February 25, 2023
Texas State University, San Marcos


Registration Form Rules

40th Anniversary of the Texas State German Contest 2022
Virtual in partnership with Texas State University, San Marcos
February 26, 2022

Make Check payable to: “Texas State German Contests, Inc.” (Send only one check for your group.)

Mail your check to:
Jennifer Christianson
PO Box 2043
Boerne, TX 78006

Early Bird Registration fee: $10.00 (registration form submitted by or before February 16, 2022) Regular Registration fee: $12.00 (registration form submitted by February 18, 2022)  


  1. Fill in the number of entries and/or check the appropriate boxes only for each category you are registering students. Leave events BLANK if no students are entered.  Do not enter “0”.  Double check individual event rules to see how many students/groups may be entered in each category.
  2. Send your registration fees to the above address.
  3. No full or partial registration fees will be refunded for any reason.
  4. Submit your Alpha list using the Google Sheet link that you receive from the director, shortly after your registration has been received.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 18, 2022 (11:59 PM)