 310Phillip MillsTompkins
Culture 41David XiangWestwood HS
Culture 42Jake AtlasLASA
Culture 43Austin HuangWestwood HS
Culture 44Michelle TangBellaire
Culture 45Logan MaltzDenton
Culture 46Holden DiserensTemple
Culture 47Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley
Culture 48Jack WhitmerKingwood
Culture 49Alex ChristesonTivy HS
Culture 410Akash RamanathanTemple
Digital Logo Design1Chris PinoSeven Lakes
Digital Logo Design2Karsten LoweTom C. Clark
Digital Logo Design3Megan GoffAnderson
Digital Logo Design4Mariah MackeyLASA
Digital Logo Design5Jackson SingletonClear Creek
Digital Logo Design6Karolis MotiedunasFredericksburg
Digital Logo Design7Kate SalskyBellaire
Digital Logo Design8Hoshain NoorbhaiJasper
Digital Logo Design9Eric WestDeer Creek
Digital Logo Design10Antony KsendzoffShepton
Directed Dialogue 11Sean KaranianBen Barber HS
Directed Dialogue 12Ellie EppersonThe Woodlands HS
Directed Dialogue 13Kavya donepudiJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 14JD AlexanderArlington HS
Directed Dialogue 15Caroline LowtherGrisham MS
Directed Dialogue 16Angi LouKingwood HS
Directed Dialogue 17Siddak BhatiaJasper HS
Directed Dialogue 18Marija FeliksouinaShepton HS
Directed Dialogue 19Oscar DelagavzaTivy HS
Directed Dialogue 110Chelsey DavittKingwood HS
Directed Dialogue 21Lillian YoungWestwood
Directed Dialogue 22Ben HanscomSmithson Valley
Directed Dialogue 23Anna FreyLASA
Directed Dialogue 24Rachel PhamCinco Ranch
Directed Dialogue 25Alex ChandlerBellaire
Directed Dialogue 26Jelena SalvadorTompkins
Directed Dialogue 27Ingrid AlberdingBurleson
Directed Dialogue 28Hushain NoorbhaiJasper
Directed Dialogue 29Angela ChangClements
Directed Dialogue 210Dylan HennigTompkins
Doll Costume1Natalie GrantCinco Ranch HS
Doll Costume2Katheryn PechtKaty HS
Doll Costume3Madison LedouxDeer Park HS
Doll Costume4Karina GaulLASA
Doll Costume5Anika DrinauskyTompkins HS
Doll Costume6Alexandria BennetShepton HS
Doll Costume7Sky PlumleySmithson Valley HS
Doll Costume8Madeline Ayers, Sophie HenningWhitney HS
Doll Costume9Rachael MoonLASA
Doll Costume10Annika KeeseckerDenton HS
Duet Acting 11Savannah Wartenback, Andre FortesKingwood
Duet Acting 12Charlie Jay, Shaina BookerWhitney HS
Duet Acting 13Sofia Furrh, Alexander LeeGoethe Center
Duet Acting 14Josh Weinbach, Krishna BrahmaroutuCedar Ridge HS
Duet Acting 15Andrew Seale, Kevin MurrayGrisham MS
Duet Acting 16Abby Thurston, Cameron MichalakCy-Fair HS
Duet Acting 17Luana Do Sacramento, Kamal YazigiTompkins HS
Duet Acting 18Alex Natelson, Laurel PlagensLanier MS
Duet Acting 19Aysia Burrell, Courtney FieldsMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 110
Duet Acting 21Carly Skufca, Hannah SearbyCy-Fair HS
Duet Acting 22Cole Thompson, Sarah RogersTompkins HS
Duet Acting 23Rachel Foreman, Rachel PhamCinco Ranch HS
Duet Acting 24Eric Llewellyn, Kate O'DellKingwood HS
Duet Acting 25
Duet Acting 26
Duet Acting 27
Duet Acting 28
Duet Acting 29
Duet Acting 210
Duet Acting 31Katy Ellis, Maggi JohnMorton Ranch HS
Duet Acting 32Markus Schweiger, Connor PullianKingwood HS
Duet Acting 33Lindsey Burns, Jett PhillipsBen Barber HS
Duet Acting 34Shaan Lashari, Chris GloynaClements HS
Duet Acting 35Michael Lins, EvanFergusonTompkins HS
Duet Acting 36Anna Elliott, Brad WorsteferSmithson Valley HS
Duet Acting 37
Duet Acting 38
Duet Acting 39
Duet Acting 310
Duet Acting 41Astrid Guerra, Burhanuddin CaluttavallaClements
Duet Acting 42Alex Schillinger, Michael LinsTompkins
Duet Acting 43Line Hansen, Norma PeiezMorton Ranch
Duet Acting 44Sarah Piersall, Lena TeckenbrockLASA
Duet Acting 45Madison Ledoux, Ethan WolfeDeer Park
Duet Acting 46Ivan Medina, Juan AlvarezPaschal
Duet Acting 47Olin Parker, Anthony RamirezKingwood
Duet Acting 48Emily Cecil, Leslie VerdeWhitney
Duet Acting 49
Duet Acting 410
Einzelplattler1Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Einzelplattler2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Einzelplattler3College Park HSCollege Park HS
Einzelplattler4The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Einzelplattler5Denton HSDenton HS
Einzelplattler6Clements HSClements HS
Einzelplattler7Whitney HSWhitney HS
Extemporaneous 31Zoe CzarneckiLASA
Extemporaneous 32Sandy TorresBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 33Elisabeth MunnsPlano West HS
Extemporaneous 34Garrett GraneyTompkins HS
Extemporaneous 35Marcus SlonakerConnally HS
Extemporaneous 36Line HansenMorton Ranch HS
Extemporaneous 37Sarah WebsterFlower Mound HS
Extemporaneous 38Alec WolbrueckTemple HS
Extemporaneous 39Henr ArjetLASA
Extemporaneous 310Noor RajabStratford HS
Extemporaneous 41Joseph KolengWestwood HS
Extemporaneous 42Logan MaltzDenton HS
Extemporaneous 43Michelle TangBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 44Barha Nuddin CalcuttawalaClements HS
Extemporaneous 45Chrles AscottLASA
Extemporaneous 46Emma Liisa SoderlundDallas Goethe Center
Extemporaneous 47Emma SnderCovenant Christian
Extemporaneous 48Sam GoldenBellaire HS
Extemporaneous 49Bridget KellyLASA
Extemporaneous 410Casey ZawencnikMarcus HS
Extemporaneous Adv.1Alina DrunekyBen Barber
Extemporaneous Adv.2Sven LohseAllen HS
Extemporaneous Adv.3Celia SchmidtKingwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.4Kayla (Stevens) SchmidtJasper HS
Extemporaneous Adv.5Tim BatesKingwood HS
Extemporaneous Adv.6Rachel BurnsBellaire HS
Extemporaneous Adv.7Karl GelinskyClements HS
Extemporaneous Adv.8Avion GreenBen Barber
Extemporaneous Adv.9Louisa PearlTompkins
Extemporaneous Adv.10Rebecca RichardRonald Reagan HS
Folk Dance1Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Folk Dance2Greenville HSGreenville HS
Folk Dance3College Park HSCollege Park HS
Folk Dance4The Woodlands HSThe Woodlands HS
Folk Dance5Clements HSClements HS
Folk Dance6Whitney HSWhitney HS
Folk Dance7Plano SR HSPlano Sr HS
Folk Dance8Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Folk Dance9
Folk Dance10
Gingerbread-Non1Natalie GrantCinco Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Non2Natalie FlowersKingwood HS
Gingerbread-Non3Jonah RadyTompkins HS
Gingerbread-Non4Tyler Hanlyn et alChampion HS
Gingerbread-Non5Allie Casey et alPaschal HS
Gingerbread-Non6Juan Alvarez et alPaschal HS
Gingerbread-Non7Cristina Hillje et alBrandeis HS
Gingerbread-Non8Taylor Wilson et alTemple HS
Gingerbread-Non9Nicole ParkFredericksburg HS
Gingerbread-Non10Jessica SanfelippoMarcus HS
Gingerbread-Trad.1Natalie Grant, Owen May, Morgan Bush, Meghan McLaughlinCinco Ranch HS
Gingerbread-Trad.2Jake Atlas, Ryan Thomas, Cameron WynLASA
Gingerbread-Trad.3Sky PlumleySmithson Valley HS
Gingerbread-Trad.4Anyssa Torres, Chad Sotherland, Chantal CyrusTemple HS
Gingerbread-Trad.5Dana Moore, Eleanor HalbertDenton HS
Gingerbread-Trad.6Natalie, Cindy, Miriam, ClaireClements HS
Gingerbread-Trad.7Katie, Jay SchnellerSeven Lakes HS
Gingerbread-Trad.8Claire Fally, Samantha MoralesShepton HS
Gingerbread-Trad.9Jack Whitner, Emmie DaltonKingwood HS
Gingerbread-Trad.10Anna Coulter, Karla WalsemannChampion HS
Grammar 11Polaron PosadasGrisham MS
Grammar 12Anqi LouKingwood
Grammar 13Erin Octavia ReighBen Barber
Grammar 14Abby RichardsonArlington
Grammar 15J. D. AlexanderArlington
Grammar 16Timothy YabukiArlington HS
Grammar 17Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes
Grammar 18Jerzy NowakowskiTompkins
Grammar 19Shivesh RazdanGrisham MS
Grammar 110Aditi PrabhuTompkins
Grammar 21Tristan ZhangClark
Grammar 22Anna FreyLASA
Grammar 23William SlattonLASA
Grammar 24Ingid AlberdingBurleson
Grammar 25Ben HansonSmithson Valley
Grammar 26Deryck HuynnMcMillan
Grammar 27Lillian YoungWestwood HS
Grammar 28Broderick TurnerPlano West
Grammar 29Lina TiblierLASA
Grammar 210Angela ChangClements
Grammar 31Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Grammar 32Cassie YuanBellaire
Grammar 33Luke SteckleinClements
Grammar 34Garrett GraneyTompkins
Grammar 35Nick HammelLASA
Grammar 36Sarah WebsterFlower Mound
Grammar 37Noor RajabStratford
Grammar 38Andrew JezisekCedar Ridge
Grammar 39Henry AdjetLASA
Grammar 310Fiona LinWestwood
Grammar 41Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Grammar 42Logan MaltzDenton
Grammar 43Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Grammar 44Batu OzsaracogluWestwood HS
Grammar 45Matthew FrizzellWestwood HS
Grammar 46Alisia TumacPlano West
Grammar 47Lena TeckenbrockLASA
Grammar 48Sam GoldenBellaire
Grammar 49Jing XiaClements
Grammar 410Michelle TangBellaire
Listening Comp. 11Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes
Listening Comp. 12Fiza PatelWilliams
Listening Comp. 13Luana do SacramentoTompkins
Listening Comp. 14Kavya DonepudiJasper
Listening Comp. 15Clarke FosterLanier MS
Listening Comp. 16Abby RichardsonArlington
Listening Comp. 17Connor GalleyGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 18Anqi LouKingwood
Listening Comp. 19John FlemingLanier MS
Listening Comp. 110Luis GarciaSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 21Landon YoungSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 22Braden MuscarelloClements
Listening Comp. 23Seanne BuoyWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 24Andy CastilleCedar Ridge
Listening Comp. 25Lina TiblierLASA
Listening Comp. 26Dylan HennigTompkins
Listening Comp. 27Greta IlcsikStratford
Listening Comp. 28Travis CainWestwood HS
Listening Comp. 29Jae-Kyung SimSeven Lakes
Listening Comp. 210Rafael SanchezJohn H. Reagan
Listening Comp. 31Astrid GuerraClements
Listening Comp. 32Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Listening Comp. 33Noor RajabStratford
Listening Comp. 34Line HansenMorton Ranch
Listening Comp. 35Zoe CzarneckiLASA
Listening Comp. 36Victoria JacksSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 37Elizabeth LyonsSeven Lakes
Listening Comp. 38Rebekah BeattyWarren
Listening Comp. 39Ashtyn AndersonBurleson
Listening Comp. 310Savannah MizerCovenant Christian
Listening Comp. 41Sam GoldenBellaire
Listening Comp. 42Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Listening Comp. 43Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Listening Comp. 44Isabella TranPlano West
Listening Comp. 45Emma SnyderCovenant Christian
Listening Comp. 46Lena TeckenbrockLASA
Listening Comp. 47Claire DongClements
Listening Comp. 48Michelle TangBellaire
Listening Comp. 49Juan AlvarezPaschal
Listening Comp. 410Jackson RobertsLASA
Needlework1Josie MuschellClements HS
Needlework2Samantha MillerConnally HS
Needlework3Siobahn MaddenClements HS
Needlework4Jessie WilliamsKingwood HS
Needlework5Aliayah HimelfarbCinco Ranch HS
Needlework6Margaret ButterfieldMcMillan HS
Needlework7Sophie GilbertSmithson Valley HS
Needlework8Tamara JelevikovTom C. Clark HS
Needlework9Kristen HahnMarcus HS
Needlework10Piper HorrellMorton Ranch HS
Original Models1Kadyn WestonLASA
Original Models2Tracy TilletKingwood HS
Original Models3Jeremy MillerCaney Creek
Original Models4Imani HurringtonBellaire
Original Models5I. Pereloma, M. Aguileur, S. SanchezTom C. Clark HS
Original Models6Elizabeth Bono, Amae AbnerGrisham MS
Original Models7Owen ZinkwegSeven Lakes
Original Models8Anh-Khoa Pham, Edson AlvaradoConnally HS
Original Models9Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley HS
Original Models10Savannah MizerCovenant Christian
Pair Discussion1Isaiah Ware, Sandy TorresBellaire
Pair Discussion2Luke Stecklein, Chris GloynaClements
Pair Discussion3Michael Lins, Garrett GraenyTompkins
Pair Discussion4Hans Lammeman, Evan Ferguson Tompkins
Pair Discussion5Henry Arjet, Dylan ReadLASA
Pair Discussion6Claire Mitchell, Ethan CarrascoSmithson Valley
Pair Discussion7Nick Hammet. Zoe CzarneckiLASA
Pair Discussion8Billy Blount, Ruby DentonAnderson
Pair Discussion9Andrew Jezisek, William SuCedar Ridge
Pair Discussion10Katie Merola, Zack BoyferKingwood
Paß Auf! Varsity1Brazoswood HSBrazoswood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity3Westwood HSWestwood HS
Paß Auf! Varsity4Plano West SR HSPlano West SR HS
Paß Auf! Varsity5Bellaire HSBellair HS
Paß Auf! Varsity6Ben Barber HSBen Barber HS
Paß Auf! Varsity7LASALASA
Paß Auf! Varsity8Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Paß Auf! Varsity9Denton HSDenton HS
Paß Auf! Varsity10New Braunfels HSNew Braunfels HS
Photo Essay1Erin O'Hara, Sam HaarCinco Ranch
Photo Essay2Sarah Piersall, Lena TeckenbrockLASA
Photo Essay3Mary BarneyKingwood
Photo Essay4Mark KustjuninClear Creek
Photo Essay5Connally HSConnally HS
Photo Essay6Lexi KokinesWoodlands
Photo Essay7Alyssa Junhav, Shelby KovzakBoerne
Photo Essay8Meredith Schieu, Shannon SumnerTom C. Clark
Photo Essay9Hans Lammerian, Joshua B. LakeTompkins
Photo Essay10Plano HSPlano HS
Photography1Olin ParkerKingwood
Photography2Rachel DancerArlington
Photography3Sophie GilbertSmithson Valley HS
Photography4Seth BaiseArlington
Photography5Karolis VaiciulisCinco Ranch
Photography6Katheryn PechtKaty
Photography7Cindy YorgouethClements
Photography8John NelsonPaschal
Photography9Karsten LoweTom C. Clark
Photography10Erin RisingerRound Rock
Play Best ActorTy O'GradyWhitney HS
Play Best ActressAnn ElliotSmithson Valley HS
Play1FaustWhitney HS
Play2Kleider machen LeuteSmithson Valley HS
Play3Der Besuch der alten DameClements HS
Poetry Memory 11Anny ShecktmanPlano West
Poetry Memory 12Faith AthensCy-Fair
Poetry Memory 13Nicole DiazCedar Ridge
Poetry Memory 14Alanna MooreLASA
Poetry Memory 15Angela VantreeseBellaire
Poetry Memory 16Kavya DonepudiJasper
Poetry Memory 17Fiona DevlinTompkins
Poetry Memory 18Rachel MoonLASA
Poetry Memory 19Caroline KamlaClements
Poetry Memory 110Andre FortesKingwood
Poetry Memory 21Rhiannon CulleyCedar Ridge
Poetry Memory 22Anna de la FuenteLASA
Poetry Memory 23William RogersTompkins
Rebecca Carmach4Erin RisingerRound Rock
Poetry Memory 25Prahlaad DasqLASA
Poetry Memory 26Nabeeha EngineerClements
Poetry Memory 27Brian IriantoTompkins
Poetry Memory 28Kristin DavisWhitney
Poetry Memory 29Daniela VictoriaTomball
Poetry Memory 210Stefanie KaiserTivy
Poetry Memory 31Julia WestwickStratford
Poetry Memory 32Nichole ChickSmithson Valley
Poetry Memory 33Emily SanchezBellaire
Poetry Memory 34Matthew MartinezCy-Fair
Poetry Memory 35Francisco LlangerTompkins
Poetry Memory 36Sierra NelsonWhitney
Poetry Memory 37Henry ArjetLASA
Poetry Memory 38Taylor McCarthyLASA
Poetry Memory 39Sheena GabrielSmithson Valley
Poetry Memory 310Christopher GloynaClements
Poetry Memory 41Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Poetry Memory 42Alec SchillingerTompkins
Poetry Memory 43Brandon CollinsKingwood
Poetry Memory 44Matthew PrinzLASA
Poetry Memory 45Kate KacenaKingwood
Poetry Memory 46Rebecca CarmachLASA
Poetry Memory 47Ivy TaylorCollege Park
Poetry Memory 48Joshua BanjaCollege Park
Poetry Memory 49Emma SoderlundGoethe Center
Poetry Memory 410Maddie EbestLASA
Poetry Memory Adv.1Karl GelinskyClements
Poetry Memory Adv.2Sascha BombardelloWestwood
Poetry Memory Adv.3Jonathan ChangClements
Poetry Memory Adv.4Karina BertelsmannClear Creek
Poetry Memory Adv.5Jaqueline PelayoBishop Lynch
Poetry Memory Adv.6Kayla SchmidtJasper
Poetry Memory Adv.7Joseph SchmidtTompkins
Poetry Memory Adv.8Alina DrumeckyBen Barber
Poetry Memory Adv.9Giann GoodaleCovenant Christian
Poetry Memory Adv.10Natalie FlowersKingwood
Poetry Reading 11Cameron MichalakCy-Fair
Poetry Reading 12Leo CollierCinco Ranch
Poetry Reading 13Payton GomeinSmithson Valley
Poetry Reading 14Sarah DavisTomball
Poetry Reading 15Ellie EppersonThe Woodlands
Poetry Reading 16Tyler StenceLASA
Poetry Reading 17Marcelo AldreteLASA
Poetry Reading 18Karya DonepudiJasper
Poetry Reading 19Adalee TorresO'Connor
Poetry Reading 110Sopie JeonJasper
Poetry Reading 21Trey MinterClements HS
Poetry Reading 22Erin RisingerRound Rock HS
Poetry Reading 23Autum AdamsFredericksburg HS
Poetry Reading 24Caleb MonroeDeer Park HS
Poetry Reading 25Skyler StrobelBrazoswood HS
Poetry Reading 26Jack HylerKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 27Jedidiah KyzerDeer Park HS
Poetry Reading 28Sophie HughesWestwood HS
Poetry Reading 29Analla SmithShepton HS
Poetry Reading 210Jared JacobsonClark HS, Plano
Poetry Reading 31Zachary BoyterKingwood
Poetry Reading 32Caitlyn MooreWhitney
Poetry Reading 33Emily WarrenFredericksburg
Poetry Reading 34Caitlyn HostermanWhitney
Poetry Reading 35Gracie DanielsWhitney
Poetry Reading 36Ryan MalinBishop Lynch
Poetry Reading 37Amith ChivukulaClements
Poetry Reading 38Soohee BaePlano Sr. High
Poetry Reading 39Sara BergeronLASA
Poetry Reading 310Gabby BrownKingwood
Poetry Reading 41Akash RamanathanTemple HS
Poetry Reading 42Markus SchweigerKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 43Tim WhiteCedar Ridge HS
Poetry Reading 44Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Poetry Reading 45Jonathan McCormackTemple
Poetry Reading 46Isabella TranPlano Sr. High
Poetry Reading 47Jake AtlasLASA
Poetry Reading 48Jesilyn WilliamsKingwood HS
Poetry Reading 49Cindy YongouethClements HS
Poetry Reading 410Blake ConklinCollege Park HS
Polka Band1Clements HSClements HS
Polka Band2Lanier MSLanier MS
Polka Band3College Park HSCollege Park HS
Polka Band4Boerne HSBoerne HS
Polka Band5Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Polka Band6Ben BarberBen Baber
Polka Band7Deer Park HSDeer Park HS
Polka Band8Greenville HSGreenville HS
Polka Band10
Poster Design1Claire MitchellSmithson Valley HS
Poster Design2Angela ChangClements HS
Poster Design3Rebecca HallBishop Lynch HS
Poster Design4Cameron Wynn, Karnina GaulLASA
Poster Design5Kiersten HuntKingwood
Poster Design6Georgia BurnerCollege Park
Poster Design7Madison JenningsCovenant Christian
Poster Design8Casey ZamecnileMarcus HS
Poster Design9Christine Dyal, Sujinna TomarekTom C. Clark HS
Poster Design10Emily FieldBishop Lynch HS
Prose Memory 11Anny SchecktmanPlano West
Prose Memory 12Caroline KamlaClements HS
Prose Memory 13Anai LouKingwood
Prose Memory 14Jarod WentzKingwood
Prose Memory 15Erin LeighBen Barber
Prose Memory 16Carla RodriguezJohn H Reagan
Prose Memory 17Aditi PrabhuTompkins
Prose Memory 18Carla VillalobosCedar Ridge
Prose Memory 19
Prose Memory 110
Prose Memory 21Emma KymeKingwood HS
Prose Memory 22Aleah HaightLASA
Prose Memory 23Anna FreyLASA
Prose Memory 24Nabeeha EngineerClements HS
Prose Memory 25Mandi NussCedar Ridge HS
Prose Memory 26Ashleigh BurtonBen Barber
Prose Memory 27Jenna GorupKingwood HS
Prose Memory 28Glenn SavnierTivy HS
Prose Memory 29Isabel CantuRonald Reagan HS
Prose Memory 210Rob RudolfKingwood HS
Prose Memory 31Cora BarkerKingwood HS
Prose Memory 32Bradley WersterferSmithson Valley
Prose Memory 33Erica GonzalesJohn H. Reagan
Prose Memory 34Victoria JacksSmithson Valley
Prose Memory 35Dylan ReadLASA
Prose Memory 36Taylor McCarthyLASA
Prose Memory 37Luke StecklinClements HS
Prose Memory 38Ryan BallounBellaire
Prose Memory 39Luz MartinezWhitney
Prose Memory 310Roman MarquezBellaire
Prose Memory 41Charles AscottLASA
Prose Memory 42Addie WalkerLASA
Prose Memory 43Claire DongClements
Prose Memory 44Abigal AyersWhitney
Prose Memory 45Burhanuddin CaleuttwaleClements
Prose Memory 46Tim WhiteCedar Ridge
Prose Memory 47Thomas DitgesKingwood
Prose Memory 48Will AbramsWestwood
Prose Memory 49Anthony RamirezKingwood
Prose Memory 410
Prose Memory Adv.1Karl GelinskyClements
Prose Memory Adv.2Daniel OspinaTompkins
Prose Memory Adv.3Rachel BurnsBellaire
Prose Memory Adv.4Sascha BombardellaWestwood
Prose Memory Adv.5Analina TunellPlano West
Prose Memory Adv.6Theo LavierLASA
Prose Memory Adv.7Joseph SchmidtTompkins
Prose Memory Adv.8Gianna GoodaleCovenant Christian
Prose Memory Adv.9Nicholas ClaqueBellaire
Prose Memory Adv.10
Prose Reading 11Natalie DeanKingwood HS
Prose Reading 12Alexis MerkerJasper HS
Prose Reading 13Chelsey HazeltonWhitney HS
Prose Reading 14Emma CrumleyKingwood HS
Prose Reading 15Keerthana KivakumarThompkins HS
Prose Reading 16Michael PizzitolaKingwood HS
Prose Reading 17Trent PannkukSmithson Valley HS
Prose Reading 18Leandra ContrerasConnally HS
Prose Reading 19Mike RellanoTaylor HS
Prose Reading 110Sophie JeonJasper HS
Prose Reading 21Jared JacobsonClark HS, Plano
Prose Reading 22Brennan EslingerKingwood HS
Prose Reading 23Jedidiah KyzerDeer Park
Prose Reading 24Brian VuConnally HS
Prose Reading 25Terra AlexanderWhitney HS
Prose Reading 26Isabel CantuRonald Reagan
Prose Reading 27Lina TiblierLASA
Prose Reading 28Chelsea SwainCollege Park
Prose Reading 29Greta IlosikStratford
Prose Reading 210Fallon McDonaldWestwood HS
Prose Reading 31Amith ChivukulaClements
Prose Reading 32Michael GarciaConnally
Prose Reading 33Maria CastanedaMacArthur
Prose Reading 34Garret LogueCedar Ridge
Prose Reading 35Nathaniel SpencerBoerne
Prose Reading 36Francisco LlaugerTompkins HS
Prose Reading 37Agat KwasnikKingwood HS
Prose Reading 38Jason HowardDenton HS
Prose Reading 39Sara BergeronLASA
Prose Reading 310Elisabeth MunnsPlano West HS
Prose Reading 41Seth TownsonWhitney HS
Prose Reading 42Kiersten HuntKingwood HS
Prose Reading 43Christina BarkmannThe Woodlands HS
Prose Reading 44Cindy YongouethClements HS
Prose Reading 45Abbey GoodmanAnderson HS
Prose Reading 46Aaron JobeWhitney HS
Prose Reading 47Akash RamanathanTemple HS
Prose Reading 48Will AbramsWestwood HS
Prose Reading 49Jake AtlasLASA
Prose Reading 410Lihan FitzBellaire HS
Puppet Show, Lower1Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Lower2Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Lower3Smithson Valley HSSmithson Valley HS
Puppet Show, Lower4Ben BarberBen Barber
Puppet Show, Lower5LASALASA
Puppet Show, Lower6John H. Reagan HSJohn H. Reagan HS
Puppet Show, Lower7Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Puppet Show, Lower8Lanier MSLanier MS
Puppet Show, Lower9Cy-Fair HSCy-Fair HS
Puppet Show, Lower10
Puppet Show, Upper1Clements HSClements HS
Puppet Show, Upper2LASALASA
Puppet Show, Upper3Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Puppet Show, Upper4Reagan HSReagan HS
Puppet Show, Upper5Whitney HSWhitney HS
Puppet Show, Upper6Ben Barber HSBen Barber HS
Puppet Show, Upper7Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Puppet Show, Upper8MacArthur HSMacArthur HS
Puppet Show, Upper9
Puppet Show, Upper10
Reading Comp. 11Clarke FosterLanier MS
Reading Comp. 12Alexis MerkerJasper
Reading Comp. 13Andrew SealeGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 14Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes
Reading Comp. 15John FlemingLanier MS
Reading Comp. 16J.D. AlexanderArlington
Reading Comp. 17Alexis HelalGuyer
Reading Comp. 18Braedyn ConneTivy HS
Reading Comp. 19Philip SniderWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 110William DangJasper
Reading Comp. 21Broderick TurnerPlano West
Reading Comp. 22Braden MuscarelloClements
Reading Comp. 23Travis CainWestwood
Reading Comp. 24Sara WesterholdLanier MS
Reading Comp. 25Ben HanscomSmithson Valley
Reading Comp. 26Ben EvansJasper
Reading Comp. 27Lina TiblierLASA
Reading Comp. 28Angela ChangClements
Reading Comp. 29Jae-Kyung SimSeven Lakes
Reading Comp. 210Analla SmithShepton
Reading Comp. 31Noor RajabStratford
Reading Comp. 32Cassie YuanBellaire
Reading Comp. 33Alvin HidajatTompkins
Reading Comp. 34Marcus SlonakerConnally
Reading Comp. 35Sarah WebsterFlower Mound
Reading Comp. 36Line HansenMorton Ranch
Reading Comp. 37Fiona LinWestwood
Reading Comp. 38Nick HammelLASA
Reading Comp. 39Jose NavarreteOdessa
Reading Comp. 310Ashytn AndersonBurleson
Reading Comp. 41Jing XiaClements
Reading Comp. 42David XiangWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 43Matthew FrizzellWestwood HS
Reading Comp. 44Sam GoldenBellaire
Reading Comp. 45Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley
Reading Comp. 46Logan MaltzDenton
Reading Comp. 47Alexandra JohnsonBurleson
Reading Comp. 48Michelle TangBellaire
Reading Comp. 49Mary BarneyKingwood
Reading Comp. 410Emma SoderlundGoethe Center
Research Paper1Abby WinklerSmithson Valley
Research Paper2Bridget CarolanLASA
Research Paper3Rachel Foreman and Rachel PhamCinco Ranch
Research Paper4Sydney Brun-OzunaPaschal
Research Paper5Nicole Diaz and Sara EasonCedar Ridge
Research Paper6Abby GrifnoWestwood
Research Paper7Erin KolarTom C. Clark
Research Paper8Jae Kyung SimSeven Lakes
Research Paper9Jordon WeeksClear Creek
Research Paper10Isaiah WilliamsMcMillen
Scavenger Hunt1Seven LakesSeven Lakes
Scavenger Hunt2LASALASA
Scavenger Hunt3ClementsClements
Scavenger Hunt4WestwoodWestwood
Scavenger Hunt5WarrenWarren
Scavenger Hunt6TivyTivy
Scavenger Hunt7Ben BarberBen Barber
Scavenger Hunt8ConnallyConnally
Scavenger Hunt9TompkinsTompkins
Scavenger Hunt10TaylorTaylor
Shirt Design1Rayna Newcomb, Emily ZunigaBrazoswood HS
Shirt Design2Rachael PhamCinco Ranch HS
Shirt Design3Megan Gibson, Kristin Lang, Jennifer Lewis, Keithe LoveWhitney HS
Shirt Design4Ian Andrews, Caroline Lowter, Connor GallenGrisham MS
Shirt Design5Mariah MackeyLASA
Shirt Design6Claire DongClements HS
Shirt Design7Isaiah WilliamsMcMillen HS
Shirt Design8Charlotte Spence, Alaina FoxBoerne HS
Shirt Design9Erin RusingerRound Rock HS
Shirt Design10Abigail RochaConnally HS
Sight Reading 11Erin ReighBen Barber HS
Sight Reading 12Trent PankukSmithson Valley HS
Sight Reading 13Angela VantreeseBellaire HS
Sight Reading 14Amae AbnerGrisham MS
Sight Reading 15Jack WhiteCedar Ridge HS
Sight Reading 16Andrea GarciaSeven Lakes HS
Sight Reading 17Siddak BhatiaJasper HS
Sight Reading 18Seven BunchBellaire HS
Sight Reading 19JD AlexanderArlington HS
Sight Reading 110Fiona DevlinTompkins HS
Sight Reading 21Jed KyzerDeer Park
Sight Reading 22Anna FreyLASA
Sight Reading 23Chelsea SwainCollege Park
Sight Reading 24Hannah CzerminskiSmithson Valley
Sight Reading 25Charlie EstesPaschal
Sight Reading 26William RogersTompkins
Sight Reading 27Collin SetzerKingwood
Sight Reading 28Seanne BuoyWestwood
Sight Reading 29Isabel CantuRonald Reagan
Sight Reading 210Ingrid AlberdingBurleson
Sight Reading 31Sara BergeronLASA
Sight Reading 32Jared WhitePlano East Sr. HS
Sight Reading 33Michael GarciaConnally HS
Sight Reading 34Line HansenMorton Ranch HS
Sight Reading 35Christian HarbourBoerne HS
Sight Reading 36Christopher GloynaClements HS
Sight Reading 37Noor RajabStratford Sr. HS
Sight Reading 38Ryan MalenBishop Lynch HS
Sight Reading 39Marcus SlonakerConnally HS
Sight Reading 310Ryan BalloumBellaire HS
Sight Reading 41Logan MaltzDenton HS
Sight Reading 42Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley HS
Sight Reading 43Dinah BaumBellaire HS
Sight Reading 44Sam GoldenBellaire HS
Sight Reading 45Juan HuertaMorton Ranch HS
Sight Reading 46Jack ParkerTivy HS
Sight Reading 47Cindy YongouethClements HS
Sight Reading 48Juan AlvarezPaschal HS
Sight Reading 49Nolen FogelmanTemple HS
Sight Reading 410Nathaniel PopeolekAllen HS
Skit 1 Best Actorder Wolf-Jack White RotkaeppchenCedar Ridge
Skit 1 Best ActressSophie- Nacht vor TagBellaire
Skit 11Ben BarberBen Barber
Skit 12KingwoodKingwood
Skit 13BellaireBellaire
Skit 14JasperJasper
Skit 16Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Skit 17Cedar RidgeCedar Ridge
Skit 18SheptonShepton
Skit 19TompkinsTompkins
Skit 110rLanier MS
Skit 2 Best ActorVater HermannTompkins
Skit 2 Best ActressModeratorinKingwood
Skit 21Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 22Lanier MSLanier MS
Skit 23Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 24Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 25Ben BarberBen Barber
Skit 26Cedar RidgeCedar Ridge
Skit 27Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Skit 28ClementsClements
Skit 210Greenville HSGreenville HS
Skit 3 Best ActorAndrew JezisekCedar Ridge HS
Skit 3 Best ActressLeslie VerdeWhitney HS
Skit 31Bellaire HSBellaire HS
Skit 32Denton HSDenton HS
Skit 33Whitney HSWhitney HS
Skit 34Cedar Ridge HSCedar Ridge HS
Skit 35Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 36Clements HSClements HS
Skit 37Plano West Sr. HSPlano West Sr. HS
Skit 38Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Skit 39Greenville HSGreenville HS
Skit 310Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 4 Best ActorAvian GreenBen Barber
Skit 4 Best ActressCelia SchmidtKingwood HS
Skit 41Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Skit 42Morton Ranch HSMorton Ranch HS
Skit 43Smithson Valley HSSmithson Valley HS
Skit 44Clements HSClements HS
Skit 45Ben BarberBen Barber
Skit 46Connally HSConnally HS
Skit 48
Skit 49
Skit 410
Spelling 11Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes
Spelling 12Alex NatelsonLanier MS
Spelling 13Erin ReighBen Barber
Spelling 14J. D. AlexanderArlington
Spelling 15Abby RichardsonArlington
Spelling 16Anqi LouKingwood
Spelling 17Aditi PrabhuTompkins
Spelling 18Clarke FosterLanier MS
Spelling 19Hayley UllmanBen Barber
Spelling 110Nicole DiazCedar Ridge HS
Spelling 21Triston ZhangClark
Spelling 22Anna FreyLASA
Spelling 23Kadyn WestonLASA
Spelling 24Erin RiesingerRound Rock HS
Spelling 25Lillian YoungWestwood HS
Spelling 26Ben HanscomSmithson Valley
Spelling 27Andie AlexanderBellaire
Spelling 28Charlie EstesPaschal
Spelling 29Ingrid AlberdingBurleson
Spelling 210Broderick TurnerPlano West
Spelling 31Noor RajabStratford
Spelling 32Sara BergeronLASA
Spelling 33Victoria JacksSmithson Valley
Spelling 34Agata KwasnikKingwood
Spelling 35Astrid GuerraClements
Spelling 36Ashtyn AndersonBurleson
Spelling 37Leann UyCy-Fair
Spelling 38Nick HammelLASA
Spelling 39Ann MarkSmithson Valley
Spelling 310Emily FieldWestwood HS
Spelling 41Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Spelling 42Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley HS
Spelling 43Logan MaltzDenton
Spelling 44Matthew PrinzLASA
Spelling 45Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Spelling 46Alexandra JohnsonBurleson
Spelling 47Alex BellonTomball
Spelling 48Dinah BaumBellaire
Spelling 49Shay ArratiaJohn H. Reagan
Spelling 410Bridget KellyLASA
Video Show1John H. Reagan HSJohn H. Reagan HS
Video Show2Ben Barber HSBen Barber HS
Video Show3Clements HSClements HS
Video Show4Brandeis HSBrandeis HS
Video Show5Kingwood HSKingwood HS
Video Show6Tompkins HSTompkins HS
Video Show8Cinco Ranch HSCinco Ranch HS
Video Show9Smithson Valley HSSmithson Valley HS
Video Show10Whitney HSWhitney HS
Vocabulary 11J. D. AlexanderArlington
Vocabulary 12Andrew SealeGrisham MS
Vocabulary 13Nayla BezerraSeven Lakes
Vocabulary 14Carla RodriguezJohn H. Reagan
Vocabulary 15Anqi LouKingwood
Vocabulary 16Erin Octavia ReighBen Barber
Vocabulary 17Hayley UllmanBen Barber
Vocabulary 18Abby RichersonArlington
Vocabulary 19John FlemingLanier MS
Vocabulary 110Nicole DiazCedar Ridge HS
Vocabulary 21Tristan ZhangClark
Vocabulary 22Sara WesterholdLanier MS
Vocabulary 23Anna FreyLASA
Vocabulary 24Angela ChangClements
Vocabulary 25Ben HanscomSmithson Valley
Vocabulary 26Claire FallyShepton
Vocabulary 27Kate WilliamsLASA
Vocabulary 28Andy CastilleCedar Ridge
Vocabulary 29Broderick TurnerPlano West
Vocabulary 210Nick MischtianTemple
Vocabulary 31Noor RajabStratford
Vocabulary 32Dylan ReadLASA
Vocabulary 33Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Vocabulary 34Mickey MarzenSeven Lakes
Vocabulary 35Joe MartinezPlano West
Vocabulary 36Maria CantuBrandeis
Vocabulary 37Samantha ZinniHendrickson
Vocabulary 38Leann UyCy-Fair
Vocabulary 39Maggie AlvesNolan
Vocabulary 310Sarah WebsterFlower Mound
Vocabulary 41Jing XiaClements
Vocabulary 42Logan MaltzDenton
Vocabulary 43Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson HS
Vocabulary 44Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Vocabulary 45Batu OzsaracogluWestwood HS
Vocabulary 46Shay ArratiaJohn H. Reagan
Vocabulary 47Alexandra JohnsonBurleson
Vocabulary 48Matthew PrinzLASA
Vocabulary 49Bridget KellyLASA
Vocabulary 410Kate KacenaKingwood
Vocal Solo1Grace FreyChampion HS
Vocal Solo2Hayden MottCinco Ranch HS
Vocal Solo3Casey BlackChampion HS
Vocal Solo4Martha BeatyWestwood HS
Vocal Solo5Darah McIlwainPlano Senior HS
Vocal Solo6Liv CampbellKingwood HS
Vocal Solo7Kaitlyn PowellClark HS
Vocal Solo8Shroothi RameshClements HS
Vocal Solo9Paarth ManiarClements HS
Vocal Solo10Isabella TranPlano West HS

33rd Annual Texas State German Contest

Since 1982, when the first Texas State German Contest took place, this is perhaps the only year that winter weather affected schools being able to attend.  It is the first year in at least 20 that this has ever occurred.

1005 students were registered
69 schools registered – 53 participated either in person or via remote submissions
1096 entries across 84 events (including breakdown of levels)
over 200 judges/coordinators/directors

Mary El-Beheri Memorial Scholarship Winner: Steven Jiang, Clements HS


2015 Sweepstakes Winners

Large Schools - 100+ students enrolled in German Program
Small Schools - 1-99 students enrolled in German Program
 Large Schools  Small Schools 
PlaceSchoolSweeps Pts.PlaceSchoolSweeps Pts.
3Smithson Valley3183Tompkins184
4College Park2834Lanier179
5Bellaire2665La Grange128
6Westwood6Deer Park
8Cinco Ranch8Denton
9Morton Ranch9Round Rock
10Round Rock10Jasper

2015 State Winners

EventPlaceStudent NameSchool
Chorus1College ParkCollege Park
Chorus3Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Chorus5La GrangeLa Grange
Classical Ensemble1ClementsClements
Classical Ensemble2Team RisingerDeer Park
Classical Ensemble3College ParkCollege Park
Classical Ensemble4LASALASA
Classical Ensemble5WarrenWarren
Classical Ensemble6Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Classical Ensemble7Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Club Album1Maddie Davenport, SindhyiakClements
Club Album2Morgan LeeKingwood
Club Album3Sydney G, Anna M, HannaBishop Lynch
Club Album4Joy Hall Keisha SotoLa Grange
Club Album5Madison LeDoux, Melodee ReedDeer Park
Club Album6Jason TimminsBrazoswood
Club Album7Terra ReinlieCollege Park
Club Album8Carolan, Bangs, WeiseLASA
Club Album9Marin McDaniel, Rebecca FO'Connor
Club Album10Erin HMarcus
Contemporary Music1KingwoodKingwood
Contemporary Music2College ParkCollege Park
Contemporary Music3Deer ParkDeer Park
Contemporary Music4ReaganReagan
Contemporary Music5New BraunfelsNew Braunfels
Contemporary Music6TompkinsTompkins
Crafts1Madison Ledoux, Odette Alcantar
Deer Park
Crafts2Kyle BarkleyTompkins
Crafts3Gzul, Wynn, McQueen
Crafts4Juliana EnglerTom C. Clark
Crafts5Anastasia GleasonMorton Ranch
Crafts6Neil Sheliga, Owen ZinkwegSeven Lakes
Crafts7Roman DijakReagan
Crafts8Marcus CloudLa Grange
Crafts9Hendrix, Heard, HowardGrisham MS
Crafts10Jacob SantanaSmithson Valley
Culture 11James AdamsKingwood
Culture 12Connor KozakTWHS
Culture 13Alec MichelSmithson Valley
Culture 14Trey MinterClements
Culture 15Jason FoulkKingwood
Culture 16Charles DeckerLanier MS
Culture 17Alyssa MaedaBrazoswood
Culture 18Kate WilliamsLASA
Culture 19Andrew SchnellTWHS
Culture 110Jayce GilliamLa Grange
Culture 21Henry ArjetLASA
Culture 22Agata KwasnikKingwood
Culture 23Kevin KnightKingwood
Culture 24Gabby BrownKingwood
Culture 25Austin SweeneyLASA
Culture 26Phillip MillsTompkins
Culture 27Sophia EmichNew Braunfels
Culture 28Amith ChivukulaClements
Culture 29Spencer SartinWestwood
Culture 210
Culture 31Jack WhitmerKingwood
Culture 32Paresh HejmadiWestwood
Culture 33Michelle TangBellaire
Culture 34Logan MaltzDenton
Culture 35Nathaniel PopiolekAllen
Culture 41Hamilton TylerChampion
Culture 42Brett SternBellaire
Culture 43Kalie GuillotDeer Park
Culture 44Hannah CoffeyKingwood
Culture 45Juan Carlos HuertaMorton Ranch
Directed Dialogue 11Caroline GundersonShepton
Directed Dialogue 12Mauricio MontesWoodlands
Directed Dialogue 13Jason FoulkKingwood
Directed Dialogue 14Collin SetzerKingwood
Directed Dialogue 15Andy CastilleCedar Ridge
Directed Dialogue 16Ingrid KinneyLASA
Directed Dialogue 17Roua El HoujeiriMorton Ranch
Directed Dialogue 18Erin RisingerRound Rock
Directed Dialogue 19Charlotte EhlersBellaire
Directed Dialogue 21Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Directed Dialogue 22Zoe CzarneckyLASA
Directed Dialogue 23Nick StevensCollege Park
Directed Dialogue 24Rebekah BeattyWarren
Directed Dialogue 25Lauren FinanShepton
Directed Dialogue 26Astrid GuerraClements
Directed Dialogue 27Elizabeth MunsJasper
Directed Dialogue 28Esteban AlbaReagan
Directed Dialogue 29Jacob WatersWilliams
Directed Dialogue 210Scott StevensCollege Park
Doll Costume1Josephine MuschelClement
Doll Costume2Natalie GrantCinco Ranch
Doll Costume3Izamar FavelaLa Grange
Doll Costume4Kathryn SpickesmanOdessa
Doll Costume5Emily O'BrienSmithson Valley
Doll Costume6Katheryn PechtKaty
Doll Costume7Madison LedouxDeer Park
Doll Costume8Anna NehybaLASA
Duet Acting 11Kendall May/Kathiana RodriguezWoodlands
Duet Acting 12Sarah Schneider/Mary HurstellCollege Park
Duet Acting 13Jenna Gorup/ Marissa HowardKingwood
Duet Acting 14Jeremy Kubos/Anna HajekLa Grange
Duet Acting 15Larry Lopez/ FetahagicReagan
Duet Acting 16Yinno Zhang/Cailliet AlexanderLanier MS
Duet Acting 21Christopher Glyna/Shaan LashariClements
Duet Acting 22Cora Barker/Allison WilliamsKingwood
Duet Acting 23Sydney Rollins/ Kathryne RicardoDenton
Duet Acting 24Madeline Stern/ Ryan BallovinBellaire
Duet Acting 25Evan Ferguson/ Hans LammemanTompkins
Duet Acting 31Ivy Taylor, Cara EllisonCollege Park
Duet Acting 32Michael Lins, Alec SchillingerTompkins
Duet Acting 33Natalie Flowers, Tyler OsheaKingwood
Duet Acting 34Jacob Emmons, Reilly GordonSmithson Valley
Duet Acting 35Cindy Youngoueth, Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Duet Acting 36Alex Natelson, Laurel PlagensLanier MS
Duet Acting 37Jas Holman, Alyssa VaclavikLa Grange
Duet Acting 41Hannah Coffey, Daniel RobertKingwood
Duet Acting 42Victor Cruz, Sara NielsenReagan
Duet Acting 43Addie Walker, Bridget CarolanLASA
Duet Acting 44KAtie Ellis, Juan Carlos HuertaMorton Ranch
Duet Acting 45Kalie Guillot, Melodee ReedDeer Park
Duet Acting 46Taren Wilson, Hunter HayesBen Barber
Einzelplattler2Deer ParkDeer park
Extemporaneous 31Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Extemporaneous 32Charles ArscottLASA
Extemporaneous 33Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Extemporaneous 34Logan MaltzDenton
Extemporaneous 35Kate KacenaKingwood
Extemporaneous 36Michelle TangBellaire
Extemporaneous 37Olivia LeeLASA
Extemporaneous 38Mary BarneyKingwood
Extemporaneous 39Jacob EmmensSmithson Valley
Extemporaneous 310Tim WhiteCedar Ridge
Extemporaneous 41Steven JiangClements
Extemporaneous 42Vincent LiuClements
Extemporaneous 43Victor CruzReagan
Extemporaneous 44Rebecca HaleyWestwood
Extemporaneous 45John DelgadoCy-Fair
Extemporaneous Adv.1Sven LohseAllen
Extemporaneous Adv.2Sasha BombardellaWestwood
Extemporaneous Adv.3Katie GuhlClear Lake
Extemporaneous Adv.4Jonathan ChangClements
Extemporaneous Adv.5Karl GelinskyClements
Extemporaneous Adv.6Aliayah HimelfarbCinco Ranch
Extemporaneous Adv.7Joshua HimelfarbCinco Ranch
Folk Dance1GreenvilleGreenville
Folk Dance2KingswoodKingswood
Folk Dance3WoodlandsWoodlands
Folk Dance4ClementsClements
Folk Dance5College ParkCollege Park
Folk Dance6La GrangeLa Grange
Folk Dance7Deer ParkDeer Park
Gingerbread-Non1Jonah RadyTomkins
Gingerbread-Non2Team RisingerRound Rock
Gingerbread-Non3Emily O'BrienSmithson Valley
Gingerbread-Non4Natalie Grant, Morgan BushCinco Ranch
Gingerbread-Non5Sarah, Kelly.Brooke, CatherineLa Grange
Gingerbread-Non6Odette, KatieDeer Park
Gingerbread-Non7Krista, Addie, BridgetLASA
Gingerbread-Non8Cynthia, Karina, Eric, EricaReagan
Gingerbread-Non9Fleur, Maygen, CassidySeven Lakes
Gingerbread-Non10Mia CerilliMarcus
Gingerbread-Trad.1N. Grant, M. Bush, A. ArinzeCinco Ranch
Gingerbread-Trad.2La GrangeLa Grange
Gingerbread-Trad.3E. Newman, H. Rebollar, C. LarrimerLASA
Gingerbread-Trad.4Team RisengerRound Rock
Gingerbread-Trad.5S. Westerhold, C. SimmonsLanier MS
Gingerbread-Trad.6A. Williamson, C. FordKingwood
Gingerbread-Trad.7M. Parks, A. ColegroveBrazoswood
Gingerbread-Trad.8Ben EvansJasper
Gingerbread-Trad.9A. Kleck, C. Mitchell, N. ChickSmithson Valley
Grammar 11Yinuo ZhangLanier MS
Grammar 12Josephine MuschelClements
Grammar 13Ben HanscomSmithson Valley
Grammar 14Charlotte EhlersBellaire
Grammar 15Kate WilliamsLASA
Grammar 16Jae-Kyung SimSeven Lakes
Grammar 17Lina TiblierLASA
Grammar 18Collin SetzerKingwood
Grammar 21Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Grammar 22Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Grammar 23Valentino MoreignBellaire
Grammar 24Cassie YuanBellaire
Grammar 25Luke SteckleinClements
Grammar 26Spencer SartinWestwood
Grammar 27Thomas ParkNolan Catholic
Grammar 28Katheryne RicardoDenton
Grammar 31Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Grammar 32Nathaniel PopiolekAllen
Grammar 33Logan MaltzDenton
Grammar 34Olivia LeeLASA
Grammar 35Rohan NairWestwood
Grammar 36Austin HuangWestwood
Grammar 37Lena TeckenbrockLASA
Grammar 38Bridget KellyLASA
Grammar 39Sheldon CunninghamCy-Fair
Grammar 310Jack WhitmerKingwood
Grammar 41Jeff LopezBellaire
Grammar 42Zennie WeyLASA
Grammar 43Angeline RaoClements
Grammar 44Mattie TempioCollege Park
Grammar 45Jason TimminsBrazoswood
Listening Comp. 11Charlotte EhlersBellaire
Listening Comp. 12Andrew ReganGrisham MS
Listening Comp. 13Dylan HennigTompkins
Listening Comp. 14Caleb MonroeDeer Park
Listening Comp. 15Abigail KleckSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 16Franky CampuzanoReagan
Listening Comp. 17Carly SkufcaCy-Fair
Listening Comp. 18Alec MichelSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 19Davis BensonLASA
Listening Comp. 21Andrew AlexanderLanier
Listening Comp. 22Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Listening Comp. 23Noor RajabStratford
Listening Comp. 24Zoe CzarneckiLASA
Listening Comp. 25Matthew MartinezCy-Fair
Listening Comp. 26Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Listening Comp. 27Nichole ChickSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 28Kimball BaerKingwood
Listening Comp. 29Ethan CarrascoSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 210Johanna BruhnLa Grange
Listening Comp. 31Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Listening Comp. 32Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 33Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Listening Comp. 34Puck Van De BeekReagan
Listening Comp. 35Logan MaltzDenton
Listening Comp. 36Sara NielsonReagan
Listening Comp. 37Jackson RobertsLASA
Listening Comp. 38Anna FredlundLASA
Listening Comp. 41Steven JiangClements
Listening Comp. 42Jim AbramsWestwood
Listening Comp. 43Zennie WeyLASA
Listening Comp. 44Jason TimminsBrazoswood
Listening Comp. 45Gavin EilersSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 46Daniel RobnettKingwood
Needlework1Josephine MuscherClements
Needlework2Emily Payne, Bridgett Higgins, Emily O'BrienSmithson Valley
Needlework3Aliayah HimelfarbCinco Ranch
Needlework4Samantha ZinniHendrickson
Needlework5Susan RankinTompkins
Needlework6Terra ReinleCollege Park
Needlework7Margaret ButterfieldMcMillen
Needlework8Becky Carmack/ Addle WalkerLASA
Needlework9Sophie GilbertSmithson Valley
Needlework10Kristy HoffmanClear Lake
Original Models1Cormier, McKeanKaty
Original Models2Yoder, EngaleGeorgetown
Original Models3Sanchez, Perdomo, AguilarTom C. Clark
Original Models4von Readen, TranPlano West
Original Models5Ferguson, DanielsWhitney
Original Models6VogesLASA
Original Models7FarmerChampion
Original Models8SmithHendrickson
Original Models9Bravenec, BowdenCinco Ranch
Original Models10Litte, Mary, PadgenSeven Lakes
Paß Auf! Varsity1ClementsClements
Paß Auf! Varsity2WestwoodWestwood
Paß Auf! Varsity3SheptonShepton
Paß Auf! Varsity4O'ConnorO'Connor
Paß Auf! Varsity5LASALASA
Paß Auf! Varsity6KingwoodKingwood
Paß Auf! Varsity7BrazoswoodBrazosweed
Paß Auf! Varsity8Deer ParkDeer Park
Paß Auf! Varsity9ReaganReagan
Photo Essay1Sarah Piersall, Lena TeckenbrockLASA
Photo Essay2Samantha LockeMarcus
Photo Essay3T. O'Shea, A. Williamson, C. HyplegaeKingwood
Photo Essay4Georgia BurberCollege Park
Photo Essay5Katie GuillotDeer Park
Photo Essay6Jessica MilliganSmithson Valley
Photo Essay7Thomas ButterfieldCinco Ranch
Photo Essay8Audrey Coldgrove, Ranya NewcombBrazoswood
Photo Essay9Shyanne Aldis, Myka MillerBoerne
Photo Essay10Lindsey BurnsBen Barber
Photography1Morgan LeeKingwood
Photography2Rebeca CarmachLASA
Photography3Sophie Gilbert
Photography4KathrynSeven Lakes
Photography5Hanna DuettraBishop Lynch
Photography6John NelsonPaschal
Photography7Randa PoorCy-Fair
Photography8Anna SmithO'Connor
Photography9Sandra TorresBellaire
Photography10David FosterCollege Park
Play2College ParkCollege Park
Play3Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Play Best ActorSteven JiangClements
Play Best ActressNatalie FlowersKingwood
Poetry Memory 11Collin SetzerKingwood
Poetry Memory 12Renee McCellanCy-Fair
Poetry Memory 13Lina TibilierLASA
Poetry Memory 14Alex ChukwumaAllen
Poetry Memory 15Arantxa PizanaCy-Fair
Poetry Memory 16Darian BarrettKingwood
Poetry Memory 17Rhiannon CulleyCedar Ridge
Poetry Memory 18Maddi HuntCedar Ridge
Poetry Memory 21Evan CartwrightPlano West
Poetry Memory 22Katie MerolaKingwood
Poetry Memory 23Maria CatanedaMacArthur
Poetry Memory 24Henri ArietLASA
Poetry Memory 25Sohee BaeJasper
Poetry Memory 26Nichole ChickSmithson Valley
Poetry Memory 27Mathew MartinezCy-Fair
Poetry Memory 28Garrett GranneyTompkins
Poetry Memory 29Morgan LeeKingwood
Poetry Memory 31Cara EllisonCollege Park
Poetry Memory 32Alex SchillingerTompkins
Poetry Memory 33Logan MaltzDenton
Poetry Memory 34Jacquez BoydCedar Ridge
Poetry Memory 35Tim WhiteCedar Ridge
Poetry Memory 36Alexandra JohnsonBurleson
Poetry Memory 37Jordan CampbellCollege Park
Poetry Memory 38Caroline SabottaCy-Fair
Poetry Memory 39Charles ArscottLASA
Poetry Memory 310Charles ArscottLASA
Poetry Memory 41Bethany TippieDeer Park
Poetry Memory 42Caitlin FordKingwood
Poetry Memory 43Ben BakerTaylor-Katy
Poetry Memory 44Kristen FarmerChampion
Poetry Memory 45Krista BangsLASA
Poetry Memory 46Addie WalkerLASA
Poetry Memory 47Brandon CollinsKingwood
Poetry Memory 48Isabella GarciaBellaire
Poetry Memory Adv.1Jonathan ChangClements
Poetry Memory Adv.2Isabella TurnnellPlano West
Poetry Memory Adv.3Katie GuhlClear Lake
Poetry Memory Adv.4Sasha BombardellaWestwood
Poetry Memory Adv.5Kayla Steven SchmidtJasper
Poetry Memory Adv.6Lea ShieldsCy-Fair
Poetry Memory Adv.7Josef SchmidtTompkins
Poetry Memory Adv.8Celia SchmidtKingwood
Poetry Reading 11Alyssa TinsleyKingwood
Poetry Reading 12Caleb MonroeDeer Park
Poetry Reading 13Ingrid KinneyLASA
Poetry Reading 14Angela GarciaGeorgetown
Poetry Reading 15Jack HylerKingwood
Poetry Reading 16Erin RisingerRound Rock
Poetry Reading 17Kaylee BeckerCypress Ranch
Poetry Reading 18Ben EvansJasper
Poetry Reading 19Analla SmithChapton
Poetry Reading 110Abgela ChangClements
Poetry Reading 21Julia KiddSmithson Valley
Poetry Reading 22Cecilia MeloReagan
Poetry Reading 23Eric BuesoReagan
Poetry Reading 24Taylor PopeTomball
Poetry Reading 25Maria CastandaMac Arthur
Poetry Reading 26Christopher GloynaClements
Poetry Reading 31Matthew PrinzLASA
Poetry Reading 32Alan PaulTomball
Poetry Reading 33Andrea KowalczykKingwood
Poetry Reading 34Caitlin FordKingwood
Poetry Reading 35Derick JuptnerGeorgetown
Poetry Reading 36Charles ArscottLASA
Poetry Reading 37Arialle DempseyCollege Park
Poetry Reading 38Medha ChidambaramClements
Poetry Reading 39Joshua BruhnLa Grange
Poetry Reading 41Hamilton TylerChampion
Poetry Reading 42Emily RisingerRound Rock
Poetry Reading 43Jesi WilliamsKingwood
Poetry Reading 44Anna NehybaLASA
Poetry Reading 45Gabrielle Spurlin
Plano Senior
Poetry Reading 46Hannah CoffeyKingwood
Poetry Reading 47Singuja KaranamClements
Polka Band1College ParkCollege Park
Polka Band2Lanier MSLanier MS
Polka Band3ClementsClements
Polka Band4BoerneBoerne
Polka Band5Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Polka Band6Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Poster Design1Rayna Newcomb, Emily ZunigaBrazoswood
Poster Design2Erica GonzalesReagan
Poster Design3Lisa DemossClear Creek
Poster Design4Jenny KangCinco Ranch
Poster Design5Olivia ConroyKingwood
Poster Design6Angelique PowellLa Grange
Poster Design7Sophia RumbargerVista Ridge
Poster Design8Cameron Wynn, Karina GaulLASA
Poster Design9Isaiah WilliamsMcMillan
Poster Design10Team RisingerRound Rock
Prose Memory 11Christian BreuerKingwood
Prose Memory 12Alaxandra KorompayKingwood
Prose Memory 13Emma KymeKingwood
Prose Memory 14Rian IriantoTompkins
Prose Memory 15Ashley BurdonLegacy
Prose Memory 16Dylan HennigTompkins
Prose Memory 17Isabel CantuSmithson Valley
Prose Memory 18Lina TiblierLASA
Prose Memory 21Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Prose Memory 22Astrid GuerraClements
Prose Memory 23Bradley WersterferSmithson Valley
Prose Memory 24Angelena IserhardtKingwood
Prose Memory 25Danielle SteinerShepton
Prose Memory 26Natalie FlowersKingwood
Prose Memory 27Andrew AlexanderLinier
Prose Memory 28Taylor McCarthyLASA
Prose Memory 31Will AbramsWestwood
Prose Memory 32Maddy ReeseClements
Prose Memory 33Ivy TaylorCollege Park
Prose Memory 34Jacob EmmonsSmithson Valley
Prose Memory 35Sarah PiersallLASA
Prose Memory 36Jake AtlasLASA
Prose Memory 37Cara EllisonCollege Park
Prose Memory 41Addie WalkerLASA
Prose Memory 42Angeline RaoClements
Prose Memory 43Anna NehyeaLASA
Prose Memory 44Robert KarpasKingwood
Prose Memory 45Rebeccan HaleyWestwood
Prose Memory 46Bridget CarolanLASA
Prose Memory 47Jacob KelseyKingwood
Prose Memory Adv.1Isabelle TunnellPlano West
Prose Memory Adv.2Katie GuhlClear Lake
Prose Memory Adv.3Karl GelinskyClements
Prose Memory Adv.4Josef SchmidtTomkins
Prose Memory Adv.5Sasha BombardellaWestwood
Prose Memory Adv.6Jonathan ChangClements
Prose Reading 11Ingrid KinneyLASA
Prose Reading 12Morgan MontgomeryKingwood
Prose Reading 13Cassie AtobajennCollege Park
Prose Reading 14Allison TaylorJasper
Prose Reading 15Erin RisingerRound Rock
Prose Reading 16Charlie EstesPaschal
Prose Reading 17Anna ZhangKingwood
Prose Reading 18Isabelle CantuSmithson Valley
Prose Reading 19Jed KyzerDeer Park
Prose Reading 110Sam VarnyKingwood
Prose Reading 21Monika CabadingKingwood
Prose Reading 22Claire MitchellSmithson Valley
Prose Reading 23Garrett LogueCedar Ridge
Prose Reading 24Julia KiddSmithson Valley
Prose Reading 25Amith ChivukulaClements
Prose Reading 26Allison WilliamsonKingwood
Prose Reading 27Shaan LashariClements
Prose Reading 28Evan CartwrightPlano West
Prose Reading 29Stephanie AngelJasper
Prose Reading 210Jordan SherrillCy-Fair
Prose Reading 31Thomas DitgesKingwood
Prose Reading 32Jing XiaClements
Prose Reading 33Derick JuptnerGeorgetown
Prose Reading 34Jackson RobertsLASA
Prose Reading 35Sayda SotoDeer Park
Prose Reading 36Lucas KaiserLa Grange
Prose Reading 37Sheldon CunnighamCy-Fair
Prose Reading 38Dameian CavazosGeorgetown
Prose Reading 39Samuel RiveraMac Arthur
Prose Reading 41Kelsey PowellClements
Prose Reading 42Emily RisingerRound Rock
Prose Reading 43Jonathan EdgarKingwood
Prose Reading 44Hamilton TylerChampions
Prose Reading 45AJ KowalczykKingwood
Prose Reading 46Horst EvansLASA
Prose Reading 47Gabby SpurlinPlano Senior
Prose Reading 48Isaac LeathersKingwood
Puppet Show, Lower1ReaganReagan
Puppet Show, Lower2KingwoodKingwood
Puppet Show, Lower3Lanier MSLanier MS
Puppet Show, Lower4Ben BarberBen Barber
Puppet Show, Lower5Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Puppet Show, Lower6Morton RanchMorton Ranch
Puppet Show, Lower7TurnerTurner
Puppet Show, Lower8Grisham MSGrisham MS
Puppet Show, Upper1LASALASA
Puppet Show, Upper2BellaireBellaire
Puppet Show, Upper3KingwoodKingwood
Puppet Show, Upper4Morton RanchMorton Ranch
Puppet Show, Upper5ReaganReagan
Puppet Show, Upper6Lanier MSLanier MS
Reading Comp. 11Yinuo ZhangLanier MS
Reading Comp. 12Angela ChangClements
Reading Comp. 13Andrew ReganGrisham MS
Reading Comp. 14Lina TiblierLASA
Reading Comp. 15Charlie RisskyTompkins
Reading Comp. 16Anika DrinovskyTompkins
Reading Comp. 17Michaela GilbertSmithson Valley
Reading Comp. 18Robin SenglerLa Grange
Reading Comp. 19Camille PiersonCy-Fair
Reading Comp. 21Matthew MartinezCy-Fair
Reading Comp. 22Rebekah BeattyWarren
Reading Comp. 23Noor RajabStratford
Reading Comp. 24Cassie YuanBellaire
Reading Comp. 25Seth SchnedlerSmithson Valley
Reading Comp. 26Zoe CzarneckiLASA
Reading Comp. 27Alvin HidajatTompkins
Reading Comp. 28Madeline SternBellaire
Reading Comp. 29Lupita MontoyaDenton
Reading Comp. 31Michelle TangBellaire
Reading Comp. 32Sam GoldenBellaire
Reading Comp. 33Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Reading Comp. 34Logan MaltzDenton
Reading Comp. 35Matthew FrizzellWestwood
Reading Comp. 36Isabelle DickeyLASA
Reading Comp. 37Kate KacenaKingwood
Reading Comp. 38Isabela FigueredoClements
Reading Comp. 39Jessica LafondSmithson Valley
Reading Comp. 310Matthew PrinzLASA
Reading Comp. 41Jeff LopezBellaire
Reading Comp. 42Zennie WeyLASA
Reading Comp. 43Kristen FarmerChampion
Reading Comp. 44Jim AbramsWestwood
Reading Comp. 45Victor CruzReagan
Reading Comp. 46Gabrielle SpurlinPlano Senior
Reading Comp. 47Jason TimminsBrazoswood
Reading Comp. 48Vincent LiuClements
Research Paper1Rao and JiangClements
Research Paper2WilliamsonKingwood
Research Paper3KlenkeClark
Research Paper4SimSeven Lakes
Research Paper5WinklerSmithson Valley
Research Paper6Alvarez and IvanovaPaschal
Research Paper7Hisey and LuhmanMarcus
Research Paper8Schultz and MunnsJasper
Research Paper9BrownAllen
Research Paper10MorrissCollege Park
Scavenger Hunt1Plano TeamPlano High Schools
Scavenger Hunt2Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Scavenger Hunt3ClementsClements
Scavenger Hunt4BellaireBellaire
Scavenger Hunt5LASALASA
Scavenger Hunt6Cy-FairCy-Fair
Scavenger Hunt7TurnerTurner
Scavenger Hunt8DentonDenton
Scavenger Hunt9Tom C. ClarkTom C. Clark
Scavenger Hunt10Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Shirt Design1Claire DangClements
Shirt Design2Rachel PhamCinco Ranch
Shirt Design3Odette AlcanterDeer Park
Shirt Design4Aiden Dulong A ChaitoaureLASA
Shirt Design5Marg JonesSmithson Valley
Shirt Design6Evan GartnerMorton Ranch
Shirt Design7Lupita MontoyaDenton
Shirt Design8David FoooteGreenville
Shirt Design9Ashley HarrisFredricksberg
Shirt Design10David BartonSeven Lakes
Sight Reading 11Kaylee BeckerCy-Ranch
Sight Reading 12Ingrid KinneyLASA
Sight Reading 13Charlotte EhlersBellaire
Sight Reading 14Rova El HovjeiriMorton Ranch
Sight Reading 15Charlie RisskyTompkins
Sight Reading 16Erin RisingerRound Rock
Sight Reading 17Isabel CantuSmithson Valley
Sight Reading 21Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Sight Reading 22Garret GraneyTompkins
Sight Reading 23Valentino MoreignBellaire
Sight Reading 24Scott StevensCollege Park
Sight Reading 25Julia KiddSmithson Valley
Sight Reading 26Stephanie AngelJasper
Sight Reading 27Zoe CzarneckiLASA
Sight Reading 31Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley
Sight Reading 32Logan MaltzDenton
Sight Reading 33Jing XiaClements
Sight Reading 34Ivy TaylorCollege Park
Sight Reading 35Mary BarneyKingwood
Sight Reading 36Nathaniel PopiolekAllen
Sight Reading 37Jackson RobertsLASA
Sight Reading 38Sam GoldenBellaire
Sight Reading 39Anna FredlundLASA
Sight Reading 310Ryan DavisTomball
Sight Reading 41Steven JiangClements
Sight Reading 42Gabi SpurlinPlano
Sight Reading 43Jeff LopezBellaire
Sight Reading 44Sebastian BürklerNolan
Sight Reading 45Kate KacenaKingwood
Sight Reading 46Emily RisingerRound Rock
Sight Reading 47Victor CruzReagan
Sight Reading 48Mattie TempioCollege Park
Skit 11Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Skit 12Ben BarberBen Barber
Skit 13Lanier MSLanier MS
Skit 14BellaireBellaire
Skit 15KingwoodKingwood
Skit 16Cedar RidgeCedar Ridge
Skit 17Cy-FairCy-Fair
Skit 18ClementsClements
Skit 1 Best ActorBen HanscomSmithson Valley
Skit 1 Best ActressAnnie AlexanderBellaire
Skit 21BellaireBellaire
Skit 22KingwoodKingwood
Skit 23TompkinsTompkins
Skit 24La GrangeLa Grange
Skit 25College ParkCollege Park
Skit 26Lanier MSLanier MS
Skit 27GreenvilleGreenville
Skit 2 Best ActorIsaiah WareBellaire
Skit 2 Best ActressSandra TorresBellaire
Skit 31ClementsClements
Skit 33KingwoodKingwood
Skit 34Morton RanchMorton Ranch
Skit 35Lanier MSLanier MS
Skit 36La GrangeLa Grange
Skit 37Cy-FairCy-Fair
Skit 3 Best ActorThomas DitgesKingwood
Skit 3 Best ActressIsabela FiguerdoClements
Skit 41BellaireBellaire
Skit 42KingwoodKingwood
Skit 43ClementsClements
Skit 44DeerparkDeerpark
Skit 45Cy-FairCy-Fair
Skit 46WestwoodWestwood
Skit 4 Best ActorJason HowardKingwood
Skit 4 Best ActressAngieClements
Spelling 11Yinuo ZhangLanier MS
Spelling 12Ingrid KinneyLASA
Spelling 13Kate WilliamsLASA
Spelling 14Erin RisingerRound Rock
Spelling 15Andie AlexanderBellaire
Spelling 16Christian BreuerKingwood
Spelling 17Anna ZhangKingwood
Spelling 21Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Spelling 22Noor RajabStratford
Spelling 23Andrew AlexanderLanier MS
Spelling 24Victoria JacksSmithson Valley
Spelling 25Agata KwasnikKingwood
Spelling 26Shaan LashariClements
Spelling 27Briana BernardDeer Park
Spelling 28Thomas ParkNolan Catholic
Spelling 31Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Spelling 32Logan MaltzDenton
Spelling 33Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Spelling 34Olivia LeeLASA
Spelling 35Kate KacenaKingwood
Spelling 36Bridget KellyLASA
Spelling 37Sam GoldenBellaire
Spelling 38Jacob EmmonsSmithson Valley
Spelling 39Keisha SotoLa Grange
Spelling 41Kristen FarmerChampion
Spelling 42Addie WalkerLASA
Spelling 43Mattie TempioCollege Park
Spelling 44Ben BakerTaylor (Katy)
Spelling 45Jaydin DuarteSmithson Valley
Video Show1College Park
College Park
Video Show2Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Video Show4Tom C Clark
Tom C. Clark
Video Show5Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Video Show6Ben BarberBen Barber
Video Show7Tompkins
Video Show8ChampionChampion
Video Show9Reagan (not able to view - no points)Reagan
Vocabulary 11Yinuo ZhangLanier MS
Vocabulary 12Ingrid KinneyLASA
Vocabulary 13Lillian YoungWestwood
Vocabulary 14Sarah RogersTompkins
Vocabulary 15Ben HanscomSmithson Valley
Vocabulary 16Laura KennedyTomball
Vocabulary 17Erin RisingerRound Rock
Vocabulary 18Fleur PeekSeven Lakes
Vocabulary 21Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Vocabulary 22Jackson BlankenshipLASA
Vocabulary 23Luke SteckleinClements
Vocabulary 24Spencer SartinWestwood
Vocabulary 25Andrew AlexanderLanier MS
Vocabulary 26Valentino MoreignBellaire
Vocabulary 27Darah McIlwainJasper
Vocabulary 28Erica GonzalezReagan
Vocabulary 29Morgan WilsonNew Braunfels
Vocabulary 31Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Vocabulary 32Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Vocabulary 33Logan MaltzDenton
Vocabulary 34Matthew PrinzLASA
Vocabulary 35Olivia LeeLASA
Vocabulary 36Alec SchillingerTompkins
Vocabulary 37Isabella TranPlano West
Vocabulary 38Shay ArratiaReagan
Vocabulary 39Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley
Vocabulary 310Veronica LaraReagan
Vocabulary 41Zennie WeyLASA
Vocabulary 42Puck Van De BeekReagan
Vocabulary 43Brett SternBellaire
Vocabulary 44Vincent LiuClements
Vocabulary 45Gabrielle SpurlinPlano Senior
Vocabulary 46Anna NehybaLASA
Vocabulary 47Sara NielsenReagan
Vocabulary 48Alan OrtizLa Grange
Vocal Solo1Shreya BhadrirajuClements
Vocal Solo2Alexis FloresClark
Vocal Solo3Ivy TaylorCollege Park
Vocal Solo4Paarth ManiarClements
Vocal Solo5Darah McIlwainJasper
Vocal Solo6Abbigail SmithKingwood
Vocal Solo7Isabella TranPlano West Senior
Vocal Solo8Samantha ZinniHendrickson
Vocal Solo9Katie GuhlClear Lake
Vocal Solo10Ty DaughertyClark

2014 Fun Facts: 925 students were registered
61 schools participated
1008 entries across 82 events (including breakdown of levels)
over 200 judges/coordinators/directors

2014 Sweeps Winners

(90+ students enrolled in German Program)
(1-89 students enrolled in German Program)
 Large Schools  Small Schools 
PlaceSchoolSweeps Pts.PlaceSchoolSweeps Pts.
2Clements5552Austin Waldorf174
3Deer Park3043Lanier151
5Bellaire2285Clear Lake105
6Westwood1976Vista Ridge102
7TWCP1717RL Turner92
8Whitney1708Plano Senior High87
9Cy-Fair1609Cedar Ridge86
10Smithson Valley14610Round Rock80

TSGC 2014 Winners

EventPlaceStudent NameSchool
Chorus2Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Chorus4Austin WaldorfAustin Waldorf
Chorus6Deer ParkDeer Park
Chorus7Plano SeniorPlano Senior
Chorus9RL TurnerRL Turner
Classical Ensemble1Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Classical Ensemble2Deer ParkDeer Park
Classical Ensemble3TWCPTWCP
Classical Ensemble4Smithson ValleySmithson Valley
Classical Ensemble5LASALASA
Classical Ensemble6BrandeisBrandeis
Classical Ensemble7ClementsClements
Classical Ensemble8TempleTemple
Classical Ensemble9WarrenWarren
Classical Ensemble10McMillenMcMillen
Club Album1Krista HittDeer Park
Club Album2Sarah MurrayKingwood
Club Album3Soto & HallLa Grange
Club Album4Bonnie WorstellClements
Club Album6Madison KieferBrazoswood
Club Album7ConnallyConnally
Club Album8WhitneyWhitney
Club Album9Avery & MisctianTemple
Club Album10Angel LozanoClark
Contemporary Music1ClementsClements
Contemporary Music2Deer ParkDeer Park
Contemporary Music3ReaganReagan
Contemporary Music4Cinco RanchCinco Ranch
Contemporary Music5Plano SeniorPlano Senior
Contemporary Music6La GrangeLa Grange
Contemporary Music7RL TurnerRL Turner
Contemporary Music8KingwoodKingwood
Contemporary Music9Alisha AdamsWhitney
Crafts1Kyle DetryszakTompkins
Crafts2Zak KwiatkowskiTomball
Crafts3Paige PieperNew Braunfels
Crafts4Jakob DornhoferLASA
Crafts5Deer ParkDeer Park
Crafts6Emily RisingerRound Rock
Crafts7Jonathan LiuClements
Crafts8Aaron CarmierCy-Fair
Crafts9Aaron Garcia & Robert RosasRL Turner
Crafts10Keaton WillisBen Barber
Culture 11Grayson ThompsonDeer Park
Culture 12Agata KwasuikKingwood
Culture 13Seth SchnedlerSmithson Valley
Culture 14Nathan NorseworthyJasper
Culture 15Grayson MickShepton
Culture 16Briana BernardDeer Park
Culture 17Bennett MatejkaLanier
Culture 18Andrew BeardDeer Park
Culture 19Susanne RicardoDenton
Culture 110Bradley WesterferSmithson Valley
Culture 21Jack WhitmerKingwood
Culture 22Mary BarneyKingwood
Culture 23Jake AtlasLASA
Culture 24David XiangWestwood
Culture 25Logan MaltzDenton
Culture 26Michelle TangBellaire
Culture 27Alex ChristesanTivy
Culture 28Jeffery ChaneyRL Turner
Culture 29Andrew SturdyRL Turner
Culture 210Alex MayCinco Ranch
Culture 31Hannah RumburgerVista Ridge
Culture 32John ClarkCy-Fair
Culture 33Arjun TalallikarClements
Culture 34Brittney SchaferClements
Culture 35Elijah Saucedo Kingwood
Culture 36Joshua EvansAllen
Culture 37Dalton LaineKaty Taylor
Culture 38Rachel PowersConnally
Culture 39Sierra ClarkAllen
Culture 310Mikayla CollettiLASA
Culture 41Steven JiangClements
Culture 42Spencer MathesenTemple
Culture 43Forrest HammelLASA
Culture 44Patrick GirardetBellaire
Culture 45Zach Brown Deer Park
Culture 46Aditya JainClements
Culture 47Ian LlewellynRound Rock
Culture 48Connor LuckettSherman
Culture 49Jim AbramsWestwood
Culture 410Stephanie Beltran?
Directed Dialogue 11Brianna BernardDeer Park
Directed Dialogue 12Elizabeth MunnsJasper
Directed Dialogue 13Grayson MicShepton
Directed Dialogue 14Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Directed Dialogue 15Katie MerolaKingwood
Directed Dialogue 16Andrew AlexanderLanier
Directed Dialogue 17Andrew JezisekCedar Ridge
Directed Dialogue 18William SuCedar Ridge
Directed Dialogue 19Jordan BusbyTivy
Directed Dialogue 110Astrid GuerraClements
Directed Dialogue 21Joseph KolengWestwood
Directed Dialogue 22Mary BarneyKingwood
Directed Dialogue 23Charles AscottLASA
Directed Dialogue 24Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Directed Dialogue 25Logan MaltzDenton
Directed Dialogue 26Nolan FogelmanTemple
Directed Dialogue 27John RungeBellaire
Directed Dialogue 28Vaidehi DeshpandeTWCP
Directed Dialogue 29Soren KernanAustin Waldorf
Directed Dialogue 210Dulce RiveraAustin Waldorf
Doll Costume1Emily GrantCinco Ranch
Doll Costume2Jaymee SchneiderCy-Fair
Doll Costume3Dolce RiveraAustin Waldorf
Doll Costume4Soren KernanAustin Waldorf
Doll Costume5Izmar FavelaLa Grange
Doll Costume6Madison BeckaLa Grange
Doll Costume7Megan CanikWestwood
Doll Costume8Nancy BocanegraCy-Fair
Doll Costume9Odette AlcantorDeer Park
Doll Costume10Deanna San JuanClements
Duet Acting 11Williamson & MalkamakiKingwood
Duet Acting 12Spring & RetundoDeer Park
Duet Acting 13Reynolds & WinklerTemple
Duet Acting 14Patterson & SilvaBen Barber
Duet Acting 15Benitez & GarciaRL Turner
Duet Acting 16King-Brooks, CulbreathReagan
Duet Acting 17Lashari & SteckleinClements
Duet Acting 18Tracey & Munns Jasper
Duet Acting 19Phelan & JohnsonCy-Fair
Duet Acting 21Lins & SchillingerTompkins
Duet Acting 22Schmidt & WhiteClear Lake
Duet Acting 23Neidig & GuizarDeer Park
Duet Acting 24Ammerson & MichaelWhitney
Duet Acting 25Metejka & MahmoudLanier
Duet Acting 26Evans & Slisz Fredericksburg
Duet Acting 27Myers & MorrisBellaire
Duet Acting 28McRurey & ChristsonTivy
Duet Acting 29Barerra-Chavez & ShabaniConnally
Duet Acting 210Jimenez & JimenezRL Turner
Duet Acting 31Hannah Cofey & Curtis SydykKingwood
Duet Acting 32Desserai Ramos & Melodee ReedDeer Park
Duet Acting 33David Hauser & Josh McCarverWillis
Duet Acting 41Peterson & SmithTemple
Duet Acting 42Weishuhn & StricklandLa Grange
Duet Acting 43Lovelace & ZielinskyConnally
Duet Acting 44Luo & MurrayKingwood
Duet Acting 45Brown & SchumacherWestwood
Duet Acting 46Adams & StewartWhitney
Duet Acting 47Rohfuchs & JordanCy-Fair
Duet Acting 48Jeremy & BrettClements
Duet Acting 49Reynolds & MacAffeeTomball
Extemporaneous 31Gavin Acevedo TWCP
Extemporaneous 32Jorge VillarealBellaire
Extemporaneous 33Arjun TalpallikarClements
Extemporaneous 34Zolo SindhuKingwood
Extemporaneous 35Hunter HaysBarber
Extemporaneous 36Victor CruzReagan
Extemporaneous 37Mauricio GomezAustin Waldorf
Extemporaneous 38Kyle SearlesLASA
Extemporaneous 39Mary WilliamsCovenant CA
Extemporaneous 310Bradley DyesTemple
Extemporaneous 41Joshua PetersonTemple
Extemporaneous 42Travis DuckLASA
Extemporaneous 43Cory Gregor Temple
Extemporaneous 44Steven JiangClements
Extemporaneous 45Aditya JainClements
Extemporaneous 46Chloe SnyderCovenant CA
Extemporaneous 47Sarah MurrayKingwood
Extemporaneous 48Eytan Bos OrentLASA
Extemporaneous 49Jeff AusterAnderson
Extemporaneous 410Darien HigginsKingwood
Extemporaneous Adv.1John KellnerBrandeis
Extemporaneous Adv.2Marie SchoelchAllen
Extemporaneous Adv.3Izzy TunnelllPlano West
Extemporaneous Adv.4Philipp MoellerPlano Sr
Extemporaneous Adv.5Sasha BombardellaWestwood
Extemporaneous Adv.6Luca ChudobaBen Barber
Extemporaneous Adv.7Katie GuhlClear Lake
Extemporaneous Adv.8Talia BarronAustin Waldorf
Extemporaneous Adv.9Lea ShieldsCy-Fair
Extemporaneous Adv.10Lilla HeinsBellaire
Folk Dance1GreenvilleGreenville
Folk Dance2Plano SeniorPlano Senior
Folk Dance3WhitneyWhitney
Folk Dance4Deer ParkDeer Park
Folk Dance5KingwoodKingwood
Folk Dance6ClementsClements
Folk Dance7La GrangeLa Grange
Folk Dance8TurnerTurner
Folk Dance9BrazoswoodBrazoswood
Folk Dance10ReaganReagan
Gingerbread-Non1Grant, Greer, Harrison, JanuskowskiCinco Ranch
Gingerbread-Non2Kurka, Novy, DornhofferLASA
Gingerbread-Non3Nair, Morison, Piprek, KauffmanTWCP
Gingerbread-Non4Megumi FuClear Lake
Gingerbread-Non5Christina HilljeBrandeis
Gingerbread-Non6Brandon FosterWillis
Gingerbread-Non7Boering, Davis, Lude, Toensing, WilderLaGrange
Gingerbread-Non8Emily RisingerRound Rock
Gingerbread-Non9Williamson, FordKingwood
Gingerbread-Non10Elias BentonHendrickson
Gingerbread-Trad.1Sarah MurrayKingwood
Gingerbread-Trad.2Rachel PowersConnally
Gingerbread-Trad.3Margot SchumacherWestwood
Gingerbread-Trad.5La GrangeLa Grange
Gingerbread-Trad.7Jordan SmithCy-Ranch
Gingerbread-Trad.10Callie EckhardFredericksburg
Grammar 11Brad SullivanClear Lake
Grammar 12Tyler O'SheaKingwood
Grammar 13Andrew AlexanderLanier
Grammar 14Andrew JezisekCedar Ridge
Grammar 15Lucy ZhangLanier
Grammar 16Cade WoffordCovenant CA
Grammar 17Luke SteckleinClements
Grammar 18Christa KendallBen Barber
Grammar 19Henry ArjetLASA
Grammar 110Seth SchnedlerSmithson Valley
Grammar 21Zachary PisarskiBrazoswood
Grammar 22Claire GivensJasper
Grammar 23Logan MaltzDenton
Grammar 24Mary BarneyKingwood
Grammar 25Austin HuangWestwood
Grammar 26Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Grammar 27Eduardo VillalpandoPlano West
Grammar 28Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley
Grammar 29Michelle TangBellaire
Grammar 210Shay ArratiaReagan
Grammar 31Jeff LopezBellaire
Grammar 32Madison Neville RL Paschal
Grammar 33Diego Quintero-MarmolPlano West
Grammar 34Hunter HaysBen Barber
Grammar 35Kurt WarrenBellaire
Grammar 36Oumide OusolaPlano Sr
Grammar 37Matthew Harvey Plano West
Grammar 38Angelica TimerCedar Ridge
Grammar 39Mattie TempioTWCP
Grammar 310Austin FinnRouse
Grammar 41Steven JiangClements
Grammar 42Patrick GirardetBellaire
Grammar 43Gregory LyonsLASA
Grammar 44Aditya JainClements
Grammar 45George WaltersBellaire
Grammar 46Ellen BrownWestwood
Grammar 47Jeff AusterAnderson
Grammar 48Jessica StarichRound Rock
Grammar 49Connor LuckettSherman
Grammar 410Tyler BallounBellaire
Listening Comp. 11Bradford SullivanClear Lake
Listening Comp. 12Grayson MickShepton
Listening Comp. 13Nichole ChickSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 14Savannah MizerCovenant CA
Listening Comp. 15Trisha NagClements
Listening Comp. 16Mano LandaverdeDeer Park
Listening Comp. 17Khadijah ReynoldsTemple
Listening Comp. 18Abby WinklerSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 19Kellen SchuesslerTivy
Listening Comp. 110Joe MartinezShepton
Listening Comp. 21Burhanuddin CalcuttawalaClements
Listening Comp. 22Sophia RumbargerVista Ridge
Listening Comp. 23Quinn BuoyWestwood
Listening Comp. 24Mateusz GarsteckiSmithson Valley
Listening Comp. 25Kate KacenaKingwood
Listening Comp. 26Tim WhiteCedar Ridge
Listening Comp. 27Claire GivensJasper
Listening Comp. 28Eduardo VillalpandoPlano West
Listening Comp. 29Jackson RobertsLASA
Listening Comp. 210Michelle TangBellaire
Listening Comp. 31Hannah RumburgerVista Ridge
Listening Comp. 32Zolo SindhuKingwood
Listening Comp. 33Anna NehybaLASA